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Re: www / root problem (blog shows, but not members / groups / etc)



Hi there,

I dont understand the fix you’re proposing Issidha, because when I go to the WordPress MU files you indicate need tweaking, I dont SEE those lines pertaining to taking out the www in front of URLs… ??

I tried entering the domain name where i’m trying to have Buddypress with a www. in front but I have the same issue:

— > The main page is showing up but all other pages ( Members/Blog…) are not accessible: ie, I get a wrong URL message.

As in:

Trying to go to : http://www.sitename/groups

*** The requested URL /groups was not found on this server. *****

I and other users CAN access wp-admin ( http://www.sitename/wp-admin/) , as if only the WordPress MU was working, and not all the Buddypress features.

I also installed a fresh copy of WP MU, and installed Buddy Press 1.1.3, as recommended, through the instal Plugin of the WP MU dashboard.

I had also installed a couple more plugins, the Buddypress SEO, Hashcash and a forum subscription plugin for BP, which I just deactivated to see if that helped. But it makes no difference.

Thanks for your advice…

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