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Re: Your thoughts on this setup…

Adam W. Warner


Hey IB,

I think you’re current setup should work for what you need to do. You may need to add a couple plugins though.

You said these were the trouble items… > WPRemix theme. > BuddyPress Home theme – but no widgets setup (I thought that that should have gone to either the user’s profile or the user’s blog?).

My set up is similar. > Using main BP theme > Using a default theme I specified using a plugin called “New Blog Defaults” that allows me to set the default theme for any blog that’s created.

Now, the difference might be that my version of is actually a user blog address, not just a user name. Does the user your trying access have a blog domain as well? Or just a user (profile) name?

If it’s just a profile name, then the url would be

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