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    I am running WordPress 4.9.5 with the Sweetdate Theme. Buddpypress 2.9.4

    I am trying to get a few of the profile fields to show up under the member name on the members page. I tried to edit the member-loop.php and nothing was showing up. At the moment I have hidden the following areas through CSS

    .search-item .date {display:none;}
    .search-item .search-body{display:none;}

    I need some real world help in displaying these fields. Any other information you may need, just ask. Thank you


    1. take a look at this page, it shows the general principles also you can look at the BP Template Overloader plugin, it’s designed to make this process more accessible.

    Basically you create a buddypress directory in your child theme directory and replicate the directory path to the buddypress/members/register.php file.

    Regarding 2, how did you do that? I’ve not got it as an option, I’m aware there’s plugin that added a TOS checkbox, not seen it done directly from the xProfile fields.

    But if you did add it as a xProfile field, BP will by default show it in the profile page if the user has set it to publicly visible.

    you might like to check out that plugin, I don’t think it uses xProfile fields: BuddyPress Simple Terms And Conditions


    1. One way to achieve this would be to overload the BuddyPress register page and replace the current section that adds the username with code that populates this field from the username field.

    2. Not sure about that one, I take it this is being added by a plugin? if it’s creating an xprofile field then by default it will show up in profile, unless set to not be shown by the user. There’s a couple of options I think, either add some code to force this to not be displayed or else overload the profile page and set it up to display the profile fields you want to display.

    Michael Lanfield

    Hello. here is my site

    When I add a description to extended profile fields it shows up as 2 descriptions. I would like to remove the bottom ones. This happens to every new field I add that has a description.

    Here is the screenshot of what I am talking about. I don’t do anything different. I just add a description to the new field in Profile Fields.


    @vapvarun, I just noticed that when I click on “Settings” it takes me to this page:

    However, the display is the same as:

    There are no options to edit the profile fields.


    @vapvarun, thank you for your swift response.

    I have managed to get some test fields to show. I have almost got the profile page to where it needs to be but how do I get rid of the name above the avatar?

    Thank you,



    In reply to: GDPR compliance


    As per my understanding

    — BuddyPress does not save any data related to IP address inside cookies.
    — All the profile fields which you have created for your users are kept inside your WordPress database only, not linked to any 3rd party application. If you are using Akismet plugin for spam protection for BuddyPress, they will check logged in member IP address to cross check with their spammer’s database log, again that’s not the BuddyPress thing.


    @orero It will suggest using Gravity form user registration add-on, it will give you WordPress user meta and BuddyPress xprofile fields mapping option as well as gravity form fields., it will take care of all user and field validation as well.

    As a free option, you can check

    Norman Cates


    yeah, that plugin is useful, but it’s only one way. It only goes from BP to WP not WP to BP.

    It also has limited WP profile fields available. Although that’s easy enough to fix by adding items to the array in the plugin…

    The core problem is that once you have BP, there’s two different places to change the basic profile data. Having BP be able to take over the appropriate WP profile areas would make things so much easier….


    @normancates you can check for plugin, it will allow mapping your xprofile fields with WordPress User Fields.

    Norman Cates

    That’s awesome.

    Why is this not a standard part of Buddypress? (Rhetorical question)

    IMO, any fields should be designated (or able to be designated) as linked to the WP profile information.

    THis is a CONSTANT source of confusion for me and any users. Because some plugins use the WordPress profile info, and some the Buddypress info.

    I get that they probably need to do that. But at least let us synchronise the data.

    Including display name options…

    Please, BP / WP developers, slam an interface on this and let us keep our data consistent.



    In reply to: BP vs WP user roles

    Paul Gibbs

    BuddyPress does not use WordPress user roles or capabilities. Technically, there is a bp_moderate capability, but we map that to roles that have manage_options capability (by default), or Network Admins, in multisite.

    Even so, some parts, including the Profile Fields admin screen in wp-admin, require the manage_options capability.

    So, basically, add the bp_moderate capability to all your custom roles, and if that doesn’t work, they’ll need the manage_options role — which, warning, gives them a lot of WordPress admin power as well.

    No ways around this at the moment.



    I’m trying to use Contact Form 7 to register my users in BuddyPress. I’ve tried two

    • With a plugin Frontend Registration – Contact Form 7
    • Some code

    With a plugin Frontend Registration – Contact Form 7
    I’m trying to use this forum to register users. I’m using:

    • wP 4.9.5
    • Contact Form 5.0.1
    • Frontend Registration – Contact Form 7
    • BuddyPress 2.9.4 (Extended Profiles activated, I need this)

    Steps I followed:

    1. I’ve created my contact form “Register Form” and I’ve activated Registration Settings
    2. I’ve created my page “Registration” with “Register Form” on it
    3. At this point “Registration page” works ok (shows “Register Form”)
    4. Then I go to BuddyPress Settings and in Register Page select “Registration page”
    5. When I go to “Registration page”, all the content has been overwrite with BuddyPress registration fields

    Some code

    Source (2014)

    I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or simply this code it’s not working anymore.

    Any idea about how to do this (with a free option)?

    Thank you


    Mind, one possibility is to overload the page template for the users profile page and remove the call that displays the additional xProfile fields. But that would remove all of them, not just those added by S2 Member.



    I am currently using Buddypress in addition to s2member.
    The user has to log in using s2member and give a whole bunch of personal information.
    They need to log in using s2member for certain reasons, one of which is another area where this information is required and used.

    However, all the information from the s2member registration is visible in their profile.
    I really do not want this.

    Is there a way to make it so they still login using s2member (site-wide, including buddypress and bbpress areas), but have the profiles not use all the registration fields from s2member?



    @twwebbie You will have user data same and after activating BuddyPress, you will also have Profile for all. Ultimate Member saves profile details to user meta, you can export them as CSV data and with CSV you can import them into BuddyPress xprofile fields.
    For UM activities, they can not be imported directly into BuddyPress activities, you can check with your developer to create migration script for UM activities.

    For BuddyPress WooCommerce integration you can use
    Paid membership pro also offer free add-on for it


    Perhaps can you help me (us).
    We have a WP site with BP extension and a full page of extended profile fields.
    I cannot synchronise both properly in order to have BP user roles allowed to some WP users or groups, for instance Mr X (created in WP) only being allowed to manage the BP extended fields for the whole site population, approx. 400 people.
    It does not work and Mr X only accesses the base WP fields, note the extended ones.
    Is this problem well known ? What did I made wrong ?

    Thanks in advance


    Hi everyone, I have been using the product theme BuddyPress for my site, however, when I create profile fields it does not show correct bullets when a user inputs them into the product. I want it to show bullets.

    Here is what I input in profile fields with bullets

    Here is what the output looks like (bullets are removed)

    What could be the issue here? Any help would be great.


    I can’t find how to duplicate new added field in User Profile.
    I have to add about 30 fields. The only difference between them is a name. So the easiest way is to simply copy them. Could you help me with this issue?


    Hey guys, @grounder is talking about xprofile fields plugin, not Buddypress. Read the thread title.

    I assume it’s this plugin as it has been abandoned by wordpress recently as it has not been updated in 3 years or so.

    Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type

    I am also using this plugin and looking for an alternative. My hosting (wp-engine) just notified me that this plugin has a security vulnerability and they have contacted the developer to fix it but I doubt it will happen.

    I think this plugin might be an alternative but have to look into it, if anyone is also in this situation. This one is also not updated:

    Advanced XProfile Fields for BuddyPress


    Whoops, I forgot instructions on how to change the account details fields. Here, I updated it:

    To change the text on the regular (Account Details) fields, make a copy of wpcontent/plugins/buddypress/bp-templates/bp-legacy/buddypress/members/register.php and place it in themes/your-child-theme/buddypress/members (a folder which you will have to create).

    Then, open that file and replace every instance of <?php _e( '(required)', 'buddypress' ); ?> with your asterisk (*).

    Then, to change the text on profile fields (Profile Details), just add the following code to bp-custom.php (which, if it doesn’t exist, you’ll need to create in wpcontent/plugins).

    function bp_change_required_label($translated_string, $field_id) {
    		return '*';		
    add_filter('bp_get_the_profile_field_required_label', 'bp_change_required_label', 10, 2);

    This function hooks into the function bp_get_the_profile_field_required_label() in buddypress/bp-xprofile/bp-xprofile-template using the supplied filter. It takes the translated “(required)” string and replaces it with “*”. which will also remove any translation – but that should be acceptable for a symbol in most cases.


    Yeah I know about that, thanks though. What about all the xprofile fields?


    In reply to: functionality doubts


    I’ve only used BP Profile Search and I’ve got to say you would probably need to customise that too, it’s got the basic fuctionality in that it allows you to search all the profile fields but I think the search algorithm itself needs revamping, also it would need to only be visible to one member type I think.


    On another forum, I had this suggestion with WP function 🙂
    But I am embarrassed if I can not put a default value to my numeric field!

    $users = get_users( [ 'fields' => 'ids' ] );
    global $wpdb;
    /** @var \WP_User $user */
    foreach ( $users as $user_id ) {        
        $results = $wpdb->insert(
                'field_id'     => 794,
                'user_id'      => $user_id,
                'value'        => 4,
                'last_updated' => new \DateTime()
            [ '%d', '%d', '%d', '%s' ]



    In reply to: Customize member loop


    I think you are really talking about new page, one that performs a search of the members profile fields and comes up with matches. If I were you, I’d look at using BP Match Me as a basis for this, or maybe BP Profile Search and then providing my own custom code to automate the search process.

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