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    Is it possible to enter several language translations when we add new profile fields?
    If it is not a core functionality, do you plan to add it?
    I saw that there is a WordPress plugin for BuddyPress based on the WPML plugin ( but WPML is not free anymore. Is there an open source and updated fork of WPML? Or a standalone multilingual plugin for BuddyPress?
    A big community project like BuddyPress should not rely on a commercial / paid plugin to offer multilingual functionality.



    in my mobile version of buddy press my users profile fields are cut in half and i cant scroll to the right to see them. what can i do to resolve this.
    newest version of buddypress


    Put it all in one column:

    /* Aligns Registration Profile Details fields to the left */
    #buddypress .standard-form #basic-details-section,
    #buddypress .standard-form #blog-details-section,
    #buddypress .standard-form #profile-details-section {
        width: 100%;
    #profile-details-section {
        margin-top: 20px;

    And the finish button too (recommended):

    #buddypress .standard-form#signup_form div.submit {
        float: left!important;
        margin: -12px 3px 3px 3px!important;

    That should line it all up in 1 row. Congrats on not paying someone $1000 for that info 🙂


    Is there any function I can tap into to set a default search upon going to the members page? For example the search page will automatically generate a $_GET request based on specific profile fields and go to /members/?field_6=Teacher&field_8=apple, instead of the user having to manually select these fields and then submit the form.

    I know I can do something similar by adding a custom query to the members loops as designated here:

    Members Loop

    However, this does not edit the form directly and only the members loop, and is not clean in my opinion.


    Hey team,

    I’ve searched older replies for an answer on how to do this but can’t seem to find anything that matches this scenario. I have a profile field group of custom fields that currently sits within the ‘view’ and ‘edit’ profile tab on buddypress. For both of these views, I’d like to move editing this single group to under the settings tab.

    I assume there’s probably some custom development involved, however as we have this great implementation of field management, I’m hoping there’s a way I can move it under the settings menu and still re-use a bunch of this functionality that’s all ready to go.

    I’m sorry if this topic is inappropriate for this forum, it’s my first time asking for help here.



    Thank you for this great plugin, Much appreciated
    I only have one issue
    I have set default visibility to ‘Only me’
    This is displayed as correct when new user first edits profile BUT
    the fileds are visible to all users until the new user hits the save button
    When the save button is hit the privacy function then works
    New user registers and a different user views profile – All fields are visible
    New user then enters ‘Profile visibility settings’ and clicks the ‘Save settings’ button
    Now when the different user views profile, the fields are hidden
    I hope this makes sense
    Unfortunately the only way you will be able to see this is the same way that I did by opening 2 x browsers signing in as a registered user the in the other browser create a new user
    Are you are to help in resolving this issue please – I hope my explanation makes sense!
    Thank you


    Hi guys,

    I have a WordPress MultiSite (With 9 SubSites) where I’m running BuddyPress 2.9.1, with the Multi Blog feature enabled. The problem is, when I try to edit the profile fields, I see that there are several instances of the same First Name and Last Name fields listed there (It looks like 8 sets of duplicates). And because these fields can’t be deleted, I really need some help in fixing this bug and removing these extra fields.

    Has anyone encountered this issue before? Any help would be much appreciated.


    Any thoughts on how I would go about creating different types of accounts for members? For example, if a community was about restaurants, and you wanted the option for users to choose their account type during registration, i.e. Waitress, cook, host, owner, manager, patron. Each type of account would have a different kind of profile, and different registration fields.


    How can i translate the label, like Name, of buddypress profile fields with polylang?


    I need help to creating new type field in Profile Fields, for using new masks.

    RG Field: mask = 88.888.888-8
    CPF Field: mask = 888.888.888-88
    Phone Field: mask = (88) 8 8888-8888

    Could someone help me raise them?


    How can i translate the label, like Name, of buddypress profile fields with polylang;


    I come up with this piece of code, it just add class for fields but its enough for me

    function bp_add_class($elements){
        $elements['class'] = 'field';
        return $elements;

    Hey Guys,

    anyone have any experience in either the V2 wp-json?
    Im trying to return results for a search http://domain-com/wp-json/wp/v2/users/%5Bsearchterm%5D

    does anyone know the url string for this? I suspect that this probably doesnt read profile fields?…


    I am running wordpress 4.8.1 and buddypress 2.7.4 on my website
    In register page I can not see any profile field as well as in wp admin panel “profile filed” option is missing. Can anybody tell me how to retrive the profile fields or is there another option to create signup page for new users.

    Screenshot of admin panel
    Screenshot of admin panel



    previous forum posts provide no answer to this question:

    How can I add target=”_blank” in Profile Fields Descriptions? This is needed for user registration, specifically terms of use hyperlinks, but it is always removed when I try to enter it.





    I am using Sweetdate theme 3.0 with Buddypress 2.9.1 to create a matchmaking site. This theme has an option to count compatibility score, which counts a percentage match between two profiles. I would like to sort members by this score, but I have no idea how to do that (this is the members site members). I found the code regarding compatibility score, but I am having trouble pasting it, so this is only a fragment to get you an idea how it works.

    //multiple fields match
    if ( is_array( $kleo_config[‘matching_fields’][‘multiple_values’] ) ) {
    foreach ( $kleo_config[‘matching_fields’][‘multiple_values’] as $key => $value ) {
    $field1 = xprofile_get_field_data( $key, $userid1 );
    $field2 = xprofile_get_field_data( $key, $userid2 );
    if ( $field1 && $field2 ) {
    $intersect = array_intersect( (array) $field1, (array) $field2 );
    if ( count( $intersect ) >= 1 ) {
    $score += $value * count( $intersect );
    if ( $score > 100 ) {
    $score = 100;

    return $score;

    Do you have any idea how this sort by option could be created? Thank you very much for your answers in advance!

    Frantisek Voldrich


    I have used and to create a new taxonomy that users can be part of.

    Example usage: Users can be part of ‘team red’, ‘team green’ or ‘team blue’.

    I would like to enable any user to send private messages to all members of a selected team.

    I have looked at mass mailing plugins and am new to BP. My thoughts are that either there is a way to code a private message procedure to search through users and send a message to the matching profiles. OR, look into Groups.

    If it is the latter, I would like Groups to be completely hidden from non-group members.

    Any thoughts welcome. Thank you.


    In reply to: Contact user


    @flashvilla, hope this helps:

    I’m using Gravity Forms to display a contact form on each member profile page and dynamically populating a hidden field with the member’s email address.

    Here’s info on dynamically populating a field in GF

    Their example:

    add_filter( 'gform_field_value_your_parameter', 'my_custom_population_function' );
    function my_custom_population_function( $value ) {
        return 'boom!';

    I have changed this to:

    add_filter('gform_field_value_bp_member_email', 'bp_member_email');
    function bp_member_email($value){
      return bp_get_displayed_user_email();

    In Gravityforms, I have then created a hidden field and in the advanced tab of that field, checked “Allow field to be populated dynamically” and entered the “Parameter Name:” as “bp_member_email”

    Then, in the notifications, the “Send to Email” should be changed from a standard email to a Gravityform tag. You can get that by clicking the little arrow key beside many fields such as “From Name” box. Find the name of your hidden field and click that. It should give you something like this: {BP Member Email:7} where “BP Member Email” is the name I gave the hidden field – yours will be whatever you named it.

    You’ll also need to embed the form to your child theme: /themes/yourchildtheme/buddypress/members/single/home.php

    Details on how to embed into your theme can be found here. Example: (where 1 is the ID of your form and 12 is the starting tabindex)

    <?php gravity_form(1, false, false, false, '', true, 12); ?>

    If this worked, you can view the source code of the member page and you’ll see the member’s email as an input value in the hidden field.

    Hope this helps!

    Please note: if you can’t have the person’s email displayed publicly in the source code for privacy (even though it’s not visible on the site), you will need an alternative method. Members on my site all have their emails visible so it’s not an issue for me.


    I’m using the BP Registration plugin to handle signups to my clan’s website.

    However, the only way that I know of to see additional profile info (.e.g Steam Profile URL) is by clicking onto the registered users profile link, then viewing the tabs on the actual profile pages.

    I’m wondering if there’s a way to have a way to view certain fields on the Member Requests page?

    BP Reg


    Note some steps could be missing here but hope this helps with the general direction 🙂

    1. Look for “Users” in left sidebar of WordPress wp-admin area
    2. Click “Profile Fields” and there should be a box which you might have named “Terms of Use” – NOTE: if you changed the “Name (Primary) (Required)” to your terms of use field, you should change this back as it syncs with the person’s name
    3. Click the blue button “Add New Field” and name it “By registering to, you agree to the <a href="/terms-of-use/">Terms of Use</a>” (the title accepts HTML at least for now)
    4. Then, choose “Checkboxes” for the “Type” below it and type “Yes, I agree to the terms of use” and don’t check Default Value
    5. You can also choose “requirement” as required
    6. Choose “enforce field visibility”
    7. Then click update

    I use a different method for registering but hope this helps.

    (Sorry having difficulties posting to the forum. Apologies for duplicate replies… Wish there was a way to delete)


    UPDATE: found possible solution (?) by going into profile fields section in both dashboards and clicking “edit” and “update” for the required name section. This then appears to have reset things. Now the name updates in both Extended Profile tab and the WordPress default Profile tab when making an edit in the member profile page.​

    FYI: I have found several times now that there are strange quirks but I’m sure it is 99% user error (mine) but not everything is straightforward such as this above. To find this method took quite some time trying every standard option and the last was clicking every option over again…


    I am interested in creating a wordpress website where a service provider and a consumer can interact together with limited capabilities and I’m wondering if BuddyPress is a good solution. The website itself would act as a facilitator between the two parties.

    This needs to be a member site with 2 login options (service provider/consumer). Each side will need to be able to create a profile (with different preset fields for each side). The consumer will post items and the service provider will “bid” on the job (think Lending Tree). Only the consumer can email the service providers they want to work with. Payment processing is not required between the two parties, but the website need to accept payment from the service providers when they choose to make a bid. Considering WooCommerce for this part but open to options. Profiles and content from both sides should be hidden from view for non-logged in visitors. An “activity stream” or simply a list of profiles would be needed for service providers to see the new opportunities from the consumers. Consumers should be able to browse all service provider profiles.

    I believe this should be fairly straightforward to create. Is Buddypress a good option for this? Please let me know if I need to clarify my request. Thanks in advance for any and all advice!


    Hello, is there any new and creative ways to sync the data of members and their Extended Profile details to a 2nd non-networked / non-multisite website?

    For example, WPMU’s “WordPress User Sync” is great to sync all of the stock WordPress members – but does not include Extended Profile data.

    Another was syncing the Extended Profile data using “BuddyPress to WordPress Full Sync” to match a custom xprofile “bio” with WP’s stock “description” but this is limited to only WordPress’s available items: first name, last name, description, url, locale – not all of the other custom fields such as social media etc.

    Another has been connecting to the database directly but having difficulty getting xprofile data.

    Aside from going with a Multi-site Networked site, is there any new and creative ways to push xprofile and member details to a 2nd site?

    Thanks so much in advance


    Helo My site is which is a mess right now.

    what I want is

    1.An extra fields on registration from.Called Member types.I have four different member types User,artist,promoter,vendor
    2.Then after logging in the members will be redirected to specific profile fields based on their “member type” selection on registration process.I have already created the fields with xprofile fields.
    3.Then after they fill the fileds it will show on their profile.

    I am looking for a good solution for few days couldn’t find any.Please help.


Viewing 25 results - 1 through 25 (of 5,040 total)
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