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    Yep BuddyPress has it’s own registration page, it ususally automatically creates it – register though in reality buddypress does not use this pages content and just uses the pages slug as an anchor. You can go to Dashboard>>Users>>Profile Fields to add additional profile fields to the register page, you just add them to the Main field group. These are added to the right side of the registration page in the same order as viewed in the main profile group page.



    how can I set the max. characters that could be entered in a textfield? I need this for registration and later editting of the fields in profile tab, because I don’t want my users to have a 999 character long name.

    With best regards


    In reply to: Select box value pairs


    I don’t think they work that way, I also looked at BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Fields but that did not allow for that, just a single field to enter the value. You might want to suggest it as a feature request on BuddyPress Trac:


    The site is members only so I can’t do that but the url basically saYs:

    Now if I click on a field in the profile that is mandatory then the search function works. But this plugin was supposed to turn all fields in the profile to searchable. Thanks.


    I found it. Thank you. But when I go to Profile>>Edit, there used to be a group just the same as Setting >> General with field that would allow me to change my password. I deleted that group. How can I get the change password fields back under Profile>>Edit?


    Hi. I accidentally deleted the Base (Primary)Group (Account Details) in the User Profile Fields so I’ve lost those ‘Change Password’function for the users. Now there is no place for them to change their password. How can I get that ‘Change Password’field back. As a matter of fact, how can I just get the whole original Base Primary Group – Account Details back? Stuck on this for a while. Help is appreciated.


    @tom-corvus You can check codes at with function name bpdd_import_users_profile()
    BP Default data plugin have created some fields and field group for BuddyPress.


    Hey all , basically I need some help , I have xprofile fields installed what I am trying to do is have a drop down box that when a person selections a field it adds a different css class based on the selection.

    Gender field type with 2 options Male & Female

    When a person selects Male the color of the text would be blue and Female would be Pink

    Any help would be much appreciated



    I am running following plugins in my site.

    1. BuddyPress
    2. BuddyPress cover
    3. BuddyPress NoCaptcha Register Box
    4. Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type
    5. BuddyPress xProfile Rich Text Field

    Wordpress version 4.5.1


    Buddypress has been abandoned and is essential in my site (and probably many others) I am looking for an alternative without programming to add profile fields to members.

    Or if someone to an old version, mine being corrupt I’m interested to see if it can still work


    Custom Profile Filters for BuddyPress question

    I am trying to use this plugin. I put brackets around words in the fields.

    But when I to to “view” profile – and click the words I get a page not found.

    I don’t see any suggestions on the plugin help page.

    If I click on a profile item that was “mandatory” then it takes me to the proper member search page. But the optional profile items that the plugin is designed to turn into search terms – leads me to page not found.
    bbpress – 2.5 14-6684
    wp 4.9.4

    The site is

    Henry Wright

    Unfortunately, the fields are synchronized only when the profile is updated. I do not know how to start mass synchronization

    This is likely because you’re hooking to a hook fired at profile update. You’ll need to hook your code to something that gets fired at another point in time.

    Tom Corvus


    I develop a plugin based on ACF Pro & BuddyPress. I would like to know if I can create profile fields and group fields with function or method?

    Like ACF Pro (acf_add_local_field_group), when the admin activate the plugin, I check if BuddyPress & ACF Pro are installed and activated. Then I create post types, ACF, and I would like to add Xprofile fields on the main profile tab and add a group fields with some fields inside.

    How can I do this?

    Thanks for your help.


    David Cavins

    Hi there. If I’m understanding correctly, you’re wanting to modify URLs added to profile fields by your users. The profile fields are analyzed for search links and other links here:

    BP uses the WP function make_clickable() to make links clickable. It doesn’t look like that function is filterable at the moment (there’s a ticket: I guess you could do something using the filter offered on the forum link you reference, but I’m not sure how you’d know which kind of links to modify (it’s not clear from your question what the goal is).


    I have managed to get profile links to open in a new window thanks to:

    I know want to know if there is a way to strip the output value of each link by stripping away http or https, whatever the user uses. Or even replace it with a custom label.

    Any tips?


    Hello. I am using RDP LinkedIn login to allow LinkedIn login. This works and successfully adds creates the login with the users data. However all the data gets added to their basic profile. I need the info that is added their fields to be added to the extended profile. Eg I want to take first name and last name from the basic profile and add it my full name extended profile field.

    The RDP login plugin has filters/hooks which I can use to tap into the signup process. However what I can’t find is the BuddyPress API info that would tell me how to set an extended field via code. I am looking for some kind of function like:


    Does such a function exist? Where can I read more about this? Thanks.


    @Onlineplaner BMI/BME plugin can import/export xprofilegroups and xprofilefields.


    @manishkrag: Hi, do your plugins ex-/import xprofilegroups and xprofilefields or just the standard user fields?


    My BuddyPress member profile fields name not displaying it is there but not show may be the color is same or some other problem I am facing right now I am adding xprofile field but all field come with same problem field name is not displaying but the constant are displaying.

    I search I found this but no luck.

    You can simply register to my website and go to profile view to see the problem.

    Thanks for any help


    Hmmmmm, well it simply sounds like the rows and columns might not be lining up exactly. Not sure.
    I have worked out many city meta data files the same way for the purpose of importing into WordPress and faced similar issues, it almost always came down to some columns or rows not exactly the same or something like that. I would do an export of your wordpress first and compare the files, if that didn’t get me any closer i might go into php-myadmin in my cpanel and export a copy of the database portion that has all of your users info and compare that to your .net export. I think that table is going to be one of the following : Either “wp_bp_xprofile_fields” or “wp_users”. Maybe if you compare those with your .net export and work them the same in excel it will be easier?
    Not really sure without seeing the files your working with.
    I will do a tutorial on that within the next day or so, lol.



    In my WP V 4.9.1 (clean install) with Bimber theme and Buddyress 2.9.2, I have problem in the register-page when a user select visibility in the profile fields. The display text will not change. It only shows the text “Everyone” no matter what selected. Is this normal?

    My website URL:




    how to put the checkboxes and radio button horizontally in the profile fields ?
    xxx yyy zzz
    (and not:



    How to disable the editor only on the xprofile buddypress multi-line fields ?

    Edit each of the profile fields in turn and change the Visibility setting to Enforce field visibility.



    how to hide all the buttons that allow to modify the visibility of all the fields of the profile by editing his profile?
    Either by a function or a css but with a generic command because there are many!

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