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    Hello, if I go on my BuddyPress Site to Profile -> Edit I have an issue in the first list.
    I made 3 sections: Profile (name before was Basis Data) About and Social Media.
    Now I have the problem that the name will displayed wrong. For example if you are in the section About – all 3 fields are displayd with About. If you go to section Social Media on all 3 Buttons is displayed Social Media instead of
    First Button Profile, Second About, Third Social Media.

    The problem is on my own template as well as the 2 standard templates.

    Lookng forward to your help.
    Best regards

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    Did you put the profile fields in the ‘Base (Primary)’ group?
    By default, only those fields appear on Register.

    Did you try switching to a WP theme like 2015 to determine if the issue is in your theme?

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    Hi there, I have recently installed version 2.3.3

    I’ve created my profile fields in Users – Profile Fields setting.
    Then under Settings – BuddyPress I have pointed the Register and Activate pages to the pages I have created (I created these pages under Pages – Add New, as this version does not allow me to create pages in the BuddyPress pages setting, I only have the view option)

    When I view my Register page I dont see any of the profile fields I have created, I only see: Username and Email.

    Am I missing something? I had BuddyPress installed previously on another hosting site and it was working perfectly.


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    Hi Paul,

    The detailed response is appreciated, it feels rare the community is given any real insight into why choices are made / features prioritised. I would add though – while both Ultimate Member and Peepso are quite clearly nicer to look at than Buddypress, they both do have a core feature that BP has never embraced – profile privacy. And I mean true privacy options so a member can reveal as little or as much of themselves as they wish – I realise masking your profile seems to go against the grain of a social network, but it should still be the users choice. In BP, that choice isn’t there. XProfile fields can be masked. Handy if you have any setup. And with the use of a plugin a user can decide who can see their updates, but I would guess for most the privacy level of each update they write will normally be the same – not something they want to amend before or after they’ve added an update.

    With social activity now added to UM I’ve been able to create something I’d spent months trying to bend into shape with BP, in a fraction of the time with UM. Literally a matter days, not months.

    I wouldn’t argue that BP profiles need enhancing visually, they clearly do. But there are a handful of themes out there that will not only make it look better, but are great themes in themselves (none of the BP themes on the Forest).

    Profile privacy is the obvious element missing from BP for me, and as long as it’s not in the core, or the BuddyBoss guys don’t produce a plugin, I personally wouldn’t build anything on BP. Conversely, if it was in there, I’d have something live well before now. I hope it gets addressed properly in the not too distant future. Thanks, Paul.

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    Found it. The internet is written in ink. 😛

    While you are here… It seems to be working great. It’s a bit old. Do you think it will cause any security or other issues with the current version of BP?

    Thanks again.

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    I need to make a profile field which allows my swedish users to pick their city. How can I make a custom list with swedish cities?

    If this is possible, I wonder if you also can make a similar list for county/states?

    Thank you

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    You know what! Hahaha I didnt know you could scroll the code-box. So, I saw the word ‘country when I posted it into the buddypress editor. Silly me…

    But unfortunately…it didnt work There are no delete buttons to the profile fields.

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    Profile photo of shanebp

    Don’t replace the code.

    Use this function, and change ‘Country’ to the name you gave the field.

    function naisai_make_field_delete() {
    	global $wpdb;
    	$table = $wpdb->prefix . "bp_xprofile_fields"; 
    	$wpdb->query( "UPDATE $table SET can_delete = 1 WHERE name = 'Country'" );
    add_action( 'bp_ready', 'naisai_make_field_delete' );

    Then visit your site’s home page.
    Then go to that field in wp-admin and you should see a Delete link.
    If you have more than one field you want to Delete, then change the name in the function and repeat the process.
    When you are done – remove the function.

    Then, if you want, get the code from the gist and run again.

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    Profile photo of Naisai

    Thank you so much!

    You need to find the row(s) in the bp_xprofile_fields table and for each row, change the can_delete field value to 1

    But what if I have already deleted the code? Should I then replace it and overwrite according to your corrections?

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    There is a way, if you use BBPress Signature. 😉 Modifying bbp_get_reply_content filter.

    Here an example fetching 3 xprofile fields called Signature, Industry and Type. Change it to your need. Code goes into bp-custom.php or child theme functions.php

    function my_bbp_reply_content_append_user_signature( $content = '', $reply_id = 0, $args = array() ) {
    	// Default arguments
    	$defaults = array(
    		'separator' => '<hr />',
    		'before'    => '<div class="bbp-reply-signature">',
    		'after'     => '</div>'
    	$r = wp_parse_args( $args, $defaults );
    	extract( $r );
    	// Verify topic id, get author id and potential signature
    	$reply_id  = bbp_get_reply_id       ( $reply_id );
    	$user_id   = bbp_get_reply_author_id( $reply_id );
    	// Get fields data. Caution: name is case sensitive.
    	if(function_exists('bbpress') ) {
    		$signature = xprofile_get_field_data( 'Signature', $user_id );	
    		$wowi = '<br>'. xprofile_get_field_data( 'Service', $user_id );
    		$wowt = '<br>'. xprofile_get_field_data( 'Type', $user_id );
    	else {
    		$signature = bbp_get_user_signature ( $user_id  );
    	// If signature exists, adjust the content accordingly
    	if ( !empty( $signature ) )
    		$content = $content . $separator . $before . $signature . $wowi . $wowt . $after;
    	return apply_filters( 'my_bbp_reply_content_append_signature', $content, $reply_id, $separator );
    if ( !is_admin() ) {
       // remove the original BBPress filter
       remove_filter( 'bbp_get_reply_content', 'bbp_reply_content_append_user_signature', 1, 2 );
       // add our custom filter
       add_filter( 'bbp_get_reply_content', 'my_bbp_reply_content_append_user_signature', 1, 2 );	

    May this help. 😉

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    Wordpress version: 4.3
    Buddypress version: 2.3.3

    Is there any way to designate a user profile field for a forum signature? While searching for support at I found a topic saying as of version 1.4 you can designate profile fields for the signature field, however since 1.4 was quite awhile ago I just assume it’s changed.

    Is there any way to create a user profile field to display as a forum signature? I’m using BBPress.


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    You should remove that code as soon the field is created.
    If you edit the field name, then a new field will be created – if you don’t remove the code.

    They dont have a delete button and now I cannot remove any of the fields.

    That is because 'can_delete' => false, should be 'can_delete' => true,.
    I have corrected the gist.

    To delete the fields you already have, you can use a database tool like phpmyadmin.
    You need to find the row(s) in the bp_xprofile_fields table and for each row, change the can_delete field value to 1. Then a ‘Delete’ will appear for that field in wp-admin.

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    I needed a country list for my sign-up form. I found this code on the net that fixed the problem, it created a “country field”. This meaning under User/ Profile field/Primary field . Once i edited the “country field” a new identical field showed up. They dont have a delete button and now I cannot remove any of the fields.

    I have tried:
    (1) Deleting the code
    (2) Deleting buddypress pluging incl. files. And then reInstall the plugin.

    Thank you for any feedback. I know nothing about codes.

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    Hi all,

    This may be an easy question to answer (I’m hopeful), but I’ve been unable to find a solution to my problem so far. I’m currently using WordPress 4.3 with BuddyPress installed on my server. I have Extended Profiles enabled, and am using the plugin BuddyPress xProfiles ACL to manage custom extended profile groups assigned by user role.

    I have two roles that I am working with primarily – ‘students’ and ‘institutions’. Each of these roles have their own unique group of profile fields, some of which have the same name (e.g., each role has an ‘Address’ extended profile field). Within the bp_members loop, I am usually able to obtain a given user’s extended profile data by using the following function:

    $value = xprofile_get_field_data($field, $user_id);

    where $field is the name of the field I want to retrieve a value from in all lowercase letters (e.g., ‘Address’ would be ‘address’). I have run into an issue when trying to get field data from a profile field that has the same name for two separate user role groups. Using the same field name for both user roles will only return results for one of the roles (the role where that profile field was first created). I’m assuming the extended profile field for one of the user roles is being stored in the database with a slightly modified name, but I am unsure of how to retrieve this name.

    Is there a way to request all xprofile field names for a given group of users (or even an individual user)? If I can obtain a list of the xprofile field names – or more specifically, a list of strings I could pass to the xprofile_get_field_data function – I should be able to get all the data I am looking for.

    If you could please help me solve this problem, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot,

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    I want to add a Terms & Conditions checkbox on buddypress signup form. I tried it using: dashboard/users/profile fields ( ) but I can’t see any changes when I add a new field (It doesn’t matter the kind of field). What am I doing wrong? Buddypress version Theme Mediso.


    Profile photo of shanebp

    How about all other fields.

    Your best bet is to not nibble at the problem.
    Write a script to migrate all the WP profile fields & user data into BP xprofile fields & user data.

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    I have existing site with 500 plus users and already have WP profile fields created a while ago with simple fields like address, city, state and Zip and custom fields like year joined and speciality.
    I am planning on deploying Buddypress to add functionality to the site. How can sync all these fields with XProfiles fields
    I know help you create Xprofile fields and help you sync first and last name.
    How about all other fields. I need members to be able to message each other, create events, map each other by location and events by location and finally create groups. Do I need BuddyPress or alternate that work with WP Profiles will work.


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    In the Dashbord, under users, go to profile fields, go to Add New Field, and in a box on the right there should be a requirement box, just switch it from Not Required to Required.

    Profile photo of djsteveb

    someone posted a similar question 4 days ago ( )

    someone else answered to take a look at

    I have not used this yet – but it sounds perfect for this kind of thing.

    Profile photo of katiemeeks

    Is there a way to remove the edit from the sub navigation for users


    remove the capabilities to edit their extended profile information? I only want the admin to be able to edit these fields. I want the user to be able to see them.

    Profile photo of danbp

    On a single install: danshboard > users > profile fields(

    Base(primary)tab, then use Edit button.

    Profile photo of danbp

    Here an example for profile field lenght with some comments.

    function bpfr_custom_textfield_length() {	
    	//Check if user is logged in & if xprofile component is activated
    	if ( is_user_logged_in() && bp_is_active( 'xprofile' ) ) :	
    	$my_custom_textfield = bp_get_member_profile_data( 'field=Brief Biography&user_id='.bp_get_member_user_id() );	
    	 * The length = number of characters, not words.
    	 * Set the number of caracters to show. 
    	 * The 3 dots are the appended text ending the excerpt.
    	 * Don't remove the quotes if you change this
    	 * BuddyPress 2.1 will add new class and id for custom fields. 
    	 * The span can be omited to style this part. See ticket #5741
    	if ( strlen($my_custom_textfield) > 20) :  //adjust to your need
    	$my_custom_textfield = substr($my_custom_textfield, 20).'...'; //adjust to your need
    	// uncomment the following line to get a span around the displayed field content
    	// echo '<span class="short-custom">'. $my_custom_textfield; .'</span>';
    	// comment the following line if you use the span
    	echo $my_custom_textfield;	
    	endif; // is_user_logged_in
    add_action( 'bp_directory_members_item', 'bpfr_custom_textfield_length' );

    Ticket #5741

    Profile photo of jerryd221

    Just like the check on the topic title, how to set a max length for group name, group description, message subject, message content, what’s new, username, password and/or even other extended profile fields?

    coz now long name completely breaks the page layout, especially in activity notice “%s created a group <very long group name>”.

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