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    Hey There!
    Just installed BuddyPress on a brand new multisite install.

    When we go to edit a user profile field under Users –> Profile Fields, we receive this error “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”

    I am a super user and created everything.

    Please advise.

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    I’m trying to build a WP with some public content and other content only available for registered users and being able to control their profile and movements (an email automatic sent when a user changes something). I’ve built some webs on WordPress but I am still learning.

    Basically, I’m asking if with BuddyPress will be possible:

      – New users with need for administrator approval
      – Some private content only avaliable for certain users
      – Personalized fields in user profile
      – Automatic sending of emails when a user changes a profile field

    Thank you in advance

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    I use the BP PROFILE SEARCH plugin (mandatory for members search form i think… because if Deactivate it search form deseapered)
    and SuitePlugins – Advanced XProfile Fields for BuddyPress

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    Hello, I’m trying to create xprofile fields from my plugin code, and not from admin interface. Is this possible? Can somebody help me?

    working with WP 4.7.2 and buddypress 2.8, with Onesocial Marketplace theme.

    Thanks in advance.

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    We discussed it here:, but I got stuck. Maybe I’ll revisit.

    Profile photo of john.horning

    Yes I have data. I’ve tried switching themes and disabling all other plugins.
    A bit frustrating. I have a lot of fields. That couldn’t be an issue could it?

    This was supposed to be an alternative to the user profile page. I’m merely trying to get all fields to show, regardless of whether there’s data or not. I tried in vain to modify the profile page.

    Any more suggestions?

    Profile photo of Mike W
    Mike W

    Thanks Shane! I’ll give this a shot when I get back to home this evening and let you guys know how it works out. I’m afraid the little profile I made doesn’t do any sorts of compares, it just lets me know if it is loaded before or after certain other hooks like init, the_content and such.. I’ll have to reopen that and add bp_load and get a better idea of where it loads to buddypress though.

    My I make a request, though, developer to developer 😛 This seems to have broken a lot of plugins and I like to say I follow the methods of WordPress to the letter without getting hacky :P. If changes like this are made, can we still preserve a method of backward compatibility? The profile info, for instance shouldn’t matter much when it loads, so long as the BP class is loaded, which means, I guess what I’m saying is I’m drawing a blank to what it would be that would require the xprofile fields to be dropped to such a low load order that it doesn’t initialize with the plugin class init.

    Profile photo of shanebp

    You need to pass additional fields – and in the correct order.

    Profile photo of john.horning

    Actually – looks like the problem might be with bp_the_profile_field_value(). I’m able to display all the fields with labels, but no values.

    Profile photo of john.horning

    I’m trying to display user profile fields on a page. I created a custom page template and pasted the code found here:

    It was working and then stopped – can’t figure out what happened.

    The problem seems to be with this function: bp_profile_group_has_fields()

    Any ideas?


    Profile photo of whimsymoon

    Hi Folks!

    I think I understand that the New User Registration email is done by WP and not BP.

    Is there anyway I can get the BP extended profiles to show on the New User Registration Admin email or not?

    Or am I looking at a whole new plugin to to the job 🙁 If yes, got any suggestions?!

    Love you lot!


    Profile photo of estevao90

    Hi, after update BuddyPress to 2.8.0, I can’t access the Profile Fields admin screen (User -> Profile Fields) to manage the custom fields, like delete and edit (mode edit_field and delete_field). When I try to access this screens, I see the message “Access Denied”.

    Before update, this was working. I downgraded the version and it’s working again. I think that is a bug of 2.8.0 version.

    The BuddyPress is installed at a network installation of wordpress.

    Profile photo of 48fourteen

    WordPress Version: 4.7.2
    BuddyPress 2.7.4

    I’m currently working on this website on my localhost, so there is no link for me to share. However, I’m hoping I can explain the issue well enough that you can still help.

    Overall, BuddyPress is mobile responsive. There is, however, one area that is not mobile responsive and that’s the Profile field. Profile -> View. I have the following Profile Field Groups: Base (Primary) and Administration. Although Administration, is mobile responsive, Base (Primary) is not. These two have the following table class: profile-fields. So, it appears that all the settings are the same and/or correct, but for some reason it’s not taking effect on Base (Primary). These additional fields were added with XProfile.

    Please let me know if this is an issue you are familiar with and how I can fix this.

    Thank you.


    Profile photo of bheyne

    I’m slowly approaching the solution. If i deactivate the plugin “BuddyPress Xprofile Custom Fields Type”. The Pictures are back. They overwrite the URL i think.

    Profile photo of matomatik

    Hi all,

    I am using tromax theme and under my BP profiles the label for the fields is not displaying unless highlighted. Is there any CSS code i could place in my child stylesheet to help it display clearly.

    Preferably bold and black.


    Profile photo of commexpert


    I have two groups of users STUDENTS and TEACHERS
    I want to link each student to a teachers, meaning the name of a teacher should be linked to each student profile.
    In the registration form, the student should be able to select a teacher in a dropbox that would listing all the names of the registered teachers.
    The name of the selected teacher will be stored in this field.

    How can I achieve this ?


    Profile photo of davidself1001

    I have a multi-line text area field but the users text is not word wrapping. How do i fix this?

    Profile photo of djsteveb

    with my default bp installs just about everything IS public.. it’s actually not easy to make the bp pages like activity and groups and such private.

    I think most of those things are fine to be public – and people can choose to make groups members only, logged in only, or public viewable.. default is all public I think..

    Most profile fields the user can choose similar privacy settings for certain fields if you allow..

    Sometimes I make a group non-pulbic viewable as super admin..

    I also choose a lot of things to be blocked by the robot search engine spiders – as there is no need for them to go pulling 100 pages of activity feed and such – so even though most of my BP site is publicly viewable, only about half of it is (supposed to be) crawled by the big engines – most follow the robots.txt directive – but not all..

    Profile photo of denmektigafisen

    Hi. I would like to costumize how the user profiles look. Is this possible? If yes, how?
    I don’t mean the fields, I know how to insert those. What I want to edit is how the profile looks. Now it looks like this (But I only have one field Right now):

    My second question is, how do you allow users to put <style> tags in a profile field? I know the risks about custom HTML and I’ve been up a few hours searching for a solution, but I can’t figure out which file I need to edit.

    Thank ypu.

    Profile photo of argoncobalt

    I’m working on a networking website, and in their profiles, users are able to list fields where they have expertise, interests, fields they are able to mentor in, etc. Here’s an example of a user profile page on the website:

    My client wants me to implement a feature that makes these tags clickable, i.e. turns them into a search query that allows users to look for other people who have listed those same tags in their profiles.

    Any idea how I would go about doing that? Please let me know, thank you!

    Profile photo of danbp

    Where did you find that code?

    Have you tried to replace it by:
    SELECT * FROM bp_xprofile_fields WHERE parent_id = 0 AND group_id > 1

    Profile photo of _natty_

    i got this error from such long time and no update solve it… how can i solve it?

    SELECT * FROM bp_xprofile_fields WHERE parent_id = 0 AND ID!= AND group_id > 1

    as you can see there is a missing operatore before “AND”

    AND ID!= AND

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    I solved the problem. It’s in “Profile Fields” in Users. Want to delete this.

    Profile photo of shanebp

    You should see all fields, even empty ones, on the Profile > Edit page.

    Profile photo of prophet224

    Ok, I didn’t know that. Shouldn’t the fields still appear on my own profile page so that I, as a user, could fill them out if I wanted to? They don’t show when viewing another users or one’s own.

    I will take a look at the plugins! Thank you!

Viewing 25 results - 1 through 25 (of 4,912 total)
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