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    Hi :)

    Long story short, under Profile Fields I have two groups, one of them has the profile field “First Name” and “Country of Residence.” I need these two fields to be shown in both groups but they need to share the same field_id so that if the info is added by the user in one group, it is automatically filled in in the other group.

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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    I’ve created a BuddyPress site in the past that worked very well, so I’m even more irritated about why I cannot figure out this issue. I would really appreciate your help!
    When I open the member’s page, go to a member’s detail page and click on “Profile”, them I get directed back to the homepage instead of seeing the profile. Same happens with click on “Friends”, “Groups”,… My members have extended profile fields which aren’t shown.

    My site:
    WordPress version: 4.3.1
    BuddyPress version: 2.3.3

    I’m using a child theme of the Bounce theme provided by GhostPool. But the problem is not in the theme, as I deactivated it – activated 2 other themes – same problem.

    Example of a link that is supposed to open a profile:

    Thank you very much in advance.


    In reply to: Defoult user files

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    Similar answer to this topic.

    This plugin mentioned, with a bit of tweaking, can do exactly what you are talking about:

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    In the user profile of wordpress we can influence to enter some fields as defoult

    Website, facebook etc.

    Is there a way to view them in the profile of BuddyPress?

    Thank you


    In reply to: User Fields

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    Default behaviour is to search through values of all profile fields for the search term.
    So if someone has entered ‘london’ in ‘city’ field and you click on it, the search result doesn’t only contain members who have entered ‘london’ in ‘city’ field. It’ll also return members who have entered ‘london’ in any of profile fields.
    That’s what makes you see the result set as inaccurate i guess.

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    He’s creating various fields Profile to customize my BuddyPress. (Admin -> Users -> User Fields)

    When you go to see a profile those fields become links and if you clic above displays the profiles that have that field.

    The problem is that the results are not accurate and are displayed prifoli both with the field that does not.

    Why? It happens to you?

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    You can insert custom fields in the profile without using plugins?

    Thank you

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    I am building a custom site (that will be multi site in the future) and currently I want to exclude buddypress Xprofiles fields completely. What are the disadvantages of doing this if any.

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    WP 4.3.1
    BP 2.3.3

    I’m trying to be as thorough in my analysis of this issue as possible, so this is a little long and I apologise to begin with.

    I’ve finished developing a theme that uses BuddyPress for members to sign up to for newsletters and events. It’s nothing crazy, it’s quite a simple BP install and very few features are used, most changes are to the styles. Now after being live for three months I’ve noticed two strange behaviours with how certain Profile Fields are handled.

    If I use the back-end WP Dashboard to go to my profile and update the field for Biography, nothing will update after saving. Whereas if I use the front-end BuddyPress profile page and edit there, the bio will update when saved.
    Surely it is the same thing? Or does BP “take over” some of this functionality with it’s own methods?

    The second issue is checkboxes, we have two which by default are checked in the BP Profile Fields settings. They determine if members receive any newsletters or reminders for events, which is the point of the community.
    After recent testing I’ve now found that they are always checked no matter if I have them checked before or try to update after registration. I’ve tried using the back-end WP profile page, and the front-end BP page and they are always ticked.
    If, however, I look in phpMyAdmin I can see the array for them when checked is:

    a:1:{i:0;s:29:"Subscribe to email newsletter";}
    a:1:{i:0;s:29:"Receive Event Reminder Emails";}

    But when I uncheck and save the profile (front or back-end) I see:


    The behaviour is weird as when you look at them they are checked, but in the db they are empty arrays, further to this in order to re-check them I have to go to the edit profile page, untick them, then tick them, then save. Almost like I have to pretend they are still checked, though visually they are but in terms of the values they aren’t.

    I have one instance where I have interacted with this data outside of what BP already does, I sent an additional email to the admin that reads all the user data so they can “vet” submissions, as members must be authorised.

    I’m wondering if I have misunderstood the “default value” state of a checkbox, or perhaps this is a known issue, or maybe even it’s designed to work this way. I just don’t know.

    My next step is to try the Twentytwelve theme offline but I really need to sleep first so I will follow that up in the morning.

    Thanks for getting this far if you did and I hope someone can shed a little light on this.



    In reply to: mySql querry help

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    @danbp: not sure why not working it comes with error

    MySQL said: Not unique table/alias: 'wp_bp_xprofile_data'

    Tried query in phpmyadmin, same error:

    SELECT wp_bp_xprofile_data.value,
    FROM wp_users
      LEFT JOIN wp_bp_xprofile_data
         ON wp_bp_xprofile_data.user_id = wp_user.ID
      LEFT JOIN wp_bp_xprofile_data
         ON = wp_bp_xprofile_data.field_id
     LIMIT 0, 30 
    MySQL said: Documentation
    #1066 - Not unique table/alias: 'wp_bp_xprofile_data'

    @shanebp: I wish wpdatatables allow php functions … it does’t

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    Can someone suggest the best sql query to get table with user names, user emails, XProfile field and values. I am trying to create table with these values for user using plugin wpDataTable Constructor

    SELECT wp_bp_xprofile_data.value,
    FROM wp_users
      LEFT JOIN wp_bp_xprofile_data
         ON wp_bp_xprofile_data.user_id = wp_user.ID
      LEFT JOIN wp_bp_xprofile_data
         ON = wp_bp_xprofile_data.field_id
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    Hi @danbp thanks for reply.

    Tried the code you wrote in the link above and it works fine. But as with the one referenced in my first post it reduces the string length upon display rather than preventing the user typing in a large number of characters in the first place (and the data being stored in database).

    So moved onto looking at the code snippet by @henrywright for the sign up page. Would be suitable if i could convert it to work with profile fields. Got to this stage with a few q’s:

    function my_textarea_validation() {
        $custom_field_id = bp_get_member_profile_data( 'field=Mini Bio' );	
    	//is the use of $_POST['field_' . $custom_field_id] correct to access desired profile field?
    	if ( strlen( $_POST['field_' .$custom_field_id] ) > 5 ) { 
            global $bp;
            //which $bp->... error message to use?
    	$bp->signup->errors['field_'] = __( 'CUSTOM ERROR MESSAGE', 'buddypress' ); 
    //which hook to use? (to affect the textarea on Profile > Edit navigation tab)
    add_action( '???', 'my_textarea_validation' );
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    Hi all,

    I am looking to limit the number of words or characters (either is fine) that a user is able to type into a profile field text area (set in WP>Users>Profile Fields as a Multi Line Text Area). Reason for this being that I want to include a small bio but don’t want the user going crazy and writing their life story.

    One of the closest solutions I came across was via the link by Dan in here:

    Although a good function, the problem with is that it still allows the user to write their life story and only truncates it when calling and displaying the profile field somewhere else (within the item-header div in my case). The original profile text area still shows and allows the full life story to be input without any boundaries.

    I found this which does exactly what i need:

    So my question is can I link a profile field text area created via the WP dashboard with the function from the above link? Or is there another way of getting the desired result?

    Many thanks!

    WP: 4.3.1
    BP: 2.3.3

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    I want to use Internal Links (or shortcodes) inside the xProfile Field Description boxes, but all HTML is stripped out.

    I do not want to allow HTML in the xProfile fields itself, but only in the field description boxes so that I can add better user information with, for example, URL-links to help pages that describe the input profile fields.

    Someone able to help me with a snippet for this?

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    I’m using the code below to list members xprofile fields in the member directory successfully. However,I would like to replace the City with the User ID in the Members Loop. I’m pretty sure I need to insert “<?php echo bp_member_user_id(); ?>” How would I do that? Anyone have an idea?

    //Members Directory Page Meta Fields
    function kleo_my_member_data()
    global $kleo_config;
    //this is the details field, right now it take the “About me” field content
    $kleo_config[‘bp_members_details_field’] = ‘About me’;
    //this display the fields under the name, eq: 36 / Woman / Divorced / Berlin. Modify with the names of the fields you want to appear there
    $kleo_config[‘bp_members_loop_meta’] = array(


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    i did it that way and it worked for me. so i now have all my profile fields in one group and display only one of the fields on the registration-page

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    You can add custom option fields for References and Places Worked:

    Not sure that adding a memberlist as drop down is very clever. What if you get a community of hundreds of members ?

    To get database info, see here: (that’s a common WP task)

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    I want to add user profile fields such as:

    References: (Where the user can choose from a drop down list of existing buddypress members)
    Places Worked: (Where the user chooses from drop down a list of existing locations in the database)

    Is this possible?

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    hi everyone !

    I need a little help to set up the following. My alumni association website that I built is and I have three user roles created :

    – Super Admin
    – Member +
    – Member only

    The members only should only edit all their buddypress xprofile fields and that’s it.

    The members + need to be able to edit their full buddypress profile (including all xprofile fields) and also view the information other users (members only or members +) decided to share with everyone when completing their profile.

    Thank you very very very much in advance to those who know which plugin or line of code I can use because I have been googling for more than 4 hours and still have no clue how to do this.

    have a great day

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    Then create a template overload of this file:

    In that file, prevent the display of certain fields by checking them by using
    bp_get_the_profile_field_id() or bp_get_the_profile_field_input_name()
    in the loop: while ( bp_profile_fields() ) : bp_the_profile_field();

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    I have setup two profile fields under extend profile and would like them to show up on the Members page. One field is for a year and the other is a personal story. With the story I’d like to have an excerpt with a link that will take them to the single profile page, which has the complete profile. How can accomplish this? Thoughts?

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    thanks for your input, @danbp.
    There is, of course, a reason why i want it as requested :)
    On my registration form, i only want to show one field to not bother new users with unnecessary fields. this one field is in my base group.
    All other fields are arranged in another group.

    From my point of view, it doesn’t make sense to show two tabs on the profile-edit page, but it does make sense to show as less fields as possible on the registration page. I think UX comes first today. Customers pay our rent, so we should avoid putting spokes in there wheel. I also think buddypress is doing a pretty bad job here regarding UX (Of course this behavior gives structure, but we pay with UX for it). Since we live in 2015 it shouldn’t be a matter of “hacking” to reduce the amount of inputs and clicks for such “trivial” actions (from a users perspective) like editing a profile.

    Is that reason enough? :)

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    To get all fields on the same tab, you simply add them to the Base tab. Users can then fill in anything from one tab and profile will show only one tab.

    This will spare you a lot of time to tweak the original form.

    First topic mention: So the user can edit and save all fields without clicking through serveral tabs.
    If, as site owner, you create profile field group it is probably because you want some structurized output.

    Now, before hacking, you have to ask yourself about what you want: structure or UX. And IMHO in this case, the user comes in second position.
    Another point of view, if it so “complicated” for user to fill in several tabs, consider your work first and justify why you have so many fields, that your user consider it is a mess to fill them… 😉

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    Hi @danbp,

    My question may sound obvious so my apologies in advance if that’s the case.

    The issue: I was trying to hide a specific xprofile field group and used the code you provided here adding it to bpcustom.php.

    It worked as a charm, and the group is currently visible only to logged-in users (both in profile view and profile edit). However I no longer need the group to be publicly hidden, but removing the function and the respective add_filter from bpcustom.php does not seem to work: the group stays visible to logged-in users only.

    Unfortunately I have no idea about how to address this issue, the best clue I could figure out is I might have to remove the filter registered by your bit of code (and yet that’s but a guess as my php knowledge is pretty amateurish). I would really appreciate if you could help me figuring out what’s happened, considering that my only change to your code was using my own group ID number.

    Thanks in advance for you attention.

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    How to allow users to create more profile fields? For instance, in the “career” field area, people can add more fields to enter each job he/she had before.

    In other words, the default “Career” field has places to enter the first job info (Company, Years, position, etc.). If the user had more than one job, she/he would be able to create a set of fields (seats) to enter another job’s info.

    Is this do-able? Any plugin can do?


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