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Re: BP GroupBlog, P2 ready (with bugs)! Please review…



Sorry for the trouble anointed. I’m pretty sure this only applies to subdomain installs on the group step create blog function.

The work around for now is as follows, please test this and let me know if that works for you as well. Create the group as usual, but do not create a groupblog. Then visit the group admin and click “Group Blog”. Enable the groupblog and let it create a new blog. Don’t worry about the address we mention (we just show that as information anyway), we just never took subdomains into account, sorry about that. Check your wp-admin and notice the blog is now created successfully as a subdomain blog and the group will work accordingly.

This worked for me, if that works for you I’m pretty sure where it is going wrong and we will fix this in the next release.

Permalinks are also still an issue…if people can share code fixes releases will come quicker, just tight up a bit at the moment. However bugs have major priority and we will try to get it resolved asap.

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