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Re: BP GroupBlog, P2 ready (with bugs)! Please review…



Thanks for giving it a look guys…it is so helpful to get another set of eyes on there as I was looking at completely different things. Here goes:


will the tags show up on the main page tags widget?

On the blog pages they show in relation to the blogs’ tags. For the main page you would need a sitewide tags widget. Look here:


The magazine theme layout looks cool, but I feel it’s bit overwhelming for certain users. especially on lower resolutions I feels a bit crammed

I agree, it needs some testing and wiggling. I noticed the colums are not behaving how I want them to as well. I like your comp, it is in between a Microblog and Magazine layout. I might just include that unless there are other suggestions.

To avoid confusion I would probably rename Status Update in the groupblog to something like News Update or Blog Update, so that it does not get mixed up with a status/activity update in BuddyPress.

Yes, it seems posting updates is not needed and we should encourage users to post media from this point. I think Ideally the update form from buddypress would exist in a top screen dropdown (not sure how you call those web 2.0 things). So you could post updates at any time and doesn’t take away real estate.

Maybe allow the user to switch to a full markup mode or tiny editor to have more control over longer posts.

This functionality would have to be born at the P2 theme. We just use there functionality. Whatever they develop, we inherit. I already hacked the main P2 a tiny bit to include the allowed categories and ajax feedback. Since it is a theme created by Automattic I think it is a safe horse to bet on.


preview blog post before posting it

Yes, I was surprissed to by this when using P2 the first time. I didn’t expect img code in the post form, but it makes sense. A preview screen would be very nice. Again, this is something that would needed to be developed by the P2 theme. Unless anybody can supply some code we code integrate.

ability to edit the post after it’s posted.

There are actually a bunch of P2 features I omissed. Like keyboard shortcuts and inline editing. I’m going through the P2 theme and comb through what is still missing, inline editing is one of them. Thanks for mentioning that.


preview and edit functions are musts

As mentioned previous :) Basicly inline editing is a core feature so no problem. The preview of posts I’m not sure. I wonder if there’s a feature request section for the P2 developer crew.

clicking any category tag displays the archive for that tag on a page that has no group header.

You are absolutely right. I’m only including the group header in single, but this is something I can add in with a few lines. Just didn’t get to it yet, but was already to excited to share what the development was.


if you have ”Disable activity stream commenting on blog and forum posts?” set to ”Yes” in the BP admin area, I’m guessing this wouldn’t work

Ha, yes you are right. I want prioritize buddypress activity comments since they are more sitewide than individual blog comments. This helps prevent forking of discussions and the discussion can take place at multiple stages. We could do an easy conditional to check if activity comments are disabled and then include the regular comment form instead.

I guess for backward compatibility for old blog comments we should show those on the blog posts as well.

Agree with Bowe about blog status updates.


I must be daft, but I couldn’t find the alternate layout options screen

Currently this is controlled by the site-admin. So one layout rules them all. We quickly realized that it would be much better for the site-admin to allow group creators to choose a layout. This way you can have diverse groupblog expressions. We just did not get around coding that yet.

There is still a bunch of stuff we need to add and fix. Pitfalls also include group admins to change the theme of their blog (I just of that) as well as we need to see if we can omit the featured category from the backend for group members who are not admin or mod. An many other stuff.

So it is a bold task to include P2 support and does add some dependency, but at the end I do think it adds to the overall value. We just need to smooth out what and who the plugin is used. Your feedback help us with that.

Come WP3.0 I hope P2 changes to post-types rather than categories, but we will see.

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