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Re: BuddyPress Links 0.3-beta released for testing




There is a lot of pressure from the top of the food chain to move past classic theme. This is evident in the fact that classic theme will not even ship with 1.2 and has been relegated to the backwards compatibility plugin.


Thanks for reporting that feed link bug, I have fixed it in trunk. I am not following what you mean regarding the comments issue.


Auto-embedding refers to embedding content from the URL that is submitted. There is no support for automatic adding of all of a user’s content from a remote service.

@David Angel

Awesome! Are you running WP single or MU?


One other person has reported a similar problem, I am looking into it. Do you have BP installed in a sub directory of the document root by any chance?


This beta seems to be broken for quite a few people. However, geoffm33 has it working at 95% on a single WP install, and David Angel has it running as well, so there is probably some kind of install-specific issue that needs to be worked out. I will do my best to get to the bottom of it and put out another beta ASAP.

In the meantime, you might want to try the development version which I have updated today with some fixes that might work for some of you that are having problems. It also might make things worse, so have courage!

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