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Re: BuddyPress-Links 0.3 FINAL is here at last



@infution I’m concerned as well about the space the avatars will take up. Right now it uploads the images to the uploads folder in its original size (a problem if you have a fixed sized template area you’re working in).

My wishlist for @MrMaz:

1. Let admins specify a separate directory to use for BP Links avatar images or create a sub-directory in uploads

— Reason: It keeps things separate in case we want to remove BP Links in the future and delete all associated images.

2. Use the setting in WP > Settings > Media to create matching sized thumbnails (i.e. 150×150) and resize images down to the “Medium” image size setting (my max width is currently at 500px).

— Reason: one word… consistency. Plus, it helps keep things manageable.

* I noticed the thumbnail BP Links uses is actually the fullsize stored image — but scaled down per the width, height pixel values.


Advanced cool feature I’d like to see…

Links that have been voted down by X number (most likely because they’re spam or totally unrelated) automatically get weeded out and their associated image(s) removed. This would free up a lot a space as well.

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