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Re: BuddyPress-Links 0.3 FINAL is here at last




I have added the feeds idea to my list of requests. If I get a bunch of requests I will consider adding that feature.

Link avatars are already stored in a separate directory under wp-content/blogs.dir/files/link-avatars. I wonder if maybe this is not the case for single WP? I still need to do a bunch more testing.

The thumbnails that are uploaded are handled very much like the other BuddyPress avatars, and nearly all of the functionality for handling them is re-used as far as code goes. Right now the original “should” be getting resized down to 450×450 on upload, and then a copy down to 150×150 and 50×50 after the crop. All of these dimensions are determined by BP constants.

The thumbs are scaled down via CSS depending on the situation. For instance the 50×50 is used exactly as is.

I have not received much feedback at all regarding real world spam issues with Links, but I know eventually there will be a problem. I want to wait to tackle spam when there are real world use-cases to solve, not hypothetical ones.

What you described is very similar to Digg, and I think would be a cool feature, but maybe not to handle spam. I have planned from the beginning to allow users to set a threshold for negative rated links that would prevent them from showing up, for instance anything rated -5 or lower, don’t show me. The admin could set the default value.

Thanks for taking the time to submit some valuable feedback.

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