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Re: BuddyPress-Links 0.3 FINAL is here at last

I should have done a bit more testing before providing feedback. BTW, I am using BP Links with a Single WP install on my development server.

*** I made an error earlier: avatar images aren’t uploaded in their original size to your wordpress uploads folder. The single link page embeds the original fullsize image from the site one links to (again, not the greatest thing if you’re working with a fixed width template), but the thumbnails shown on my Directory Links page are the fullsize image, just scaled down by width and height pixel values. ***

@MrMaz I’m glad to hear that BP Links is handling resizing and creating thumbnails to the BP constants. I guess things are being handled differently on a Single WP install at the moment. I’ll continue to test this plugin as things develop. Or I might just migrate to WP MU, though I’ve heard WP 3.0 will have a multi-blog feature that one can enable.

FYI, I encounted another issue. When I created a second test link the Directory Links page only shows one link now (the newest one). However, both created links appear in my Activity Stream.

In regards to the filtered RSS link:

I hope other people request this as well. I plan on adding the Most Popular or Highest Rated feed to the site’s twitter updates via twitterfeed.

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