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Re: Buddypress – overall site – home page



ok – I have the ‘BuddyPress Home Theme 0.1’ activated and I’ve added all of the available widgets to ‘Sidebar 1′(which is the only option available in the dropdown and I also do not see any plugins available but I believe that is by design as, per a prior post, all plugins are automatically on and won’t show under plugins and all I’m still seeing on the home page is the standard bp header, the bp logo and a ‘This is a WordPress MU + BuddyPress powered site’ at at the top and a ‘This is just a placeholder theme, eventually you will be able to make this an aggregation of site content, or a site blog’ message in the footer. Is there a newer version or am I still missing something? Again, any help would be appreciated – I really want to be able to fully eval this app but it’s starting to get a bit frustrating.

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