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Re: Forum Colors



I’m not trying to be rude or insulting to anyone. Maybe I stated my opinion a little too strongly.
The bottom line is, I’m not old, and I don’t have an eye site problem or have cheap monitors and this forum is very uncomfortable to read and I don’t think the choice of colors is very professional or understand why the text is so light.

It’s risky , yet forward thinking, I get that and I like the attitude behind it, but it is not applicable to everyone. And it’s very frustrating
I think if you are going to stay with the color scheme that you should make the text larger.

I didn’t graduate from any design school but even I know that combination of light colored text combined with it’s small size can give the appearance of letters jumbling together.
I just don’t think that you considered everyone, of all ages, all types of eyes (perfect vision, glasses, contacts, etc), all types of monitors , across all browsers.
When I look at other forums that I participate in, especially ones that are technical in nature, the lettering is clear,, the colors are solid and everything is easy to read without exception.

This seems to be a design experiment and I just don’t think it’s the proper platform for it. This is an authority site and it should present itself like one.

My statement was meant to be a comparison to a gaming forum…I should have just said that.
I’ll lay off of the witticisms until you get to know me better.

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