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Re: Group Blog + P2 or Posthaste



While it is very true that the backend is confusing our users regarding complexity, I still think that, atm, posting from the front-end is not developed far enough yet (as far as I know, please correct me if I’m wrong). It is fine for micro-blogging, but I don’t think there are option to include image/video/media uploading, tagging, and categories.

Therefore we are still painfully educating our users so at least the can harness the full potential of WP rather than to use it as a feature rich paper weight that can only do text. If anyone knows of a way to post to the blog from the front end that’s more full featured than just text, it will be implemented immediately (as a manner of speaking)!

We could do this with Drupal, but I have not seen it yet, or search hard enough, in WordPress.

So yes, I to would absolutely feel liberated if I did not have to send our users to a backend…it is not what is expected for most users using common social sites. Definitely high on the priority list!

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