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Re: Is growing memory a progress ?



A gold medal for Andy and Erich, even if your answer give’s me solutions but didn’t answer my question.

The solution:

I installed e-accelerator and some backend widgets “fatal errors” disappeared. Now i can continue to test other parts of my install.

The question is already valuable: is memory extending a progress ?

I have a wp, now i have a wp + a script accelerator. And tomorrow, would i have the same + a wind propulsed cache server with a individual solar energy drived monitor and some chinese hiphoped php scripts ?

Is “all” the wp code really optimized at this time, so that the unique alternative for users

is to add some outsourced accessories. Why not integrate this ?

Or why not explain this in the readme, at the beginning of a install ? I speak in the perspective of a newbie who discover WP. (not exactly my case presently).

Thanks !

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