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Re: is there a how to guide anywhere?



drclohite, I have had your same issues, and have read the same posts on multiple bp forums.
Adding some of the BP forum plugins helps but not much. Funny I’m a total wp/bp noob and I’m going to try and help another lost bp soul.
It appears Forums are dependent on Groups, so you have to first create group.
• Using the default BP theme, click on Groups under the search thing.
• It says “Groups Directory” click on “Create A Group”
• Give the Group a name and description, and click “Create Group and Continue”
• Default is “Public Group” thats fine for now, click “Next Step”
• If you have an avatar for the group upload it otherwise click “Next Step”
• Now click “Finish”
• If you post something in that comment box after clicking finish, I don’t know but it doesn’t appear in the forum, it will only appear in the activity for group 4
• Go to Forums, click create new topic, there is a pull down selection for groups, select the group you just created. and post.
Click on the Forum Tab again, and you will see your post listed. Unlike the BP Support forum which gives you a choice of “show latest post, or “By Group” (that must be a plug in). You will see the column with the group name, click on the group name and you there is your “new post” page.

Hope that helps…..

6.5 hours and no one offered to help this guy. Amazing….

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