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Re: Limit Blog Creation to Admins



I’m usually capable of working my way through a tutorial and learning something by the end. But this post is of a magnitude that I’m not sure I know enough to tackle all the steps. Is each of your posts, Burt, a step-by-step instruction on how to accomplish Ben’s request, or do you revise your answers along the way?

I’d like mostly what Ben is asking for. I want to use BuddyPress as a member directory. I don’t wish for anyone to make blogs through MU/BuddyPress other than my staff. I don’t want the “create a blog” option to appear anywhere. Not in the member profile, not in the tool bar. Essentially I want the option not to exist for users. Will the tutorial above show me how to do that?

Starting from instructions in post one, I’m finding that changing the admin setting from “only user account can be created” to “only logged in users can create new blogs” results in a “you must login to create a blog,” which takes me to the wordpress sign-in page before I have even registered.

The “only user account” setting generated what I would like to have happen, a signup screen sans “gimme a blog.”

Please forgive my being an ignoramus and let me know if I should patiently work my way from top to bottom, or if there is another solution outlined in a different post.


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