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Re: mo file uploading broke my 1.2



Ooooh DJPaul, i didn’t expect such an answer :-) !

I had many out of memory issues in my weblife… it is not a fatality. Some where due to whitespace, i remember. So what here ?

The problem is i don’t use old stuff, or outdated scripts, this is a pure out of the box experience.

i can’t acces to php.ini directly or via htaccess instructions.

My host is ready to sell me a different offer, of course, but i’m not ok.

Is it normal that a translation, who works well elsewhere, takes so much memory ?

And i’m not sure my problem is so simple as “if you’re out of memory, you’re out of memory”

We had an analog problem in the past on WPMU/BP, with 64 bits servers i you remember ?

subsidiary question:

Do you know a shared hoster who gives unlimited php memory amount or more than 16 or 20 mo for php scripts ?

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