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Re: mo file uploading broke my 1.2



@Boone, yep, thx !

So i progressed on my site. I downgraded to wp 2.9 and asked (gently) my host to give me more memory.

I have now 25 mb for php and the install is working. But i haven’t installed plugins other than BP for the moment….

If this memory lack is “normal” or “expected”, i would preddict that as soon as WP 3.0 is avaible, 90% of all WP user actually on a shared host, and who udate, will go down. As actually no shared host offers at least 32 mb for php…

The cgi php solution with 64 mo, the new host trend apparently, is more powerfull but is always shared too, which means that i could write at my site entry: open between 3 and 4 am. The rest of the day, maybe my neighbour is trolling on emule and consume the server memory with * db queries on his overspammed fischerman forum… Wouaaaaaaaa ! Nice future…

This means also that from now on, a WP usage with BP is only intended to be on dedicated server.

If this hypotesis is right, this must be annouced to the world and should be mentionned, at least, in the readme file and on the download page.

So i discover that WP, who once was one of the fastest and litest CMS, is now entering in the heavy weight super-pro area, with ultra wide storage capacities, intense RAM consumption and specialized hi-band connection… Whouaaaaaa !

Twenty Ten, a new template but also a very surprisingly year ! ;-)

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