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Re: Need some theme testers



Hi Andrea_r, waiting for videos to your session/s at :-)

I tested your theme in a site under development.

WPMU + BP 1.1.2 + bbpress installed via BP one click

Main site with MU Sitewide Tags Pages

BuddyPress main site in blog-ID-2 at

Thank you for the clean theme. Without looking at code, i.e., checking it out like a newbie who activated the theme, following are some quick notes:

1. wp-admin-bar – Text (e.g. Org Members) of link to BuddyPress site ( shows up in backend (dashboard etc) but does not show up in front end. The link block is there and clickable to main BP site, but the text does not show up. Still, the wp-admin-bar shows correct links to main BP site, etc. throughout the site including sub-blogs.

2. Footer widgets only showing up in only in blog areas – is this the intention?

3. h1 – cannot find it anywhere in the theme. Need at least one h1 per Post or Page

4. Main Nav – link to Forums was not generated to show BP main site nor other subblogs nor main site, while link to a newly activated “Events” plugin page was generated to show in the main nav across all sites. (the link to Forum shows up in this install when I use child theme)

5. Main Nav – like the official bp-child theme, activating the theme in sub-blog for groups or individual members does not show correct links to main BP site features like member/group/blog directory. In order for one theme to be used throughout the site, conditional statement will be needed to show correct links to main BP site conjoined with respective blog’s navigation links.

Quick scan in main BP site (blog_id_2) to see how theme works in different sections

6. Members Section

– directory page – 2 columns – ok

– My own admin individual profile page – skeleton set up with 2 columns where in left column is avatar, options bar and user bar boxes. But there is a large space on the right side as if missing a 3rd column. Checked links in options bar resulted in two columns with links except the ff which has a missing left column – Edit Profile page, Change Avatar page

– If I click on another member’s individual profile page – left column as two user bar boxes unlike the link to my profile which has the options bar and user bar. In addition, when I also am missing the left column with options/users boxes in Blogs link page, Friends link page, Groups link pages plus the Events link page is incorrect and goes to front page of site

7. Groups Section

– directory page – 2 columns – ok

– Group individual page – skeleton set up with 2 columns – but there is a large space on the right side as if missing a 3rd column plus the page is missing all sub-navigations for Creating a Group, Creating forums etc

That’s it for now. As mentioned above, didn’t look at codes “behind the scenes” at this point, only the functionality if newbie user activated it.

Good luck :-)

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