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Re: Noob questions?



Thanks for making the effort.
About login and arriving at profile. The fact that this is and that is the way it is set is a poor example. The site owners should take a little pride in trying to get the site to operate normally.

Avatar, I have tried both avatars and reg. pics as in .jpg or .jpeg both don’t work. Is there a certain size ?x? or file name extension? pita? What is that?

As a person who really likes forums like phpBB3 or VB or SMF, honestly to call bbpress as offered thru buddypresss a forum is like calling a push cart a car. Posts may be displayed, but that is about it, there is no built in editor, none of the common features associated with forums either for the user or for the bp admin, and I know most agree. Yes plugins can extend the functionality, however is that really the route to go? Everytime there is a BP update who insures that the features and function a plugin provides will still work. Having a site built on 50 plugins has to be a nightmare when either a version patch or major update is released.

Ok the test bed is the answer, and backups. With other sites that I have (using other software not BP, I usually do a sql dump and backup all the files that are changed. I have been installing plugins through the admin plugin wizard, so I quess I need backup all the site files or download the plugin files and then backup the common files to the site.

sorry for whining, I know in a couple of weeks much will seem normal, but there is a lot of head scratching with BP.

Just noticed the image !

giving it a try
img src=”” hmmmm

LPH2005 how did you get the image to work, and to get the url to show as a link?

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