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Re: Plugin Ideas Thread

1) i’d like a mobile theme for buddypress and a mobile plugin that detects when you are on a buddypress site from a mobile..when you post an update using a mobile the plugin then adds a “via mobile” or “via site_name mobile” into the activity meta of the site on a pc browser..basically similar to facebook mobile or how twitter mobile could also be able to detect the mobile type, BlackBerry or iPhone or a Samsung etc..

2) also a plugin which detects a user’s location in the world or gives the user an option if he wants to enter his location to be included with his that the user’s friends can see where he is posting the update it could be related to the subject of the update..for example an update: “i just saw Andy Peatling” / WP Camp ..WP Camp being the location..the /WP Camp would turn into a link and when a user clicks this link he sees all the updates that have /WP Camp and can also find locations with the most updates

3) a plugin that gives users points and works similar to cubepoints plugin..5points added for posting updates, 2points for posting comments, 20points adding a friend etc.. the site admin would then choose which extra features he would like to be unlocked for a user when he reaches a certain number of points and how many points for each achievement..for example: 100points>create a blog, 10points>send a gift…once a user creates a blog or sends a gift, his total points decrease by 100points and 10points respectively..

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