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Re: Registration Approval Plugin



It blows my mind that this is not a core feature of WPMU, WP, or BuddyPress. It is the most obvious first defense against sploggers and spammer-members.

There is a plugin called Pie Registration that claims to do user moderation of unverified users before they are allowed to post. It seems to be a resurrection of an older (discontinued?) plugin called Register Plus. Find it here:

Will check it out now.

EDIT: It says that the feature “Moderate all user registrations to require admin approval” will only work when Email Verification is DISABLED. I can’t get it to work, though.

Also found this:
“Register Plus plugin seemed to be working fine in 2.9.2, with custom logo and all, but now I’ve just discovered that it only sends the registration email if the registration is done in IE. In Firefox or Chrome the mail is not sent. How can this be?”

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