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Re: Running Trunk – Wire Still Here



I think users should somehow be able to write messages on other users profile. (Not just through the private messaging system).

I somehow like how Facebook works where you can write messages on users profile – via the activity stream or ‘a wire’ – I don’t really care!

The point is, I think it’s a nice feature if you want to write “specific messages for specific users” and you don’t want the messages to be 100% private (like through the messaging system).

Others should be able to see the personal message as well if they go visit that profile. (It does not necessary needs to be part of the Site Wide activity stream. Maybe if you could even choose if it should or not).

The Wire was like a guestbook and I kinda liked that. And I thought the activity stream commenting would somehow melt together with The Wire. Or maybe there’s a better solution for this.

I’m sure Andy will find the best solution for this. ;)

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