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Re: The best plugins/themes/hacks for a CITY OR TOURISM GUIDE with BuddyPress?



99% who help out here in the BP forums are volunteers. On a very rare day, someone might come into the forums and make a long long list of all that they need for a BP site and get spoonfed with all the answers in one go, though I haven’t seen that happen totally. I know you expect answers that’s why you go to the forums but on our end, we expect that you did some research on your own as well. If you want simple BP/WP install, it’s all easy (assuming you have good server). But If you want fully customized BP install, the learning curve is medium high if you’ve got WP experience.
BP Codex –
BP compatible plugins –

Back to Woo’s City Guide Theme, I only mentioned that theme because I saw it just before I saw your post here – CITY GUIDE. Also, as I mentioned before in post above, you would need to install BP Template Pack, make necessary changes, and if you have HTML/CSS/WordPress theming knowledge, it’ll be a breeze. You could choose whatever WP theme you want and install BP Template Pack or get a free BuddyPress theme or go for a premium BuddyPress theme with free support.

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