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Re: Wire Posts in bp 1.2

Arx Poetica


You guys are all off topic and I’m going to steer it back to ground one. :p

I see the point about @messages *not* showing up on other peeps profile pages, it makes sense *IN SOME SCENARIOS.*

However, I know an awful lot of people who LIKE the Facebook feature of posting on a person’s wall and having it show up.

I understand the wire has been gutter, deleted, deprecated, *AND I LIKE THAT* and I also like that the activity streams are unifying the action.

BUT I STILL THINK THERE OUGHT TO BE A WAY TO POST TO A PERSON’S PROFILE PAGE. I suppose someone (me?) could build a plugin, but why can’t this be native functionality? One might even have the option in the admin panel to turn such a feature on or off.

Why is the core team resisting this feature? Do you ever use Facebook? Most people I know who use Facebook *really like this feature,* and I can imagine many people getting frustrated @buddypress w/ the lack of such a thing.

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