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Re: WordPress 3.0 new content types



@r-a-y you’re right, Saw for myself that BP components are rendered as Pages in test install with WPMU2.9.2/BP1.2.3 upgraded to WP3.0beta2/BP1.3-bleeding.

BP components rendered as Pages is not hot for me when I have 100+ Pages in main site of another test install (as I have in some live sites) and the Edit Pages panel and pagemash panel) have the BP components mixing in with “important information/documentation.” In this scenario, it would be more orderly to go multisite and to create a sub-blog and just to activate BP away from main site.

Of course for installs with BP set up primarily for social networking and with only 4 or 5 “static” pages – About, Contact, etc, no problem with components as Pages.

@anointed – great stuffm thanks for sharing :-) Animo post_types.

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