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Re: page not loading:

Jeff Sayre



…also in my own WPMU (2.8.4) install with the latest BP trunk (1696).

The blank-page issue is specific only to these forums (…). Several of us are running the latest Leopard and Safari versions and often run into this issue after posting a reply to a thread. It seems to occur less frequently when accessing the main forums page.

As far as we can determine, it does not show any tendency to be more prevalent in one browser versus another. It also occurs for at least one of the BP moderators who is on a WinTel machine (for him both in IE and FF).

If anyone else is currently experiencing this issue, please post a quick reply here. Include your OS, browser, and noticed behavior.

UPDATE: I just logged out of BP and was redirected to a blank page. So, it is not a bug that only logged in people see and it is not restricted to the forums. I did suggest to Andy that the server(s) be rebooted as an easy first step. Sometimes that is all it takes. But, I think is split between several (how many) servers. I’m not sure what else may share that space. So, it may not be as easy (or at least as convinent) as I would think.

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