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    WordPress 4.7.5
    BuddyPress 2.8.2


    Legitimate users are unable to register at the site as no mail is sent for verification link. But spammers who may not complete sign up ?get verification and registered.How can this happen? Notifications and contact forms work nicely. Is it different email set ups in buddypress causing this issue?
    But wordpress (after deactivating buddypress) alone can send the verification mail.
    I tried with WP-SMTP mail plugin change. Tried to configure host environment. But failed. Can someone analyze?
    Thank you in advance.

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    On the other hand spammers bypass even the required fields of the registration form and get registered. What should I do?

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    Hi, I want to add to the after registering message that reminds users to check their spam folder if they don’t see their activation email. Can this be done? If so, how? Thank you.

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    Hey all,
    After installing BuddyPress, I got an HTTP 500 error. Went through my list of plug-ins, found out it was CBX Rating and Review that won’t work with BuddyPress. Website works as long as one of them is disabled. I’ve contacted CBX, but am curious if there are things I can do to figure out why this is and what I can do. System info:

    WP version 4.7.4
    Theme DocPress 2.2.2
    PHP version 5.6.29
    bbPress version 2.5.12-6148
    site url
    Active Plugins Name and Version
    – p1 Above The Fold Optimization 2.7.10
    – p2 Akismet Anti-Spam 3.3.1
    – p3 bbPress Messages 2.0.7
    – p4 bbP Toolkit 1.0.10
    – p5 bbPress 2.5.12
    – p6 Benchmark Email Lite 2.6
    – p7 CBX Multi Criteria Rating & Review System 3.9.0
    – p8 CBX Multi Criteria Rating & Review System Addon 1.1.8
    – p9 CBX Multi Criteria Rating & Review System myCred 1.0.2
    – p10 Content Views
    – p11 Custom Searchable Data Entry System 1.6.0
    – p12 DocPress Footer Credits Extension 0.1
    – p13 Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
    – p14 Jetpack by 4.9
    – p15 MOJO Marketplace 1.1.3
    – p16 Participants Database 1.7.3
    – p17 Content Views Pro 4.6.1
    – p18 Seriously Simple Podcasting 1.15.2
    – p19 Seriously Simple Stats 1.1
    – p20 Social Locker | BizPanda 4.5.0
    – p21 Social Media Feather 1.8.3
    – p22 Stop Spammers Spam Control 6.15
    – p23 Theme My Login 6.4.9
    – p24 Wordfence Security 6.3.8
    – p25 Yoast SEO 4.7
    – p26 Facebook Login 1.1.6
    – p27 WP User Avatars 1.3.0
    – p28 Related Posts 5.12.70

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    well I was trying post the my code, but I think I spammed myself after trying to edit the reply to this …
    CPT (and custom title thing)

    add_action('init', 'video_register_my_cpt');
    function video_register_my_cpt() {
    register_post_type('video', array( 
    'label' => 'Videos',
    'description' => 'Latest Videos',
    'public' => true,
    'show_ui' => true,
    'show_in_menu' => true,
    'menu_position' => 5,
     'show_in_nav_menus' => false,
    'capability_type' => 'post',
    'hierarchical' => false,
    'rewrite' => array('slug' => 'videos'),
    'query_var' => true,
    'has_archive' => true,
    'exclude_from_search' => false,
    'supports' => array('title','editor','excerpt','trackbacks','custom-fields','comments','revisions','thumbnail','author','page-attributes','buddypress-activity'), 
    'bp_activity' => array(
                'component_id' => buddypress()->blogs->id,
                'action_id'    => 'new_video',
                'format_callback' => 'bp_blogs_format_activity_action_new_blog_post',
                'comment_action_id' => 'new_video_comment',
                'comment_format_callback' => 'bp_activity_format_activity_action_custom_post_type_comment',
                'contexts'     => array( 'activity', 'member' ),
                'position'     => 40,
      'taxonomies' => array('video_category','video_tag'),
      'labels' => array(
      'name' => 'Videos',
      'singular_name' => 'Video',
      'menu_name' => 'Videos',
      'add_new' => 'Add Video',
      'add_new_item' => 'Add New Video',
      'edit' => 'Edit',
      'edit_item' => 'Edit Video',
      'new_item' => 'New Video',
      'view' => 'View Video',
      'view_item' => 'View Video',
      'search_items' => 'Search Videos',
      'not_found' => 'No Videos Found',
      'not_found_in_trash' => 'No Videos Found in Trash',
                'bp_activity_admin_filter' => __( 'New video published', 'custom-domain' ),
                'bp_activity_front_filter' => __( 'Videos', 'custom-domain' ),
                'bp_activity_new_post'     => __( '%1$s added <a href="%2$s">[Video]</a>', 'custom-domain' ),
                'bp_activity_new_post_ms'  => __( '%1$s added <a href="%2$s">[Video]</a>','custom-domain' ),
                'bp_activity_comments_admin_filter' => __( 'Comments about video', 'custom-domain' ), // label for the Admin dropdown filter
                'bp_activity_comments_front_filter' => __( 'Video Comments', 'custom-domain' ),        // label for the Front dropdown filter
                'bp_activity_new_comment'           => __( '%1$s commented on a <a href="%2$s">video</a>', 'custom-domain' ),
                'bp_activity_new_comment_ms'        => __( '%1$s commented on a <a href="%2$s">[Video]</a>, on the site %3$s', 'custom-domain' )
    ) ); }
    function my_video_include_post_type_title( $action, $activity ) {
      if ( empty( $activity->id ) ) {
        return $action;
      if ( 'new_video' != $activity->type && 'new_video_comment' !=$activity->type ) {
        return $action;
      preg_match_all( '/<a.*?>([^>]*)<\/a>/', $action, $matches );
      if ( empty( $matches[1][1] ) || '[Video]' != $matches[1][1] ) {
        return $action;
      $post_type_title = bp_activity_get_meta( $activity->id, 'post_title' );
      if ( empty( $post_type_title ) ) {
        switch_to_blog( $activity->item_id );
        $post_type_title = get_post_field( 'post_title', $activity->secondary_item_id );
        // We have a title save it in activity meta to avoid switching blogs too much
        if ( ! empty( $post_type_title ) ) {
          bp_activity_update_meta( $activity->id, 'post_title', $post_type_title );
      return str_replace( $matches[1][1], esc_html( $post_type_title ), $action );
    add_filter( 'bp_activity_custom_post_type_post_action', 'my_video_include_post_type_title', 10, 2 );


    // Modifying CPT Activity Actions
    function record_blogpost_activity_action( $activity_action, $post, $post_permalink ) {
    global $bp;
    if( $post->post_type == 'jobs' || get_post_type($post->ID) == 'jobs' ) {
      $activity_action  = sprintf( __( '%1$s', 'buddypress' ), bp_core_get_userlink( (int) $post->post_author ), '<a href="' . $post_permalink . '">' . $post->post_title . '</a>');
    } elseif( $post->post_type == 'video' || get_post_type($post->ID) == 'video' ) {
      $activity_action  = sprintf( __( '%1$s posted a video', 'buddypress' ), bp_core_get_userlink( (int) $post->post_author ), '<a href="' . $post_permalink . '">' . $post->post_title . '</a>' );
    } elseif($post->post_type == 'post'  ) {
      $activity_action  = sprintf( __( '%1$s posted a blog', 'buddypress' ), bp_core_get_userlink( (int) $post->post_author ), '<a href="' . $post_permalink . '">' . $post->post_title . '</a>' );
    return $activity_action;
    add_filter('bp_blogs_activity_new_post_action', 'record_blogpost_activity_action', 11, 3);
    // Modifying CPT Comment Activity Actions
    function comment_activity_action( $activity_action, $post, $post_permalink ) {
    global $bp;
    if( $post->post_type == 'post' ) {
      $activity_action  = sprintf( __( '%1$s commented on %2$s', 'buddypress' ), bp_core_get_userlink( (int) $post->post_author ), '<a href="' . $post_permalink . '">' . $post->post_title . '</a>' );
    } elseif( $post->post_type == 'video' || get_post_type($post->ID) == 'video' ) {
      $activity_action = sprintf( __( '%1$s replied on the video %2$s', 'buddypress' ), bp_core_get_userlink( (int) $post->post_author ), '<a href="' . esc_url( $post_permalink ). '">' . $post->post_title . '</a>' );
    return $activity_action;
    add_filter('bp_blogs_activity_new_comment_action', 'comment_activity_action', 11, 3);
    /*//// ? /////*/
    function bbg_record_video_post_type_comments( $post_types ) {
          $post_types[] = 'video';
          return $post_types;
    //add_filter( 'bp_blogs_record_post_post_types', 'bbg_record_video_post_type_comments' );
    //add_filter( 'bp_blogs_record_comment_post_types', 'bbg_record_video_post_type_comments' );

    doing it this way, everything works except my custom comment action.

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    Hi guys

    I am getting notifications for everything apart from replies to posts/comments. I have checked and I am all checked on everything as being Admin I need to keep an eye on things…really strange.

    And I have checked my spam box.

    I am using the latest WP and BP.

    Kriss 🙂

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    Hi, according to the FTC’s webpage for the Can-Spam Act, there are some legal requirements for commercial emails. Because of this, I want to disable buddypress emails, at least for now. Is there a way to do this besides unticking the activity and notifications in the buddypress settings? Also, can you do this while still preserving some non-commercial emails such as those for password-resets and account activation?

    Thank you for your help,

    P.S. Here is the link to the FTC’s website:

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    I suggest Wordfence. It eliminates spam accounts from even signing up. It works great.

    Profile photo of Ashim AdhikariAshim Adhikari

    All users in my website has been marked as spam,

    Even new users are marked as spam automatically

    how do i unspam them and bring back the datas

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    Wordpress version 4.7.3
    Buddypress version 2.8.1

    I found an issue on a buddupress activity single post.

    Step1:- UserA create an activity/post on group.
    Step2:- UserB creates a replay on the UserA post.
    Step3:- WP admin changes user status of UserB as spam.
    Step4:- Then activity stream doesn’t display the replay that is created by the userB. But the single page of that activity/post shows the reply of spam(UserB) user post.

    Please help me to solve the issue.

    Profile photo of coolhuntcoolhunt

    Hey Guys,

    Does anybody have any tips on blocking a domain name from registering?

    Im hoping for a lite solution (meaning without the use of a heavy plugin with too many bells and whistles)

    What do you guys use to minimize spam accounts?


    Profile photo of tonkymmtonkymm

    No. They are not in spam. My coworker contacted WPMU dev support and they seemed to not be able to send BuddyPress emails either. WordPress emails work, i.e. forgot password and registration through wordpress works.

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    In my Plugin BuddyPress-Emails at the backend there are 2 php errors for the e-mail sample. Could you please help me with this problem?
    I already repaired BuddyPress and re installed it but this doesn’t work.

    Thank You!

    Error 1:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/wordpress/wp-includes/class-wp-list-util.php on line 153

    147 public function pluck( $field, $index_key = null ) {
    148		if ( ! $index_key ) {
    149			/*
    150			 * This is simple. Could at some point wrap array_column()
    151			 * if we knew we had an array of arrays.
    152			 */
    153			foreach ( $this->output as $key => $value ) {
    154				if ( is_object( $value ) ) {
    155					$this->output[ $key ] = $value->$field;
    156				} else {
    157					$this->output[ $key ] = $value[ $field ];
    158				}
    159			}
    160			return $this->output;
    161		}

    Error 2:
    Warning: imploded(): Invalid arguments passed in /www/htdocs/XXXXXXX/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-core/classes/class-bp-admin.php on line 1011

    1009		// Output each situation as a list item.
    1010		echo '<ul><li>';
    1011		echo implode( '</li><li>', $situations );
    1012		echo '</li></ul>';
    1013	}

    PHP-Version 5.6.29-nmm1 (64bit)
    MySQL-Version 5.5.52-nmm1-log

    WordPress-Version 4.7.2
    BuddyPress Version 2.8.1

    Themes: DIVI + Child-Themes

    installed Plugins:
    bbpress-notify-nospam Version 1.15.4
    bbp-private-groups Version 3.4.1
    bbpress Version 2.5.12
    buddypress Version 2.8.1
    gd-bbpress-tools Version 1.9
    wp-monalisa Version 3.9
    ultimate-member Version 1.3.83
    tinymce-advanced Version 4.4.3
    contact-form-7 Version 4.6.1
    flamingo Version 1.5
    anything-order Version 1.0.3
    rocket-maintenance-mode Version 3.7.3
    backwpup Version 3.3.6
    akismet Version 3.3
    elegant-themes-updater-master Version 1.2
    custom-404-pro Version 2.0.2
    printfriendly Version 3.7.3
    user-role-editor Version 4.31.1

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    Are you sure the emails aren’t being sent? Could the BP emails be going into a spam folder?

    Profile photo of Dominic BowkettDominic Bowkett

    you can mark them spam to delete it.

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    hello our community is being destroyed by members who are posting endless links to their youtube videos ….. spamming our groups with their own self promotion …i reached out to brajesh about coding a plugin to block duplicate posts like twitter does …so it says “looks like your already posted this” ….this is such a huge deal though can you please build it into buddypress core as an option to turn on/off ?

    does anyone have a current solution to this problem?

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    hi there

    please help to answer these questions

    I want to set it so admin or someone has to approve anything that users post on the
    sitewide activity page
    How does admin or anyone we can set moderate what the users post on the “site wide activity” page? ie how do we make this non- automatic and only show once we have approved?

    2) Do you have a screenshot of what the login/ register page in buddypress looks like?
    I cant see this in the features page

    3) How do we set so that only logged in users can see the sitewide activity page?
    so that this page shows a message saying user must login / register first to see the posts?
    ie I want users to register first before they can see the site wide activit ystream
    How would we do this?

    4) Is there a screen in the wordpress backend for the website developer to see all the users registered and delete them or suspend them if they are spam posters for example


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    @johanna75 – We do need some kind of universal “display public ok” field perhaps?

    Some people have fields set to ‘friends only’ – so things in search should only display to them.

    Bp has a thing in it when a user is marked as spam, then they are only visible to admins – so I think this kind of functioning is half in there already.

    Would be nice for the buddyblock and rtmedia plugins to also consider this visibility thing, and for buddyblock to be able to conditionally affect that as well.

    I could see the need for someone to hide certain things from the public and from specific people – what a nightmare it is when things that were assumed secret pop up in search results.. I had this happen with a wp install – pages published but password protected – well either the theme, or the post teaser plugin pulled data from those non public pages and put them smack in the public search results.

    Luckily the bp profile search pluing (that I also use – it’s great!) – is under active development – (I see the author has responded to the support forum on wp repo saying it is an issue that is under consideration, but bp does the same thing – so it’s no different in the privacy regard) wonder if we could ping the other bp peeps and rtmedia and buddyblock peeps tp put some heads together on this..

    I have a similar problem right now with rtmedia not meshing with buddyblock. When a user blocks and enemy on my site – that enemy can not message them or comment on their activity – but they can harass the sh*t out of them via comments on their media.


    In reply to: spam registration

    Profile photo of psnationpsnation

    I use Wordfence and CleanTalk and my spam is practically nothing. Very rarely does it let them through.


    In reply to: spam registration

    Profile photo of djstevebdjsteveb

    @malaruban – did you search the forum for this? It’s answered like very month since the beginning I think..

    everyone has different suggestions..

    1 many suggest “wp spamshield”

    2 I like “good question” plugin on one site, but use “buddypress humanity” on another..
    one I’ve considered replacing those wit his “user registration aid”

    3 I also use ip geo block – biggest help on most sites.

    4 strongly suggest getting the “shield” firewall plugin and going into lockdown menu and disabling xmlrpc and rest api – but your situation may vary.

    I use all four plus more on various sites (just one of them from step 2)

    Profile photo of malarubanmalaruban

    Hello Support,
    I m using buddypress register in my website .now I have many spam registration members. How to stop spam registration on my wordpress membersship site. Is there any plugin ? Please help me.

    Profile photo of Paul GibbsPaul Gibbs

    We used to have which last a few years until spam and DOS attacks forced us to take it offline.

    Your best best is probably looking through for recent WordCamp videos, and see if you can find one.

    Profile photo of djstevebdjsteveb

    @januzi_pl – how many members are there?

    Are there strong anti-spam / anti-bot sign up measures in place? not a captcha – something like “good question” or other answer correct question to get through kind of thing.

    using wp spmshield or some kind of akismet type thing?

    I don’t have the kind of graph you show there – but I can say I saw a HUGE difference.. back in the day we had tons of bots signing up for new accounts, sending pms to other users, and all kinds of activity that was not obvious on the front end to the average visitor or site admin.. only after a few complaints and some digging did I realize that 90% of server resources were being sucked away by bot registrations / spammers, and bots that were crawling for the various “search engines” – once you get a hold on those things, then it’s good to know how many users you have and if they are active all day and night or just certain times of the day and such..

    Profile photo of Clarus DignusClarus Dignus

    I can’t find a a live demonstration of BuddyPress front-end (vanilla) online.

    I know one used to exist but should the official website not offer a demonstration?

    Commenting and account creation could be deactivated to eliminate spam management.


    In reply to: Is Buddy Press for me?

    Profile photo of djstevebdjsteveb

    @rickaltman – I think buddypress can do most of what you describe here right out of the box. I would search for forum threads and maybe plugins to have your members auto join a group –
    this would give you something like “your site dot com / groups / mainGroupName / members
    for this kind of list – although it would be a list rather than grid system – you may find another way to do it, but it’s probably gonna take some hacking-up things to get the grid layout if you really want that – I’d try to find something less robust – like maybe just the wpmudev membership2 plugin in the wp repo – and hackup a page to list authors with a wp theme or something…

    bp can do a profile pic.. but it needs plugins to really “upload photos” – and that’s a can of worms in which some is over-baked, some under baked, and future possibilities are endless.. some built in bp hooks have been made a while back but.. well not sure what meant exactly by “upload photos” –

    its going to be much easier to get community support for regular wordpress themes and such.. buddypress is probably a lot more power than your use case is gonna need.. and with that is gonna be spam issues – virtually no support for customizing anything.. even if you knew php really well, you’d have learn wordpress well, and then try to digest all the BP docs and sort through tracs.. gits.. and other random stuff on the web that is not well documented, no well supported, and leaves you wondering if it’s secure… and the chances of all the various hackedup things working well together is blah… and future updates – hahaha.. who knows that is going to happen.

    In your situation I’d say it wouldn’t hurt to play around with BP – as it’s free.. but if it doesn’t do what you want out of the box.. then I would delete it all – and try a basic wordpress with members plugin.. maybe even just a ‘multi-author blog” – you’ll get less spam, and much less work.

    Others may think / feel differently about all this, my experience comes from my issues – your mileage may vary..

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