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    In reply to: spam registration

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    I use Wordfence and CleanTalk and my spam is practically nothing. Very rarely does it let them through.


    In reply to: spam registration

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    @malaruban – did you search the forum for this? It’s answered like very month since the beginning I think..

    everyone has different suggestions..

    1 many suggest “wp spamshield”

    2 I like “good question” plugin on one site, but use “buddypress humanity” on another..
    one I’ve considered replacing those wit his “user registration aid”

    3 I also use ip geo block – biggest help on most sites.

    4 strongly suggest getting the “shield” firewall plugin and going into lockdown menu and disabling xmlrpc and rest api – but your situation may vary.

    I use all four plus more on various sites (just one of them from step 2)

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    Hello Support,
    I m using buddypress register in my website .now I have many spam registration members. How to stop spam registration on my wordpress membersship site. Is there any plugin ? Please help me.

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    Paul Gibbs

    We used to have which last a few years until spam and DOS attacks forced us to take it offline.

    Your best best is probably looking through for recent WordCamp videos, and see if you can find one.

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    @januzi_pl – how many members are there?

    Are there strong anti-spam / anti-bot sign up measures in place? not a captcha – something like “good question” or other answer correct question to get through kind of thing.

    using wp spmshield or some kind of akismet type thing?

    I don’t have the kind of graph you show there – but I can say I saw a HUGE difference.. back in the day we had tons of bots signing up for new accounts, sending pms to other users, and all kinds of activity that was not obvious on the front end to the average visitor or site admin.. only after a few complaints and some digging did I realize that 90% of server resources were being sucked away by bot registrations / spammers, and bots that were crawling for the various “search engines” – once you get a hold on those things, then it’s good to know how many users you have and if they are active all day and night or just certain times of the day and such..

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    Clarus Dignus

    I can’t find a a live demonstration of BuddyPress front-end (vanilla) online.

    I know one used to exist but should the official website not offer a demonstration?

    Commenting and account creation could be deactivated to eliminate spam management.


    In reply to: Is Buddy Press for me?

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    @rickaltman – I think buddypress can do most of what you describe here right out of the box. I would search for forum threads and maybe plugins to have your members auto join a group –
    this would give you something like “your site dot com / groups / mainGroupName / members
    for this kind of list – although it would be a list rather than grid system – you may find another way to do it, but it’s probably gonna take some hacking-up things to get the grid layout if you really want that – I’d try to find something less robust – like maybe just the wpmudev membership2 plugin in the wp repo – and hackup a page to list authors with a wp theme or something…

    bp can do a profile pic.. but it needs plugins to really “upload photos” – and that’s a can of worms in which some is over-baked, some under baked, and future possibilities are endless.. some built in bp hooks have been made a while back but.. well not sure what meant exactly by “upload photos” –

    its going to be much easier to get community support for regular wordpress themes and such.. buddypress is probably a lot more power than your use case is gonna need.. and with that is gonna be spam issues – virtually no support for customizing anything.. even if you knew php really well, you’d have learn wordpress well, and then try to digest all the BP docs and sort through tracs.. gits.. and other random stuff on the web that is not well documented, no well supported, and leaves you wondering if it’s secure… and the chances of all the various hackedup things working well together is blah… and future updates – hahaha.. who knows that is going to happen.

    In your situation I’d say it wouldn’t hurt to play around with BP – as it’s free.. but if it doesn’t do what you want out of the box.. then I would delete it all – and try a basic wordpress with members plugin.. maybe even just a ‘multi-author blog” – you’ll get less spam, and much less work.

    Others may think / feel differently about all this, my experience comes from my issues – your mileage may vary..


    In reply to: Spam via messages.

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    Ill try to try spamshield, but this is the most bad experience as possible with a plugin.
    Warning in log > update = error 500, every release more bugged than before (check support topic and u can see a lot of reqwuest for many website offline for this plugin).

    no, thanks, i need/prefer something of more stable 🙂


    In reply to: Spam via messages.

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    something like the may be helpful if you really want to stop 99.9% of it.. that one is premium / costs $19.. but it’s more of a hindrance to the spammers than just the spamshield.. which I use and think it stops 90% of them.. so is the other 9.9% worth the premium.. situations vary..


    In reply to: Spam via messages.

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    Topic: Spam via messages.

    in group forum Requests & Feedback
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    Yesterday an user registered via facebook (social login) has sent dating messages to many users!
    Is there any way to limits messages to x number?
    Or only if friends?
    Or only if user has other messages /comments approved in community blog?

    So, is there something i can do to defense my community for this problem?

    S.N. (


    Hi @djsteveb:

    Thanks for the awesome feedback! We always want to improve the plugin. If you could contact us via our support form, it would allow us to look into that. With a little modification on our end we should be able to auto-detect, and make it so no one has to tweak any settings.

    – Scott

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    ip geo block plugin best dam thing ever.

    shield firewall plugin just to disable xmlrpc or a disable xmlrpc plugin

    “good question” ( or similar – adds a question that must be answered to finish registering

    wp spmashield

    limit login attempts

    sucuri hardening

    audit log and multisite register ips (for the manual dedicated spammers)

    this mix seems to make like tough for them – especially the ip geo block stopping several countries from abusing the site..

    dj Steve


    @redsand – good to see you active in bp threads! your plugin is a miracle, especially since akismet changed – one on bp site I did have to fiddle with the settings for forms or something recently – vaguely remember users having trouble sending pms were getting the you cant do that permissions thing until I messed with it a bet.. just like 2 weeks ago.


    WP-SpamShield will take care of all of that for you. 🙂

    Full disclosure: I’m the developer.

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    Thank you for your reply and solution. It would be great however if an option for this was officially implemented in Buddypress as it is an issue that allows malicious users to spam many users in one shot.

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    I help run a close-knit community site running BuddyPress. Due to the nature of the community, our users are very sensitive to perceived censorship and react strongly when their messages are blocked. I am running into two issues because of this.

    1. BuddyPress appears to have a built-it activity feed spam filter (Akismet?). I can’t figure out any way to disable this, which means I have to manually approve messages that have been automatically marked as spam. We’ve had very few issues with spammers on our activity feed and I want to disable this spam filter entirely. It’s doing more harm than good.

    2. We are trying to block spammers from registering on the site. We use WangGuard and Google reCAPTCHA to accomplish this but they are still getting in somehow. They typically don’t cause any harm outside of creating spammy groups but they are a nuisance. Any suggestions on how to better lock down our registration page?

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    Hello, I am trying to edit my theme to enclose the Delete button and Mark as Spam button into a custom drop-down box. How can I add these buttons into another area? Also, how do I remove these buttons from the do_action( ‘bp_activity_entry_meta’ ); ?> action? Thanks for any help!

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    There are some plugins, do a google search.

    you can also use this code but you will get spam if they can get in without email conformation.

    add_filter( 'bp_registration_needs_activation', '__return_false' );

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    How can I configure Buddypress to prevent users from adding more than 1 recipient to the “Send To (Username or Friend’s Name)” field on the compose private message page? I would like to do this to reduce the ability of users to spam multiple users at once.

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    Hello Guys!

    I have a WordPress site with Buddypress. User registration is managed by WordPress or Buddypress?

    This is the problem: in my site there is a spammer (not a robot, but a person!) that registers a lot of users and uses them for creating flames. Blocking IP is useless because he has different connections (mobile, etc) and the IP changes always. He create new emails, and makes registrations.

    Now I am quite expert in looking at the emails he uses. So If I could “disable” the automatic registration, and enable each new user manually, it could be ok. I mean: a user makes the registration, but doesn’t receive the email for clicking. He has to wait for me, that I see the “pending” registration and approve them manually.

    Is this possible? Is this the best solution?

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    I’m a bit uncertain about allowing users to change their Usernames, it means they lose connections with the past in so much as the activity table is static so the name does not change on past activity items and this throws some errors, also I think it may make the admin anti spam task harder, users posting stuff then changing their login name.

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    When a new user registers using the standard Buddypress user form, they receive the activation email and that all works great! However, they are automatically logged in to the site when they click complete on the register form and can continue to use the site as a standard user. If they are to log out, they cannot get back in. But we recently had someone spam our site with logins and comments and votes using this exploit.

    Any ideas on where to look to solve this? Essentially, i don’t want the register form to automatically log the user in..

    Any help you be much appreciated. Thank you.

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    I’ve installed Buddypress, Buddyblog and the latest version of BP Simple Front End Post:

    1. When a user begins to create a post, they do not have an option to upload a featured image. How do I fix this? A featured image should be required – See Screenshot:
    2. The style of the page is too long. How do we make the Category and Tags split the page 1/2 & 1/2 with contained list? This will shorten the page greatly – See screenshot:
    3. One of our users tried to register and got the confirmation email in their spam folder. So can we edit the email copy to: “BTW: Be sure to add B.O.W. to your contacts in order not to get these emails to your spam folder or in any other dark corner of your inbox.”
    How do I do this for the BuddyPress email confirmation?
    4. How do I hide/remove ONLY the top left parts of the Admin from users? User should not be able to see the dashboard. Only the Admin. Screenshot:

    Thanks in Advance.

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    I suggest an anti spam plugin, the one im using is cleantalk


    Hi @tranny,

    Trust me, I completely hear you. You’re right. Ideally anti-spam controls like that should be built-in.

    Those are great suggestions. We’ll take a hard look at possibly including those features in future versions of WP-SpamShield as well. One thing you’ll find by using a plugin like WP-SpamShield is that it will block 100% of bots, and it will prevent most human spammers from even registering (which keeps them from even getting to a place where they can spam other users), and it will make it difficult for them to post their spammy messages.

    Let us know if we can help in any way.

    – Scott

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