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    In reply to: Wrong Member Count

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    Mohamed Elamine

    We have same problem, bp_members_pagination_count() not exclude spam users, I created this code to fix (should add it to bp-custom.php) :

    function exclude_spam_users( $retval ) {
    	global $wpdb;
    	$sql = "SELECT ID FROM {$wpdb->users} WHERE user_status != 0";
    	$exclude_spam_users = $wpdb->get_col( $sql );
    	if (!empty( $exclude_spam_users )) {
              $retval['exclude'] = implode( ',', wp_parse_id_list( $exclude_spam_users ) );		
    	return $retval;
    add_filter( 'bp_before_has_members_parse_args', 'exclude_spam_users' );
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    would suggest you use wp spam shield its quite effective imo

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    Spam is an endless discussion on the web over years. Search this forum, you’ll find many topics.

    Half of my users registrations are reported by buddypress like a spam.
    The question is why ? Aside, note that it is WP who controls the registration, not BuddyPress.

    Do you use Askimet or some other plugin who controls your registry ?

    So I think it’s sufficient? no?

    Simply ? NO !

    Captchas are helping to determine a human activity, but generally don’t spam users.

    Many spam bots go through captcha and many other goes directly to your db. And many many, if not all, can send emails !
    Spammers are even cleverer as most door keepers, it’s a sad fact and a great part of that “sport” to prove it continuously.

    Here some common tasks explained to avoid spam and other unwanted content on your site. Note that one of the first thing to do is to use another table prefix as the universal knowed wp_ !

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    Half of my users registrations are reported by buddypress like a spam. But they’re human user. They send me a mail (with my contact form) to ask me to activate their account.
    So I need to manually valid their registration.

    I use BuddyPress Captcha by Hardeep Asrani. So I think it’s sufficient? no?

    Is there a solution to disable the spam buddypress feature?
    Thanks a lot!


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    Jeremy Pry

    Under certain circumstances, there is an infinite loop inside the bp_legacy_theme_new_activity_comment() function. Specifically, when all of the secondary_item_id fields are zero, the $parent_id will continually be set to zero. An infinite loop ensues and eventually the script will time out. This causes new activity items to not display until the page is refreshed, as mentioned here:

    This error happens when attempting to add a comment to a group post. I believe this is a similar problem as the one expressed here:

    For information:

    • WordPress 4.5.3
    • BuddyPress
    • Single site install in web root
    • There are indeed other plugins activated on this site. The full list is below. This site is for a client, and I’m unsure of which plugins can be safely deactivated to test.
    • We’re using a customized theme, but I have tested with the TwentySixteen theme and found the same results.
    • The core BuddyPress files have not been modified to my knowledge.
    • The site is hosted on, but I can reproduce the problems in a local VVV install
    • The live site is

    I believe that this may be a problem inside BuddyPress itself, as the function with the infinite loop is part of BuddyPress. The Javascript that makes the Ajax request is part of the BuddyPress Wall plugin, but from what I can tell the problem is in the aforementioned bp_legacy_theme_new_activity_comment() function.

    My specific concern is this loop:

    	// Load the new activity item into the $activities_template global.
    	bp_has_activities( 'display_comments=stream&hide_spam=false&show_hidden=true&include=' . $comment_id );
    	// Swap the current comment with the activity item we just loaded.
    	if ( isset( $activities_template->activities[0] ) ) {
    		$activities_template->activity = new stdClass();
    		$activities_template->activity->id              = $activities_template->activities[0]->item_id;
    		$activities_template->activity->current_comment = $activities_template->activities[0];
    		// Because the whole tree has not been loaded, we manually
    		// determine depth.
    		$depth = 1;
    		$parent_id = (int) $activities_template->activities[0]->secondary_item_id;
    		while ( $parent_id !== (int) $activities_template->activities[0]->item_id ) {
    			$p_obj = new BP_Activity_Activity( $parent_id );
    			$parent_id = (int) $p_obj->secondary_item_id;
    		$activities_template->activity->current_comment->depth = $depth;

    I’ve run XDebug locally to inspect the items in the loop as it is running. If some of the raw variable data is required, I can provide that.

    I have tried making some changes to the code in this loop to prevent the infinite loop from occurring. While successful in that endeavor with a few tweaks, the result is that the comment sent back through the Ajax response is the wrong comment, and a page refresh is still needed.

    I considered filing a bug in Trac, but I wasn’t certain whether something else could possibly be interfering.

    | name                                 | status | update    | version |
    | akismet                              | active | none      | 3.1.11  |
    | all-in-one-seo-pack                  | active | available | 2.3.7   |
    | appbuddy                             | active | available | 2.0.7   |
    | appcamera                            | active | available | 2.0.0   |
    | appfbconnect                         | active | none      | 2.3.0   |
    | apppresser                           | active | none      | 2.5.0   |
    | apppush                              | active | available | 2.1.0   |
    | appshare                             | active | none      | 2.1.0   |
    | appswiper                            | active | available | 2.2.1   |
    | bp-profile-search                    | active | none      | 4.5.2   |
    | buddypress                           | active | none      | |
    | buddypress-activity-plus             | active | none      | 1.6.4   |
    | bp-moderation                        | active | none      | 0.1.7   |
    | buddypress-nocaptcha-register-box    | active | none      | 1.1.3   |
    | buddypress-toolbar                   | active | none      | 1.6.0   |
    | buddypress-wall                      | active | none      | 0.9.4   |
    | buddypress-xprofile-image-field      | active | none      | 2.0.1   |
    | category-posts                       | active | none      | 4.6.1   |
    | contact-form-7                       | active | none      | 4.4.2   |
    | contact-form-7-to-database-extension | active | none      | 2.10.20 |
    | cubell-themes-functionality          | active | none      | 3.1     |
    | envato-wordpress-toolkit             | active | none      | 1.7.3   |
    | hashbuddy                            | active | none      | 1.5.2   |
    | login-with-ajax                      | active | none      | 3.1.6   |
    | mailchimp-for-wp                     | active | none      | 3.1.11  |
    | nav-menu-roles                       | active | none      | 1.8.2   |
    | nextend-facebook-connect             | active | none      | 1.5.9   |
    | buddypress-media                     | active | none      | 4.0.4   |
    | vine-embed                           | active | none      | 0.2     |
    | wds-lod-automatic-friends            | active | none      | 0.1.0   |
    | wds-lod-base                         | active | none      | 0.1.0   |
    | wds-lod-bp                           | active | none      | 0.1.0   |
    | wds-lod-post-types                   | active | none      | 0.1.0   |
    | wds-lod-widgets                      | active | none      | 0.1.0   |
    | wordpress-importer                   | active | none      | 0.6.1   |

    In reply to: spam users

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    Cleantalk and wangguard are good plugin options too for preventing spam.


    In reply to: spam users

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    i have mentioned the solution couple of times..use a plugin called wp spam shield …activate this plugin and then activate anyone can register option


    Topic: spam users

    in group forum Installing BuddyPress
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    i tried using setting –> general –> and disable the Anyone can register option in WORDPRESS .

    doing this help me control the spam users but than i thought how to do the registration ? Can anyone help please here is the website now currently (Anyone can register) is disabled.


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    Hi can any body help me in spoting the error I accidently deleted the spam users directly from database wpusers table and it start happens

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    I might be missing something, but I’m confused as to why Buddypress implements nofollow on URL text inputs but not textareas? It basically opens the door to spam. Shouldn’t all links in any field type be nofollow? How can this be implemented so people don’t spam their Bio and other textareas with links?

    Profile photo of sharmavishal

    unless u have blocked his IP somewhere or added his IP to a spam list this should not happen

    Profile photo of maganiza

    Hi Guys

    I have been having this problem for a week now. I even posted the problem on this forum but never got a single response. I also checked the other posts but those old 2015 solutions are not working for me.

    My problem is I have a site with latest wordpress and buddypress, when new users register they are not receiving the activation emails. Nothing in the inbox and nothing in the spam/junk folders. I actually have to activate in my user admin panel/list manually. Within the users list I can see a reflection which shows that the activation mail has been sent.

    All hell broke loose last week but before that the site has been sending activation email with without any issues. I have tried wp-mail-smtp, mail smtp but nothing works. I can send test mails successfully with all these plugins.

    I have tried the hosting company but they are saying the mail hosting server is fine. They are saying there is a problem with either wordpress or buddypress. The email log is below. Please help

    2016-06-20 18:57:46 1bF2WA-000MOp-3X <= ( []:48386 I=[]:587 P=esmtpsa X=TLSv1:ECDHE-RSA-AES256-SHA:256 CV=no S=739 T=”[WinGrow] New User Registration” from for
    2016-06-20 18:57:46 1bF2WA-000MOp-3X => admin R=virtual_user T=virtual_userdelivery S=856

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    Is it possible to rearrange the activity options “Favorite,” “Comment,” “Delete,” and “Spam,” as well as any third party plugin options added on?

    BP 2.5.3
    WP 4.5.2


    In reply to: email activation.

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    Disable it and use wp spam shield plugin to stop spam

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    I disabled the email activation for new members, because I couldn’t get it to work. Now my site is running smoothly but I have a problem with people creating fake account to spam forums.

    I can’t seem to find how to re-activate the email activation (newbie). How may I solve this problem?

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    basic community registration and member interaction this would work fine wihtout any plugins..just activate the bp settings which you would want active

    splog protection- wp spam shield plugin works great for me

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    Hey, I’ve been running a couple BuddyPress sites for a good number of years now, and well, the setups are pretty involved.

    I’m curious, if there might not now be a few plugin combinations that create reasonably functional BuddyPress communities, out-the-box.

    So, basically: everything works.

    It’s not that important “how” everything works, but the setup creates a site that won’t be plagued by splogs or spam, obviously registration works properly, and there are usable community features that aren’t broken.

    Ideal answers would basically be lists of plugins & possibly themes.

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    wp spam shield works great for my bp install..not a single spam user registered

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    Anyone have recommendations on spam catchers for BP. Particularly that weeds out spam before registration. Non captcha preferred.

    Thanks in advance

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    That is an old bbPress issue. When you edit a topic, i some case, the topic comes up twice(or more, depending how many edit you made) on the site activity.

    This bug will be corrected in bbP 2.6 (actual version is 2.5.9). See ticket & patch here.
    What you can do immediatly is to modify following file:


    Replace code between line 277/279

    $existing = bp_activity_get_specific( array( 'activity_ids' => $activity_id, 'show_hidden' => true, 'spam' => 'all', ) );
    if ( empty( $existing['total'] ) || ( 1 !== (int) $existing['total'] ) )
    return null;


    $existing = new BP_Activity_Activity( $activity_id );
    if ( empty( $existing->component ) ) {
    return null;
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    David Gwyer

    I just came across this post from a while back discussing my free plugin for filtering BuddyPress content to remove profanity:

    If anyone is interested the pro version of this plugin has just been updated to include support filtering of BuddyPress content:

    Note: I’m only posting here in response to the thread above. It’s not my intention to spam the forum with links to pro products.


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    use wp spamshield plugin..this would stop the spam registrations on your website which in turn wont lead to spam groups

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    Hi there – every day I delete 10-20 spam groups that were created.
    Is there any way to stop this?
    Thanks in advance!

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    I am running the lest version of Buddypress and WordPress on a VPS server NOT running multisite. Tiny framework is the theme I am using. However the first thing I did to trouble shoot was try to replicate problem without any plugin and using 2012 theme (which tiny frame is based on) and 2016 theme. The issues remained the same with but those thems and th social me theme.

    I will try to check the MYSQL question as I am familiar with that having done MYSQL database programming. However I have narrowed done the problem to something related to the extended profile fields component. Through trial and error and some research I surfaced the correlation which one other person seems to have referred as well. If extended profile fields are turned OFF the registration is completed and the activation email sent. If it is on the registration process is not completed. I tested this extensively turning on and off and it followed that pattern. I currently have the component turned off and users are able to register. When I turned on again I was unable to complete a registration.

    It may be unrelated but no registration spam protection plugins will work now either I have tried several with recaptcha and without and in every case the registration process short circuits.

    Thanks for any help in advance. I would like to get the extended field working again.

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