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    Henry Wright

    Hi @julia_b

    I chose not to add an @ all command because it would be easy for a user to spam people.

    @ friends is supported though. Hope that helps!


    In reply to: Activate Page

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    What is the error you are getting?

    The user should get an email with and activation link

    By the way, this activation email sometimes ends up in the Spam bin on the users email, one fix to this is to set the outgoing email address used for this email using a plugin such as

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    See first here and check this very old snippet (3 years). Untested.

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    I want to create a small spam button and allow the normal users to report spam activities that I want to appear in the backend activity page where admin can monitor reported spam posts/activities. Can you please tell me which hook should I use to allow normal users to report posts/activities as spam?

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    Isn’t possible at the moment.

    My site is getting heavily brigaded by spammers
    Sorry for you, but adding moderation to status wouldn’t avoid spammers signicantly.
    Have you installed WP by following some basic security recommandation ?
    Do you use some anti spam plugins ?
    How many members do you have and to what do you estimate the amount of spammers in regard of them ?
    Have you inactive users in the list ?
    Are you on a MS or single install ?

    Maybe you could also blacklist some words from updates publication.

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    Similar to WP’s ability to hold new comments in moderation unless a user has at least one comment approved – how could I achieve that with BP features? My site is getting heavily brigaded by spammers and I have no mechanism to slow it down.

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    Paul Gibbs

    Hi @dnicu26

    I can’t immediately see why that should be stopping the emails. Can you remove the snippet and test again, see if the emails resume sending?

    Are you talking about the plain text email that you get from WordPress that says something like a “new user registered on your site”? I assume this has always worked in the past — how many such emails have you received? 10s? 100s?

    Can you also please check your spam folders in your email?

    Finally, are you using Multisite or regular WordPress?


    In reply to: Wrong Member Count

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    Thanks Mohamed but your function removes the exclusion of spam users.
    I have 6822 users in my db – none of them are spammers (user_status != 0)
    The MEMBERS tab still shows only 5724 members.
    Does it mean that 1118 members have NOT yet connected and logged-in to the site ? (they are not in pending list in ADMIN)
    Is there a way to get the MEMBERS tab to count the same number of members as the ACTIVITY page ?

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    Moderators can mark replies on bbPress as spam, but is it possible for moderators to access so they can mark them as spammers to ban them? So far only admins can do this.

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    This won’t help your spam issue, that’s another matter, but it will remove the user registration updates on your activity stream (among other activity types, depending on how you configure the plugin)

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    I have read through a great portion of the topics but I haven’t come across anything useful.

    On my website we use bbpress but I haven’t been able to maximize the use of site wide activity because spammers are landing on the site and spamming new and existing members. I have managed to trace it to a feature in the activity stream that displays when a member registers for the page and also when they update their profile settings (picture, bio, etc). I would like to find a way of removing member profile activity and registration from the Site wide activity stream but I can’t find anywhere in the bbpress setting that will do this? I would like to prevent this from ever appearing in the stream. My only option at this point is to manually go and change the display settings for each post. This just isn’t possible for me to stay ahead of this?

    Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to remidy this problem? I should also mention I am not a programmer but I do have access to one so any advice would be extremely helpful

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    – checked- theres only one Activity page
    – resaved permalink structure
    – i dont use custom code, but activity+ plugin
    – i use quiet a bunch of additional plugins:
    –GoogleFonts for WP
    –PageBuilder Siteorigin
    –Peters Login Redirect
    –PHP Text Widget
    –Siteorigins Masonry
    –SpamProtect by Cleantalk
    –Wordpress VideoGalery
    –WP FullCalendar
    –WP Lastlogin
    –WP TwitterFeeds
    –WP ULike
    –WP touchmobile

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    Hi, use BuddyPress and bbPress plugin for the forum part (with some BP Ninja’s customization).

    But note that BP activity comments are not forum topics – even if both may “look” like a discussion tread.

    To get a similar behave, install bbPress as sitewide forum.

    or to get a more indeep integration with your community members, use BP (member) groups and install a forum in some groups. By doing it this way, you can have thematic discussion groups, where not only the discussion is thematic, but where also the participant are sorted.

    In other words, an “ordinary” forum can be categorized. With BuddyPress, a forum can be categorized, but members can be grouped, related to the group they belong to (is the group has a forum of course).

    Note also that many BP user’s don’t use a group forum because group members can discuss via the group activity. This is very common, but only if you don’t care about forum fonctionnalities like sub-forums, moderation, spam/ham or rich edit for example.

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    I am currently using the GameDay theme and after installing buddypress I now have two pending lists when I go to my users. this is causing issues with my registration process. I tried switching themese and still have pending link show up twice.

    I have attached a screenshot here.

    I also have deactived all other plugins except buddy press.

    Can anyone help point me in the right direction as to what would be the cause here ?

    It is not going to their spam either…. Just not emails going out. I notice the weird two Pending list when i go to the users page which I do believe is the reason.

    Now I am just unsure why it would be showing two.. If I deactive the bbpress plugin things go back to one pending list and all work’s ok.

    Once I reactive Buddypress. Things stop working

    Many thanks in advance


    In reply to: Activation email

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    It is not going to their spam either…. Just not emails going out. I notice the weird two Pending list when i go to the users page which I do believe is the reason.

    Now I am just unsure why it would be showing two.. If I deactive the bbpress plugin things go back to one pending list and all work’s ok.

    Once I reactive Buddypress. Things stop working as JT first described

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    You could hook into the bp_activity_add action like this:

    function bp_plugin_hook_activity_add( $activity ) {
        // insert code to be executed when activity is created
        // read the link below for more code examples
    add_action( 'bp_activity_add', 'bp_plugin_hook_activity_add', 10, 1 );

    You can access the activity variables like this:

    $activity[‘type’] or $activity[‘content’]

    you should be able to use any of the keys below:


    For more reading check out this link:

    Posting Activity from Plugins


    In reply to: Activation email

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    Henry Wright

    Can you check if it’s going to their spam mailbox?


    In reply to: Wrong Member Count

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    Mohamed Elamine

    We have same problem, bp_members_pagination_count() not exclude spam users, I created this code to fix (should add it to bp-custom.php) :

    function exclude_spam_users( $retval ) {
    	global $wpdb;
    	$sql = "SELECT ID FROM {$wpdb->users} WHERE user_status != 0";
    	$exclude_spam_users = $wpdb->get_col( $sql );
    	if (!empty( $exclude_spam_users )) {
              $retval['exclude'] = implode( ',', wp_parse_id_list( $exclude_spam_users ) );		
    	return $retval;
    add_filter( 'bp_before_has_members_parse_args', 'exclude_spam_users' );
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    would suggest you use wp spam shield its quite effective imo

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    Spam is an endless discussion on the web over years. Search this forum, you’ll find many topics.

    Half of my users registrations are reported by buddypress like a spam.
    The question is why ? Aside, note that it is WP who controls the registration, not BuddyPress.

    Do you use Askimet or some other plugin who controls your registry ?

    So I think it’s sufficient? no?

    Simply ? NO !

    Captchas are helping to determine a human activity, but generally don’t spam users.

    Many spam bots go through captcha and many other goes directly to your db. And many many, if not all, can send emails !
    Spammers are even cleverer as most door keepers, it’s a sad fact and a great part of that “sport” to prove it continuously.

    Here some common tasks explained to avoid spam and other unwanted content on your site. Note that one of the first thing to do is to use another table prefix as the universal knowed wp_ !

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    Half of my users registrations are reported by buddypress like a spam. But they’re human user. They send me a mail (with my contact form) to ask me to activate their account.
    So I need to manually valid their registration.

    I use BuddyPress Captcha by Hardeep Asrani. So I think it’s sufficient? no?

    Is there a solution to disable the spam buddypress feature?
    Thanks a lot!


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    Jeremy Pry

    Under certain circumstances, there is an infinite loop inside the bp_legacy_theme_new_activity_comment() function. Specifically, when all of the secondary_item_id fields are zero, the $parent_id will continually be set to zero. An infinite loop ensues and eventually the script will time out. This causes new activity items to not display until the page is refreshed, as mentioned here:

    This error happens when attempting to add a comment to a group post. I believe this is a similar problem as the one expressed here:

    For information:

    • WordPress 4.5.3
    • BuddyPress
    • Single site install in web root
    • There are indeed other plugins activated on this site. The full list is below. This site is for a client, and I’m unsure of which plugins can be safely deactivated to test.
    • We’re using a customized theme, but I have tested with the TwentySixteen theme and found the same results.
    • The core BuddyPress files have not been modified to my knowledge.
    • The site is hosted on, but I can reproduce the problems in a local VVV install
    • The live site is

    I believe that this may be a problem inside BuddyPress itself, as the function with the infinite loop is part of BuddyPress. The Javascript that makes the Ajax request is part of the BuddyPress Wall plugin, but from what I can tell the problem is in the aforementioned bp_legacy_theme_new_activity_comment() function.

    My specific concern is this loop:

    	// Load the new activity item into the $activities_template global.
    	bp_has_activities( 'display_comments=stream&hide_spam=false&show_hidden=true&include=' . $comment_id );
    	// Swap the current comment with the activity item we just loaded.
    	if ( isset( $activities_template->activities[0] ) ) {
    		$activities_template->activity = new stdClass();
    		$activities_template->activity->id              = $activities_template->activities[0]->item_id;
    		$activities_template->activity->current_comment = $activities_template->activities[0];
    		// Because the whole tree has not been loaded, we manually
    		// determine depth.
    		$depth = 1;
    		$parent_id = (int) $activities_template->activities[0]->secondary_item_id;
    		while ( $parent_id !== (int) $activities_template->activities[0]->item_id ) {
    			$p_obj = new BP_Activity_Activity( $parent_id );
    			$parent_id = (int) $p_obj->secondary_item_id;
    		$activities_template->activity->current_comment->depth = $depth;

    I’ve run XDebug locally to inspect the items in the loop as it is running. If some of the raw variable data is required, I can provide that.

    I have tried making some changes to the code in this loop to prevent the infinite loop from occurring. While successful in that endeavor with a few tweaks, the result is that the comment sent back through the Ajax response is the wrong comment, and a page refresh is still needed.

    I considered filing a bug in Trac, but I wasn’t certain whether something else could possibly be interfering.

    | name                                 | status | update    | version |
    | akismet                              | active | none      | 3.1.11  |
    | all-in-one-seo-pack                  | active | available | 2.3.7   |
    | appbuddy                             | active | available | 2.0.7   |
    | appcamera                            | active | available | 2.0.0   |
    | appfbconnect                         | active | none      | 2.3.0   |
    | apppresser                           | active | none      | 2.5.0   |
    | apppush                              | active | available | 2.1.0   |
    | appshare                             | active | none      | 2.1.0   |
    | appswiper                            | active | available | 2.2.1   |
    | bp-profile-search                    | active | none      | 4.5.2   |
    | buddypress                           | active | none      | |
    | buddypress-activity-plus             | active | none      | 1.6.4   |
    | bp-moderation                        | active | none      | 0.1.7   |
    | buddypress-nocaptcha-register-box    | active | none      | 1.1.3   |
    | buddypress-toolbar                   | active | none      | 1.6.0   |
    | buddypress-wall                      | active | none      | 0.9.4   |
    | buddypress-xprofile-image-field      | active | none      | 2.0.1   |
    | category-posts                       | active | none      | 4.6.1   |
    | contact-form-7                       | active | none      | 4.4.2   |
    | contact-form-7-to-database-extension | active | none      | 2.10.20 |
    | cubell-themes-functionality          | active | none      | 3.1     |
    | envato-wordpress-toolkit             | active | none      | 1.7.3   |
    | hashbuddy                            | active | none      | 1.5.2   |
    | login-with-ajax                      | active | none      | 3.1.6   |
    | mailchimp-for-wp                     | active | none      | 3.1.11  |
    | nav-menu-roles                       | active | none      | 1.8.2   |
    | nextend-facebook-connect             | active | none      | 1.5.9   |
    | buddypress-media                     | active | none      | 4.0.4   |
    | vine-embed                           | active | none      | 0.2     |
    | wds-lod-automatic-friends            | active | none      | 0.1.0   |
    | wds-lod-base                         | active | none      | 0.1.0   |
    | wds-lod-bp                           | active | none      | 0.1.0   |
    | wds-lod-post-types                   | active | none      | 0.1.0   |
    | wds-lod-widgets                      | active | none      | 0.1.0   |
    | wordpress-importer                   | active | none      | 0.6.1   |

    In reply to: spam users

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    Cleantalk and wangguard are good plugin options too for preventing spam.


    In reply to: spam users

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    i have mentioned the solution couple of times..use a plugin called wp spam shield …activate this plugin and then activate anyone can register option


    Topic: spam users

    in group forum Installing BuddyPress
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    i tried using setting –> general –> and disable the Anyone can register option in WORDPRESS .

    doing this help me control the spam users but than i thought how to do the registration ? Can anyone help please here is the website now currently (Anyone can register) is disabled.


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