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    In reply to: GDPR compliance


    As per my understanding

    — BuddyPress does not save any data related to IP address inside cookies.
    — All the profile fields which you have created for your users are kept inside your WordPress database only, not linked to any 3rd party application. If you are using Akismet plugin for spam protection for BuddyPress, they will check logged in member IP address to cross check with their spammer’s database log, again that’s not the BuddyPress thing.


    @bizzibi @cassihl If you are only looking for BP notification only not as email for new topics, you can try

    For bbPres email notification, you can check

    bbPress Notify (No Spam)

    Paul Gibbs

    Not sure. It might be getting blocked on delivery by spam filters, perhaps due to the content of the email.

    As an experiment, you could try editing that email type in the wp-admin and removing all the default words and text and links (after making a backup of this email). Enter some “testing” text of your choice, and then see if that gets delivered.


    In reply to: Spam!


    I think the only way to avoid this is to manually moderate new signups using BP Registration Options. At least that’s what I do and I’ve never had a spam group created.


    Topic: Spam!

    in forum Miscellaneous

    I keep getting spammed! I get users making groups and forums! They are able to pass my captcha! Any help would be appreciated thanks!




    After a spammer sent some messages to all our users, I blocked them then deleted the messages via MyPHPAdmin.

    Things were fine but now when I send a message it sends to random users! It looks fine when composing, but after it is sent it is always sent to

    random user, random user, correct user

    This happens in ALL themes, using WP 4.9.5



    I meet 2 worry with buddypress:

    1) When a person clicks on “forgot password” an email and sent and arrives in the spam message in the form of SPAM
    2) When she click on the link sent by email to reset are password it sends her to the wordpress login page and does not ask her to change password or whatever

    Sorry google translation



    In the past I had many problems with spam accounts, so I want users to be activated manually. When they create their account they shouldn’t be allowed to post or reply and after activation they should have normal member permissions. Does anyone know how to achieve that?


    That’s great, well, glad you found the culprit, Askimet should be seamless, only interfering with potential spam.


    thank you so much for the note, to deactivate the plugins.
    It was the “Akismet Anti-Spam” that caused the trouble.

    Now, I can comment as I want….
    Thousand thanks 🙂
    nice greetings Sandra


    Hello all,

    Sorry if this has been answered before. I promise I tried to search the forums first. I saw similar situations, but not exact.

    Twice now, I’ve had a user register on the site, verify their email and even upload a profile image… Then they are somehow able to send one of those hokey Nigerian Prince messages to every member of my online community of thousands of members. The entire thing seems more of a manual process for the spammer than an automatic one, but I guess I don’t know. For me, this is humiliating.

    1) How is this spammer doing this?
    2) How can I stop it from happening?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!


    You can disable activity completely in the Dashboard>>Settings>>BuddyPress page, you can choose to disable this component. However the issue is likely to be down to the plugin that is checking for spam on the activity component of BuddyPress, which plugin is that?


    As soon as I activated BuddyPress in, my blog followers started receiving a bunch of notification emails about new posts on random topics such as [account] [members] [register] [login] etc.

    I had to deactivate BuddyPress as it started spamming my blog email followers. Any idea why this happened and what caused it?


    Right thanks @derrickhall.

    So is there any Buddypresss admin/dev that could jump in and help out with how to disable that?

    It´s really a privacy concern and issue because groups are somewhat a private entity and updates should stay inside the groups themselves and not be spammed in the general forums update stream.



    Hello there

    I really have 2 issues

    I am new to this plugin and need some help, please!

    First Issue

    Ok, so when someone successfully completes their registration they receive the following onscreen notice e.g.

    You have successfully created your account! To begin using this site you will need to activate your account via the email we have just sent to your address.

    I am trying to customise the notice to say e.g.

    You have successfully created your account! To begin using this site you will need to activate your account via the email we have just sent to your address. If you do not see your email in your inbox, please check your junk or spam folder account!

    To attempt to make the customisation, in file manager, I follow the path: httpdocs/wp-content/plugind/buddypress/bp-templates/bp-legasy/buddypress/members/register.php. I add the additional text in the PHP file but the changes do not show up on the front end. Can anyone please advise me on this?

    Second Issue

    The issue I am having is the fact that I don’t have access to the register page unless I attempt to create an account. The register page somehow redirects to the home page even though the Buddypress settings are set to register.

    Thank you in advance

    David Cavins

    Hi, it looks like the issue is unexpected behavior from

    BuddyPress New User Activation Emails & Resends not working

    Ending up in spam is not surprising. Email is complicated, and you can check the web for guides about improving email deliverability from your server. Here’s one:

    8 Best Practices To Improve Your Email Deliverability


    I’m new to buddypress. I am testing adding a new user. The new user doesn’t receive an activation email. After several hours. Still no email. None in junk or spam folder. Nothing. I heard I might have to set up WP Mail SMTP. Is that required?


    Did you install any sort of anti-spam plugin? Many of them tend to treat university email addresses as spam as it is a common tactic for email spam?

    Also, check with your host to see if they are running something like apache spamassassin and see if that’s preventing you from receiving the spam emails. (while typically its used for inbound emails its always good to see). Otherwise, you can also try using a plugin like.

    Easy WP SMTP

    And setting it up via SMTP to see if that helps any.


    Hello friends,

    I have a pretty big problem. It turns out that I have BuddyPress installed on my website a news magazine. The problem is that when someone registers as a new user if their email is hotmail the confirmation message does not arrive, but it does not even reach the spam tray, it does not arrive. I’ve tried with Gmail and it’s going well.

    For this reason I requested help to support from my hosting provider. They told me that the problem was in one of the mail headers that BuddyPress sends to activate the account and it is this:

    List-Unsubscribe: <>

    The mail includes this header that is correct, what is not good is that within <> there is nothing, there should be an email or a link to unsubscribe. As they tell me in support it is very likely that this incomplete header is causing Hotmail to completely discard this email.

    Can you help me solve this problem? There are many users who use Hotmail, so the problem is quite serious.

    Thank you very much and best regards


    Hi David! Thanks for the reply. I’ve checked, and emails are not going in the spam box. Also,
    I found now that gmail and yahoo are getting messages, but still not University Emails (and it was before this whole problem started). Also, for whatever reason I am not getting notifications (and I’m using gmail). In the past, when notifications stopped working I was still getting notifications, but it appears that now I am not.

    I’m not sure why now it is not working, when it has been working fine before.

    David Cavins

    Hello, if emails are being sent (you’re receiving them at a Yahoo address), then my first guess would be that gmail is treating the mails as spam. Look in your spam folder to see if they’re there.

    There are a number of ways to improve deliverability, but that’s beyond the scope of BuddyPress. You might read up on the topic at SparkPost or one of the other bulk email providers.

    Paul Gibbs

    Hi Shawn. Short of debugging the outgoing mailbox on your server to verify that the email is actually sent, and then monitoring that inbox for any bounce notifications, no, I don’t have any answers. I think I recall seeing Microsoft’s email services blocking the user registration email because it thinks it’s spam (or a bad link).

    You could try, as a test, totally replacing all the words and links (using the BP email editor) in the registration email, and seeing if that gets delivered. I suspect it’s being blocked because of the activation link.


    In reply to: BuddyPress Moderator


    The closest thing to moderation I have found is also the plugin you mentioned. But like BuddyPress it is lacking crucial moderation features and doesn’t have updates/support also as you mentioned. I have been wanting a BuddyPress moderation feature similar to WP Core forever…approve/unapproved/pending/spammed activity would be ideal. Integrated with WPCore comment status would be grand. I’d pay for a good moderation plugin. I don’t feel like BuddyPress truly integrates well when activity/comments don’t work well together. In fact, we have avoided full use of BuddyPress for this reason. I suppose this is more of an opinion post and hope some angel comes up with a solution on your problem and my similar problem.


    1. I think this is already possible by default see screenshot

    2. that is also possible, use bbPress Notify (No-Spam)


    Now that wannguard is inactive/not supported (I think), I have been trying to find how I can stop spam sign ups.

    Wangguard was really good as a feature I really liked about it was the fact that you could set a custom anti spam question unique to your site. This for me seemed to stop all spammers from signing up and seemed to out do captcha as even with recpatcha there are programs and services that allow bots to fill those out but with a custom question its unique to your site.

    Is there some plugin or code that doesn’t need updating and is what it is.. that would allow me to add custom question and then add akismet support and that should be enough to protect my site?

    —Also would like the plugin or code to be trusted, widely used and updated as according to wordfence even plugins in the wordpress repository are being exploited by hackers (seems some hacker is going around buying plugins to exploit).

    Help would be great! Thank you.

Viewing 25 results - 1 through 25 (of 3,218 total)
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