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    Hi, I still got a couple of questions about Buddypress.

    I use it on my website:
    1. when you fill in all fields at creating an account you get a new page says check your email
    2. when you check your email the email is in spam
    – How can i make sure it will not end up in spam?
    – In the email it says:
    Thanks for registering! To complete the activation of your account please click the following link:
    But the link doenst work at all, you get redirected to the homepage. And nothing happends.
    The account is not been activated so login doesnt work.

    what I want:
    1. Fill in all fields for registration
    2. Get a message on a new page, that registration was successful but Admin has to check and approve your request first before you are able to log in.
    3. Admin will get the activation email (not the customer)
    4. activation link has to work?
    5. When the new user is activated by Admin, send a email to new user/customer that his/her profile has been approved and is not ready to log-in also with his/her login data.

    Please is there anyone who can help me with this 1-5 point. I am pretty much a newbee on this.

    (I am using newest versions of both)


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    I have spam plug ins working and that keeps the spam registrations to a minimum. I don’t see blog comment spam either as I have that all turned off. These are forum posts and definitely not blog posts.

    I’ll try Akismet


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    Akismet should help get most blog comment spam , and it also has integration with both BuddyPress and bbPress.


    In reply to: Stopping forum spam?

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    You shouldn’t need to disable the activity stream commenting – but try it.

    There are several plugins re bbPress spam, such as:


    In reply to: Stopping forum spam?

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    In reply to: Stopping forum spam?

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    yes I have commenting turned off

    The only thing I found is under Activity Stream, maybe that’s letting it thru? I don’t have comment spam anywhere else on the site, just forum topics.

    Here is the latest:

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    I don’t have too big of an issue with registration spam and I manually activate users. My issue is anonymous spam comments on my forum posts. All the plugins I see are for registration. Is there some way I can stop the spam on my forum?

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    with new servers, I try to use these two plugins:
    Have you tried “contact form 7″ or “si-contact form” plugins to see if your server allows wp to send emails?

    on some servers they both work to send an email to my admin email account – on some servers only one of those will work (without tweaking smtp settings and such)

    in my limited experience – if neither of those work – then I would write my server people and ask them if some kind of mod sec or php limiting setting that the server company sets would be preventing your wordpress install from sending email via php.

    There are other ways to get WP to send emails – but your server people will usually see something in the error log, or know that they have your account limited in some way that either they will change for you, or tell you that you need a different hosting plan in order to use features like that – since they are sometimes abused by the hosting account leasee, or spam / hack programs that hit unsecured php scripts.

    (I’m no expert, just had some experiences. I’m sure others know more about this than I do)

    btw I tried to sign up an account with your site, and used one of my non-gmail non-yahoo addys, which usually lets everything through (no spm filters and such) and I never got an email – so I would check with your host first.

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    hi @djsteveb,

    thank you for sharing, and mentionned topic marked as spam.

    Have a nice day.

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    those are interesting – I’d like to add that anyone considering integrating those should pay close attention to the terms of service, privacy policies, usage restrictions, etc – most that I have found that are “free” either crash ~ 20 users, or are hosted on third party servers that are not in your own control – so reliability, and privacy, third party ads out of your control – stuff like that I always found (aside from quick chat, which runs on own server using sql database I think)

    to get a little fancier than quick chat, I have tried more then 50 free / freemium / and premium options out there.. but I had not seen that one pointed out at code canyon – I might buy it and try it to see how it works, unfortunately I have found that even most premium options fail with server load issues once about 20 people are chatting – especially if they use the same mysql that your wordpress is tapping into. I also need to find someone who can go over the code in that one to see how hackable it may or may not be – any suggestions for a security review person?

    If you can budget a couple hundred bucks you could get into:

    123flashchat, I can say that it is solid enough to keep running for months on end even with lots of chatters.. there is a wp integration kit avail for that premium program – but I have not tried it yet. The support is either really great, or no answer – but I think part of that is my email services auto-blocking stuff from a busy email server in hong kong – and some language barriers.

    Another premium option with will require a red5 media server or something similar is av-chat by nusoft – it has buddypress integration that I use – will pull in bp avatars into the chat room and such – it’s pretty solid, and lots of customization options.
    ( )

    I use these as single page chat rooms, not something site-wide on every page.

    @danbp or @moderators – I am pretty sure the comment two above which links “cards” is just purely seo link spam :(

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    We receive lots of spam registrations and I need to see if a registration is genuine or a spam.

    I am looking for a way to be able to:
    1. See the extended profile fields of pending users
    2. To add the extended profile fields to the email admin receives for every registration.

    I will appreciate ideas of how can I do the above.

    Thank you


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    hi @fox_black

    i’m pleased to see that you read the Codex. But sorry for your mention, there is also written a few words before: In BuddyPress 1.1 this all works with one click.

    And if not enough, the paragraph title is Introduction for Forums in BP 1.2+

    As of june 2015, current BuddyPress version is 2.3.1 and there is no forum included in BuddyPress, reason why you haven’t find any information.

    Further on Codex you can read:
    There are a couple of reasons why you might want to consider migrating to the bbPress plugin:

    bbPress is being actively developed; the “Discussion Forums” component in BuddyPress is retiring as of BuddyPress 1.7. The retired component will continue to work, but no new features will be incorporated by the BuddyPress team.
    bbPress has a bunch of cool features that BP Discussion Forums doesn’t: extensive moderation via the WP admin dashboard, topic splitting, revisions, spam management, favorites, subscriptions, and more.

    If you want a forum aside BP you have to use a forum plugin and bbPress is recommended for that.

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    Hey All – I’m working on a pretty good size BP community that also has a close integration with WooCommerce. In the last couple of weeks we’ve been slammed with new spam registrations, mostly thru a loophole in WooCommerce. I’m looking for a specialist with deep knowledge of BP, WC, & spam that could provide 1-2 hours of consulting to brainstorm and bounce ideas with. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks ya’ll!

    @djpaul @r-a-y


    In reply to: Wrong Member Count

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    I am having the same problem. I just logged on as the administrator to delete a user and the only user that showed up on the list was myself. The wierd thing is that when you look at the user count for all users, all users are there, however, clicking on that link still only brings up my user. I deactivated all of my plugins and one by one began activating them again. I got to the BuddyPress Version and activated it and that is when I could duplicate the problem. This is only recent and I am sure that I did an upgrade recently. Sunday was the last time I logged in and there were no problems at the time. For the time being I have left the rest of my plugins deactivated and I would be happy to give you access if you need a password or username to get in. My site is For the time being, and for security purposes I will be reactivating a spam plugin and one that limits the menu. These are STOP SPAM and ULTIMATE USER. So, you can go back to deactivating all plugins when you look into it. I just don’t want to allow signups or public access to some of the pages.

    If I can help in any way, I will be happy to.


    In reply to: import/export groups

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    I found this answer to this issue by: @donalyza. He said:

    “if you use phpmyadmin, you can easily export the 3 tables related to groups from site 1 and import them in site 2. phpMyadmin has natively import/export tools and avoids you to use an extra plugin to generate CSV or sql formated files.


    xxx is the prefix you entered during the wp install. By default it is wp, but it is recommended to use another one. Spambots are too much in love with wp_ prefix. You’re warned ! :d”

    I just tried it and it worked, however I had to edit my prefix accordingly to the database prefix I was uploading it to. I used “Coda” to do this, but any similar program works. The site I exporting from had “wp_bp_groups_members” and I changed it to “qou_bp_groups_members” which was the new site prefix.

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    OK problem solved. It wasn’t my setup after all, it was the spam filters my hosting company was using.

    I found out thanks to this post here:

    I only wished I found it earlier.

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    Yes I did, it does not work on mobile unfortunately.

    Also, links to author and other associated with this plugin lead to “spam” type of sites which do not give me much confidence in using it.

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    I tries everything for spam and the only thing that worked was the WangGuard plugin. Works great at stopping spammers from registering and creating groups.
    Now I have no spam trouble at all and it’s all i use. No capta or Akismet or anything else.

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    There is no magic recipe against spam.
    Following some basic recommendation is a first step.
    No user called “admin”, no tables prefix beginning with wp_ and so on.
    Avoid publishing your site url as long as you have a “spam hole” is also a good practice….

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    Vignesh M

    Hi there!!! I tried all the way who are all suggest to control spam registrations even plugin and captcha also but it’s not working.. Finally i try the htaccess rule it’s not also working… How can i stop the spam registrations in bp??
    This below htaccess rule only i wrote to avoid spam registrations but it’s not working..
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_METHOD} POST
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} .register*
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !.** [OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^$
    RewriteRule (.*) [R=301,L]

    Anyone please give me an answer???

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    Hi there,

    Today I started receiving marketing spam through the Buddypress internal messaging system.

    Facts to note:
    – I was sent approximately 360 messages
    – I don’t think other users have been spammed
    – My email address is publicly listed on our website (not sure if this matters?)
    – I could NOT locate the Buddypress account that messaged me in the “Users” tab of WordPress
    – I could NOT locate the user in the wp_users table
    – I DID find them in the wp_bp_xprofile_data table (by sender_id) but I could not link that back to any account on the website

    I am reluctant to just remove the hacker from the wp_bp_xprofile_data because I want to understand how they got access in the first place and if they have other accounts.

    Thoughts would be appreciated.



    In reply to: That Spam Option

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    The account is blocked and marked as spam, uses this

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    Hey Guys

    After installing there is a “spam” option when editing a user.
    What does it do if a member is assigned a spam user?


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    never use “register” as url for sign up page. Spammers look for this. Go into permalink settings and change to something else sand save. URL redirects not right

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    Hi everyone! First post on here as I’m just getting deeper into WordPress and BuddyPress, getting used to everything.. So this topic has been asked a lot in the sense of ‘how do I hide members from non-members’, I have a bit of a twist on that though.

    I don’t want non-members to be able to to post anything (cut down on spam) so they do have to join. (Default out of the box functionality). Once joined I want them to post a greeting so admins / members can look it over, evaluate it, and then move them into GroupNewbie (newbie safe areas) and then eventually to FullMember (more general area).

    As such what I would like is so:
    GroupGuest can post hellos in ForumGuest, see nothing about membership (beyond who chooses to PM them or post in the forums), and have no further visibility into any forums or activity
    GroupNewbie can post in ForumGuest and ForumNewbie, see nothing about membership (beyond.. [..etc])
    FullMember can post and read anywhere and see the memberlist and activity normally

    At the top of the bbPress (when used in conjunction with BuddyPress groups) there is an area that has ‘Home’, ‘Forum’, and ‘Members’ – Members shows you everyone who has access to that group. Without that access members can’t post replies to the entryway group, and FullMembers can’t post replies to GroupNewbie. So..

    Short version of the question, how do I hide away the ‘Members’ button from on top of forums and hide away membership to more ‘advanced’ groups without taking away their ability to interact with new people? (And, if they know enough wordpress to recognize bbPress+BuddyPress, how can I keep them from just manually switching to ..groups/GroupNewbie/members and getting access that way)

    And a total newb question, if I make changes in php will updating the plugins (as BuddyPress and bbPress release updates) over-write those changes or get blocked by those changes? ie will clicking ‘update’ suddenly accidentally reveal the member button to everyone again?

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