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    OK problem solved. It wasn’t my setup after all, it was the spam filters my hosting company was using.

    I found out thanks to this post here:

    I only wished I found it earlier.

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    Yes I did, it does not work on mobile unfortunately.

    Also, links to author and other associated with this plugin lead to “spam” type of sites which do not give me much confidence in using it.

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    I tries everything for spam and the only thing that worked was the WangGuard plugin. Works great at stopping spammers from registering and creating groups.
    Now I have no spam trouble at all and it’s all i use. No capta or Akismet or anything else.

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    There is no magic recipe against spam.
    Following some basic recommendation is a first step.
    No user called “admin”, no tables prefix beginning with wp_ and so on.
    Avoid publishing your site url as long as you have a “spam hole” is also a good practice….

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    Vignesh M

    Hi there!!! I tried all the way who are all suggest to control spam registrations even plugin and captcha also but it’s not working.. Finally i try the htaccess rule it’s not also working… How can i stop the spam registrations in bp??
    This below htaccess rule only i wrote to avoid spam registrations but it’s not working..
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_METHOD} POST
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} .register*
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !.** [OR]
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^$
    RewriteRule (.*) [R=301,L]

    Anyone please give me an answer???

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    Hi there,

    Today I started receiving marketing spam through the Buddypress internal messaging system.

    Facts to note:
    – I was sent approximately 360 messages
    – I don’t think other users have been spammed
    – My email address is publicly listed on our website (not sure if this matters?)
    – I could NOT locate the Buddypress account that messaged me in the “Users” tab of WordPress
    – I could NOT locate the user in the wp_users table
    – I DID find them in the wp_bp_xprofile_data table (by sender_id) but I could not link that back to any account on the website

    I am reluctant to just remove the hacker from the wp_bp_xprofile_data because I want to understand how they got access in the first place and if they have other accounts.

    Thoughts would be appreciated.



    In reply to: That Spam Option

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    The account is blocked and marked as spam, uses this

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    Hey Guys

    After installing there is a “spam” option when editing a user.
    What does it do if a member is assigned a spam user?


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    never use “register” as url for sign up page. Spammers look for this. Go into permalink settings and change to something else sand save. URL redirects not right

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    Hi everyone! First post on here as I’m just getting deeper into WordPress and BuddyPress, getting used to everything.. So this topic has been asked a lot in the sense of ‘how do I hide members from non-members’, I have a bit of a twist on that though.

    I don’t want non-members to be able to to post anything (cut down on spam) so they do have to join. (Default out of the box functionality). Once joined I want them to post a greeting so admins / members can look it over, evaluate it, and then move them into GroupNewbie (newbie safe areas) and then eventually to FullMember (more general area).

    As such what I would like is so:
    GroupGuest can post hellos in ForumGuest, see nothing about membership (beyond who chooses to PM them or post in the forums), and have no further visibility into any forums or activity
    GroupNewbie can post in ForumGuest and ForumNewbie, see nothing about membership (beyond.. [..etc])
    FullMember can post and read anywhere and see the memberlist and activity normally

    At the top of the bbPress (when used in conjunction with BuddyPress groups) there is an area that has ‘Home’, ‘Forum’, and ‘Members’ – Members shows you everyone who has access to that group. Without that access members can’t post replies to the entryway group, and FullMembers can’t post replies to GroupNewbie. So..

    Short version of the question, how do I hide away the ‘Members’ button from on top of forums and hide away membership to more ‘advanced’ groups without taking away their ability to interact with new people? (And, if they know enough wordpress to recognize bbPress+BuddyPress, how can I keep them from just manually switching to ..groups/GroupNewbie/members and getting access that way)

    And a total newb question, if I make changes in php will updating the plugins (as BuddyPress and bbPress release updates) over-write those changes or get blocked by those changes? ie will clicking ‘update’ suddenly accidentally reveal the member button to everyone again?

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    Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to allow user roles other than admins to mark users as spammers. Actually, more generally I’d like them to be able to edit the extended user profiles granted by BuddyPress from both the front and backend. Now, this is possible by granting a user role the manage_options permission, but the problem is that they also have access to many other important options from WordPress and third party plugins. Even if I were to hide links in the navigation bar, a savvy user could still work his way into those options. I’d like to be able to manage ONLY the Buddypress options, including the ability to mark spammers.

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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    It is not Buddypress that is causing the error, but reflecting that a comment has been submitted that should be moderated because it looks like spam.

    If you want all the links to go thru, go to the Dashboard/Settings/Discussion/Comment Moderation
    and change the number of links it allows to 0. (Or maybe just up it to what you are comfortable with.)

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    You should of searched the forum for many answers to this already posted.

    There are a lot of options and solutions with this… for me, I use the plugin “buddypress humanity” on one of my sites, and a different / similar plugin “good question” on another site.

    Change the default questions and answers… this stops most of the auto-bot spammers.. a few manual people may get through, but it cut does spam signups on my site by 99%.

    One of my sites I disable “group creation” for all users, as that seems to be a target for many of them.

    I also use another plugin with my bp+wp / multi-site … which sets “blog defaults” so that any user who creates a new blog has settings automatically enabled that “block this site from search engine indexing” – if someone signs up and creates a site and adds original content, I will go in an manually change that setting.. most people who “create a site (blog on multi-site) – don’t use them, or are spammers – so I don’t need them sucking away page rank juice or clogging up the activity stream with BS.

    random thoughts from another BP user…

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    Carr Sky

    I am getting tons of spammers registering on my site via buddypress plugin. but i dont want to take the option away of registering because i want people to register. Is there a way to prevent this? any ideas help

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    Yes to the first, no to the 2nd — to be direct, not sure you’re following…

    You just gave steps for overall spam reduction (which, thank you), what I’m referring to is a problem that occurred from the custom registration page. I’m talking in the matter of an hour I went from no spam to lots of spam because of the custom registration page which code I gave above. What would cause that and how can I fix it?

    Why would this custom page cause the issues and why would the Honeypot plugin you gave not fix it or my old code — it’s doing the same thing I had before that worked perfectly? I could remove the custom registration page and the spam would stop, but I rather keep it though since I don’t want the default registration page.

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    Hm, so I added that plugin first to see if that would do anything. The spam requests are still very high (user spam sign-ups). Again, I’m just comparing this to before I did the new custom registration page – the code I put above in

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    Shouldn’t a User promoted to Group Moderator be able to moderate content in that Group, regardless of their WP Role and capabilities?

    Sounds logic, but No. See documentation in bp-core/bp-core-caps.php for the “why”. 😉

    Since BP 1.6, group moderators can only delete, move, spam group forum content.

    External reference.

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    S. Panda

    Thanks for the reply, unfortunately that patch didn’t help. Here’s what I have in wp-content/plugins/bbpress/includes/extend/buddypress/activity.php:

    	// Get the activity stream item, bail if it doesn't exist
    // ===== bbp_reply_created UPON EDITS                            =====
    //		$existing = bp_activity_get_specific( array( 'activity_ids' => $activity_id, 'show_hidden' => true, 'spam' => 'all', ) );
    //		if ( empty( $existing['total'] ) || ( 1 !== (int) $existing['total'] ) )
    // ===== END BUGGY CODE / START PATCH                    =====
    		$existing = new BP_Activity_Activity( $activity_id ); 
     		if ( empty( $existing->component ) )
    // ===== END PATCH                                                           =====
    			return null;
    		$existing = new BP_Activity_Activity( $activity_id ); 
     		if ( empty( $existing->component ) )
    		// Return the activity ID since we've verified the connection
    			return $activity_id;
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    hi @dani-girl,

    intersting question, but thought you’re wrong about Directive 95/46/CE. You have a too strict opinion ! If it would be real, nobody in Europe couldn’t use WordPress and probably also many other CMS’s.
    Which is the EU country you are off ?

    An e-mail is a personnal data and the directive applies. But…

    WordPress need it (username, email and password) to work on registering. That is a legitimate and technical reason, which is allowed.

    You don’t collect it illegaly, or by roundabout and the user has access to it any time. Emails never appear publicly on WP and are used for internal purpose only.

    Opt-in is mandatory since 2002 in Europe. This means you have to prevent/ask the user before he sign in.
    If you clearly write and expose publicly (and easy to access) your policy, explain why you ask the mail, that you freely remove any user data on demand for example, you can ask for an email. This is also valuable for cookies. You should inform the user that you use them… Resaling and forwarding emails for commercial purpose is of course forbidden, but only IF your site has no direct reason to do that. (e-commerce is not a direct reason 😉 )

    On the other side, as site owner, you can’t use your members email for advertisement or any other mailing action without their agreement. Or you will be considered as spammer. Which is also illegal in EU.

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    Kleo Theme.

    — WordPress Active Plugins

    bbPress: 2.5.6
    BP Group Organizer: 1.0.8
    BuddyPress: 2.2.1
    BuddyPress Activity Shortcode: 1.0.2
    BuddyPress Cover Photo: 1.0.5
    BuddyPress Edit Activity: 1.0.4
    BuddyPress Like: 0.2.0
    Buddypress Messages Spam Blocker: 1.1
    BuddyPress Toolbar: 1.6.0
    CodeStyling Localization: 1.99.30
    GD bbPress Attachments: 2.2
    iThemes Security: 4.6.12
    K Elements: 2.4
    NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster: 3.4.16
    Paid Memberships Pro:
    Peter’s Login Redirect: 2.8.2
    Revolution Slider: 4.6.5
    rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress: 3.7.35
    Social Articles: 1.8
    Taxonomy Metadata: 0.4
    WangGuard: 1.6.2
    WooCommerce: 2.3.7
    WordPress Importer: 0.6.1
    WordPress SEO: 2.0.1
    WPBakery Visual Composer: 4.4.2
    WP Super Cache: 1.4.4
    YITH WooCommerce Wishlist: 2.0.5

    PHP Version: 5.2.17
    MySQL Version: 50617
    Webserver Info: Apache/2.4.9-0-beget (Unix)

    ### End System Info ###

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    Thanks for the links. The thing is, they aren’t showing as members. That’s the strange part. I was getting hit with mega spammers and then I added a few things, including a captcha, and it stopped. No more spammer accounts were being created.

    However, it does appear like they’re still building in the background somewhere, but I don’t where? They don’t show up as registered or pending members anywhere. So our member page is showing something totally different than our dashboard log.

    Any ideas?

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    Profile photo of Rosyteddy
    Profile photo of danbp

    Wide subject and several answered on this forum.

    Askimet covers comment spam and doesn’t avoid clever spam bots to hit directly the DB.

    Basic recommandation is to use table prefix different of the classic wp_. This calms down most bots.

    A closed door is always a challenge for any spammer. WP is not fort Knox and depending your host, what YOU did and many other security details, this has no end in fact. If your site is Facebook, you’ll probably receive more spam than if it would be mykittycat homepage. Glory has a price ! 😉

    Some htaccess rules against reputated spam server and one or to plugins aside what exist natively in WP should be enough to protect you a little from massive spam.

    For example: buddypress honeypot + ban hammer for BP

    or more simple and rought

    … + searching this forum, maybe you can find more tips. 😉

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    Hey guys,

    I’ve been developing wordpress powered sites for years, sometimes I build them locally and other times I build them live (depending on what I’m doing).

    I’m currently building my first BuddyPress powered site (live) and I have noticed a serious amount of spam accounts signing up every time that I leave “anybody can register” open.

    I’ve never seen this before with any other wordpress site that I’ve built online.

    I never use Akismet or any other kind of anti-spam filter in WP as I’ve never thought the spam account problem was serious enough to warrant it, but I’m 100% going to need one with this BP powered site because it’s getting out of control before anybody even knows the site is out there. (I’ve told WP not to index the site on search engines while I’m building it).

    So a couple of questions….

    1) Are you guys getting a large amount of fake spam accounts on your sites as well?

    2) If you are using a plug-in to prevent spam, which one are you using and does it work ok?

    3) Does anybody know what it is about a Buddypress install that is encouraging all of the spam bots through the door?

Viewing 25 results - 1 through 25 (of 2,936 total)
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