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    Thanks for the quick reply.
    I just did that.
    That only removes the top black toolbar from when you are not logged in.
    It still shows up after you are logged in.

    Is this not possible to remove?
    Do most BuddyPress implementations usually leave it that way?


    Ok, so basically this toolbar that you are seeing on the top of your site when you login with your new user account is not really a full admin dashboard bar. It only links to the part of the back end dashboard that allows the user to edit his profile in the back end. Nothing else can be messed with by anyone but the admin. Try it out and experiment with it. you’ll see.

    Also, if you want to turn that feature off, simply login to the back end as admin, go to “settings” / “buddypress” and on the 3rd tab “Options”, simply deselect “Show the Toolbar for logged out users”


    I’m wanting to integrate buddypress into my existing navbar on my site. At the moment the buddypress profile (notifications count, howdy user and menu) are in the top right of the WordPress admin toolbar. What options do I have to move this / add it to an existing navbar (basically the way this website utilises its own navbar and not the WP adminbar.

    Thanks in advanced.


    Hello, I’m using WordPress 4.9.1 and the theme is Divi.

    I am having a slight issue with having the icon on the corner for users, the admin (me) has the icon but other members cannot see it. I have included the code:

    #wp-toolbar > ul > li {display:block;}

    and I can now see notification numbers and the little icon of the site. This is visible in the screenshot, however, the user’s avatar/icon is not visible in the corner of the screen.

    Here is the screenshot:

    My website is:




    I found the solution to the problem. Now the toolbar changes position at the top of the page.

    Thank you,



    this problem comes whenever I use a translate plugin. I’ve tried a lot off these plugins and always ι have the same problem. When I login as a user, and the translate plugin is enabled the black line with my info goes over the web page. When i disabled the translate plugin, the toolbar changes position and goes to the top.
    You can see the problem only on mobile display. I put 2 pictures with the example.

    I’ll be grateful if you could resolve it.

    the toolbar is down
    the toolbar is up

    Thank you,

    Boone Gorges

    Very odd – it appears that this too is caused by your theme, as BuddyPress itself just inherits the mobile styling of the toolbar from WordPress (and the WP toolbar looks fine, as shown by your Dashboard screenshot). Try reaching out to the theme author to see whether they’re able to identify the problem.



    First of all, let me put here my site url
    I use WordPress 4.8.3 and BuddyPress 2.9.2
    In normal mobile mode everything are fine.
    When I login as a user, the black line with my info goes over the web page.
    You can see the problem only on mobile display. I put 2 pictures with the example.
    web page is ok

    problem with toolbar

    Thank you,


    In reply to: Non WP login page

    David Cavins

    This is sort of a big WordPress question that lots of people would like to change, but it’s not that easy. You could try using the plugin Theme My Login, which would need to be applied carefully, as it overlaps with BP a bit. (I have no idea if this is a good plan, you’ll just have to try it.)

    The black bar across the top is a WordPress per-user preference “Show Toolbar when viewing site”. There are many resources on the web about how to disable it/change the behavior:


    Dear Support,

    Could you pls assist me with how to make the buddypress shows full width.
    You can check my web it used up so many blank space at left right and top space. What i try to achive is it shows full width so that it shows more contents.
    And I also want to remove toolbar for log in and log out users. How to do that.
    Many thanks for your assistance.



    BP front end post plugin is suddenly not showing the limited toolbar for customizing post like bold, italics, alignments, hyperlinks, etc.
    Please help as soon as possible



    I seem to be in a spot of bother. I want to disable the wordpress toolbar from my site. I know how to disable it through BuddyPress however when it is disabled I lose the menu in the top right corner that has the links to profile, messages, notifications and so on.

    I am thinking of 2 solutions for this:

    1) A widget I can place on a side bar that has all the functions of the BuddyPress menu. I’ve looked through a fair amount of plug ins but can’t seem to find anything like what I am looking for. So does something like this exist? I have seen several plug ins that can give me widgets for some functions, but nothing that will get me to the profile page that is created within BuddyPress.

    2) I create a profile page and add the BuddyPress profile elements to that page. However, I can not find any short codes that will help me on this.

    I am open to suggestions and being pointed in the right direction. I would like to use BuddyPress on my site as other plug ins I intend to use work well with this, but having the black toolbar at the top making it blatantly obvious it is a wordpress site is making it a deal breaker for me.

    I am sorry if this is making me sound entitled but I am working on an extremely tight budget and even tighter deadline, and my web developer messed me around giving me false hope of helping me out till I was about to start development. I’m running out of options. The only thing I can promise is to give praise to the BuddyPress community on my company website… When I get around to building it after I built this site.

    Thank you for your time.


    In reply to: Single line text field

    Brajesh Singh

    Hi Carsten,
    Do you want to disable the toolbar(Rich text area) and use plain text area?

    If that is the case, you can put following line in your theme’s functions.php or the bp-custom.php(in the plugins directory)

    add_filter( 'bp_xprofile_is_richtext_enabled_for_field', '__return_false' );

    Hope that helps.



    After instalation plugin, show error message:

    [30-May-2017 16:02:22 UTC] Erro de banco de dados do WordPress Table ‘portal.wp_2_bp_xprofile_fields’ doesn’t exist para a consulta SELECT name, parent_id, type type FROM wp_2_bp_xprofile_fields feita por require(‘wp-blog-header.php’), require_once(‘wp-includes/template-loader.php’), include(‘/themes/woffice_2.4.1/woffice/page.php’), get_footer, locate_template, load_template, require_once(‘/themes/woffice_2.4.1/woffice/footer.php’), wp_footer, do_action(‘wp_footer’), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, call_user_func_array, wp_admin_bar_render, do_action_ref_array, WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, call_user_func_array, Woffice_Setup->toolbar_admin_menu, woffice_get_settings_option, fw_get_db_settings_option, FW_Db_Options_Model->get, FW_Db_Options_Model_Settings->get_options, _FW_Component_Theme->get_settings_options, _FW_Component_Theme->get_options, fw_get_variables_from_file, require(‘/themes/woffice_2.4.1/woffice/framework-customizations/theme/options/settings.php’), _FW_Component_Theme->get_options, fw_get_variables_from_file, require(‘/themes/woffice_2.4.1/woffice/framework-customizations/theme/options/buddypress.php’)

    Help me, please?




    WP’s toolbar is not part of BP, and not part of your theme. This bar belongs to WP.

    I suggest that you don’t remove(or deactivate) the whole bar, but only remove any menu item belonging to WP, except the “howdy” menu where BP install his sub-menu items.

    To do this, you have to use some custom functions related to wp_admin_bar class.

    Use $wp_admin_bar->add_node or $wp_admin_bar->remove_node

    Codex reference:

    …and a little tutorial, in case of!

    How to Customize the WordPress ToolBar


    Hello everyone!

    I’ve been searching for hours on every site I can possibly think of, and I’ve looked at tons of articles in regards to the admin bar, but haven’t found any similar issues.

    The website I am currently building I am using BuddyPress version 2.8.2, BuddyBoss theme version 2.3.3, and WordPress version 4.7.4.

    I want to hide the WordPress admin bar from all users except the administrator. That’s simple, as I have found many different ways to do it (coding, plugins, etc).

    The issue I am running into is when I hide the WordPress admin toolbar (regardless of method, ie. coding or plugin), it also removes all of the dropdown options for the BuddyPress admin toolbar (activity, profile, friends, messages, etc) that shows up with the BuddyBoss theme. I originally thought it was a coding issue in the BuddyBoss theme, but from the information I found, the admin bar that shows up with the theme comes from the BuddyPress plugin.

    I imagine that the BuddyPress plugin uses the same call function (I don’t code much so I don’t know the proper term) to get it’s drop down menu as WordPress does for it’s admin toolbar. My issue is I can’t figure out where/what that is so that I can change it to something custom.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    Hey all I’m attempting to modify the content returned by BuddyPress’ default ‘@’ mention notification. I’m using this as part of a custom profile page and would like to modify the “username mentioned you’ text to something more personalized based on post type.

    // Change mention output
    function format_mention_notifications( $action, $item_id, $secondary_item_id, $total_items, $format = 'string', $component_action, $component_name, $notification_id) {
        if ( $component_action === 'new_at_mention') { // User mentioned notification
            $mentioned_source_type = get_post_type($item_id);
            $username = wl_get_username($secondary_item_id);
            $mention_avatar = wl_get_avatar($secondary_item_id);
            $mention_title = '';
            $mention_text = $username;
            if ($mentioned_source_type == 'topic') {
                $mention_title = bbp_get_topic_title( $item_id );
                $mention_text .= ' mentioned you in the forum post ';
                $mention_source_link = ''; // link to topic
            } else if ($mentioned_source_type == 'reply') {
                $parent_topic_id = bbp_get_reply_topic_id( $item_id );
                $mention_title = bbp_get_topic_title( $parent_topic_id );
                $mention_text .= ' mentioned you in their response to the forum post ';
                $mention_source_link = bbp_get_reply_url( $item_id ); // link to reply
            } else if ($mentioned_source_type == 'comment') {
                $comment = get_comment($item_id);
                $mention_text .= ' mentioned you in their comment';
                $mention_source_link = get_comment_link($comment);
            } else {
                $mention_avatar = '';
                $mention_title = get_the_title($item_id);
                $mention_text = 'You were mentioned in ';
                $mention_source_link = get_permalink($item_id);
            $mention_source_link = wp_nonce_url( add_query_arg( array( 'action' => 'read', 'notification_id' => $notification_id), $mention_source_link ), 'bp_notification_mark_read_' . $notification_id);
            // WordPress Toolbar
            if ( 'string' === $format ) {
                $return = apply_filters( 'bp_activity_single_at_mentions_notification', '<a href="' . esc_url( $mention_source_link ) . '" title="New mention">'. $mention_avatar . esc_html( $mention_text ) . '<span class="activity-title">'.$mention_title.'</span></a>', (int) $total_items, $mention_text, $mention_source_link );
            // Deprecated BuddyBar
            } else {
                $return = apply_filters( 'bp_activity_single_at_mentions_notification', array(
                    'text' => $mention_text . $mention_title,
                    'link' => $mention_source_link
                ), $mention_source_link, (int) $total_items, $mention_text, $mention_title );
        return $return;
    add_filter( 'bp_notifications_get_notifications_for_user', 'format_mention_notifications', 100, 8 );

    What I’ve tried so far:
    – Changing the priority of the filter
    – Moving my logic into the activity_format_notifications action with various different priorities
    – All of the above in a custom plugin file, bp-custom.php, and my themes’ function.php file

    I’ve used a similar filter for custom notifications and that aspect works great. I just can’t seem to override the default content with my own. My thoughts are that the the filters/actions run too late to be noticed by BuddyPress.

    Many thanks for your help.


    Wanted to test today the profile fields for but got a blank (white) page. The source text shows me the following:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <!--[if IE 8]>
    <html xmlns="" class="ie8 wp-toolbar"  lang="de-DE">
    <!--[if !(IE 8) ]><!-->
    <html xmlns="" class="wp-toolbar"  lang="de-DE">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
    <title>Profilfelder &lsaquo; — WordPress</title>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    addLoadEvent = function(func){if(typeof jQuery!="undefined")jQuery(document).ready(func);else if(typeof wpOnload!='function'){wpOnload=func;}else{var oldonload=wpOnload;wpOnload=function(){oldonload();func();}}};
    var ajaxurl = '/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php',
    	pagenow = 'users_page_bp-profile-setup',
    	typenow = '',
    	adminpage = 'users_page_bp-profile-setup',
    	thousandsSeparator = '.',
    	decimalPoint = ',',
    	isRtl = 0;
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1.0">

    Unfortunately I’m unable to get access to the profile fields setup page. Using WP 4.7.3, BP 2.8.2, BP Xprofile Custom Fields Type 2.6.3 with PHP 7, MySQL 5.6

    Any help? Thx!


    When you are on frontend, your profile tab, you should see follwing menu items under the buddy nav bar:

    View | Edit | Change Profile Photo | Change Cover Image

    and the same items under your user menu (below Howdy), in the top right corner on the Toolbar, as submenu of the Profile item.

    If it isn’t case, some common issues can be:
    – you omitted to save your BP options
    – you use a cache and see the site content from before BP installation
    – there is a weird bug in a file
    – your theme isn’t taylored for BuddyPress
    – there is a conflict with another plugin

    What you could try:
    – double check your settings
    – clear the cache
    – reload a fresh copy of BP via FTP
    – test with a Twenty theme
    – you have to debug

    Note also that you can only load ONE avatar or ONE cover image at a time and that you have definitely only one picture for each bundled with your account.



    sorry but this is not related to BuddyPress.
    Dashboard access is part of WordPress and the way it is displayed on your screensht indicate that it is also theme dependant somehow.
    You can hide any menu item from the WP toolbar by following these instructions

    or you can chosse to active/deactive the toolbar option in BP settings or use a plugin to limit dashboard access.


    In reply to: WP V 4.7.2


    It looks like your theme has replaced the toolbar… ?

    To confirm that the issue is due to your theme, try switching momentarily to a WP theme like 2015.


    I can’t seem to get the Login button to appear on my site. I’ve been trying repeatedly and it won’t engage, and yes, I’ve gone to Settings> BuddyPress> Options> Main Settings> Toolbar> and ticked the Show the Toolbar for logged out users option.

    Still nothing. Arrrrrrrrgh!

    Md Sadiqur Rahman

    Hi there,
    I am using buddypress and bbpress. I got a problem in forum notification. For subscribed forum, I get email for both new topic and reply. But I do not get notification for NEW TOPIC in website profile toolbar (for reply, its working fine). Can anyone help me out?


    The toolbar is part of WordPress, not BuddyPress.
    BP offers in his Main Settings to show the Toolbar for logged out users (default: enabled).

    Removing WP’s toolbar is a very common task, widely commented and explained over the web and on WP’s codex. Read here.


    Hi there,

    I have Buddypress installed on a Multisite, on site 2 of the multisite.

    Site 1 is the outward facing main website. Site 2 is the “locked down” members only community, powered by Buddypress.

    Problem is, when a logged in user ventures from Site 2 into Site 1, they are met with the WordPress toolbar across the top of the page… which doesn’t look very nice in comparison to my theme. How can I remove the toolbar to logged in Subscribers?

    Thanks in advance,


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