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  • mervyntsao

    The parent theme is missing. Please install the “buddypress/buddyboss” parent theme.
    I do have installed buddypress plugin into my the7 theme, shall i install buddyboss too?


    Think you’d need to ask BuddyBoss about that. BP does not interact with those pages, and presumably the login page is theirs also.


    Hello everyone. Having an issue on a couple of my pages. My privacy policy page and also terms and conditions.
    They show up fine when logged into the site but when users are not logged in its just a white page with white text.
    Also this is happening on the forgot password page
    I tried adding code to fix this but that did not work either.

    Anyone have a solution


    Elementor compatibility and a good documentation like BuddyBoss has.


    This has been an issue since the beginning – when I post an internal link on my News Feed (so that’s a link that’s protected within the Memberpress rules) it won’t show a preview on the feed. Instead it shows a preview of what I call the ‘OOps’ page – the page non-members are redirected to by Memberpress if they try to access a members only page.

    I have tried turning off all the plugins and it didn’t fix the issue.

    I’m using latest versions of all – WP 6.4.3 and BuddyBoss Platform 2.5.31, BuddyBoss Platform Pro 2.4.60


    Thanks for the response! I installed classic but no change.
    No change when I de-activate the ‘Buddy Press for Learndash’ by BuddyBoss plugin. (
    I checked with LearnDash and this is still the plugin they advise to use – even though it hasn’t been updated in 4 years. We may just abandon the functionality – it doesn’t offer much value to us if it’s not connected to the online course. I suspect the BuddyBoss plugin is the issue.


    In reply to: Fatal Error

    Amelia Hansen

    Hi there, and welcome to the world of BuddyPress! Don’t worry; the 500 error can be daunting for beginners, but we’ll work together.
    I’ve seen this issue reported before with the Lambda theme and BuddyPress, and it boils down to a compatibility issue with the navigation functions. Here’s how we can tackle it:

    1. Debug Mode Explained:
    Good job enabling debug mode! The error message you shared (“Call to a member function get_primary() on null”) points to line 2558 in bp-core-functions.php. This line attempts to access a navigation menu item that’s not available, causing the 500 error.

    2. Don’t Modify Core Files:
    While removing the problematic line might seem tempting, avoiding modifying core BuddyPress files directly is crucial. This can cause conflicts and instability down the line.

    3. Theme Compatibility Fix:
    Instead, let’s explore theme compatibility options:
    Theme Update: Check if an updated version of Lambda is available. Developers often fix compatibility issues in newer versions.
    Theme-Specific Navigation Hook: Some themes, like Lambda, provide custom hooks for modifying the navigation. Research Lambda’s documentation or contact their support team to see if such a hook exists. You can then use this hook to customize the BuddyPress navigation without touching core files.
    Alternate Theme: Unfortunately, if compatibility solutions are unavailable, switching to a different theme that plays well with BuddyPress might be necessary. Popular choices include BuddyPress-compatible themes like BuddyBoss, BuddyPress Theme, and Total.

    4. Community Resources:
    Don’t hesitate to tap into the wider BuddyPress community for support:
    BuddyPress Forums: Head over to the BuddyPress forums and search for similar issues related to Lambda and navigation. You might find existing solutions or helpful advice from other users.
    BuddyPress Slack: Join the BuddyPress Slack community to chat with developers and experienced users in real-time.

    5. Next Steps:
    Based on your preference and technical comfort level, please choose one of the suggested solutions and try it out. If you need further assistance with specific configurations or troubleshooting, please share more details, and we can delve deeper together.
    Remember, the BuddyPress community is friendly and supportive, so don’t hesitate to ask for help. Good luck, and I hope you get your BuddyPress site up and running smoothly soon!


    If it helps, I just disabled the BB Classic plugin (which I need until MediaPress updates to BB12 compatible. With BB Classic disabled, I get a 404 error when I click the Favorites or Subscriptions tab in the Forum section of BuddyPress Profile. I have a funny feeling that the problem with Unfavoriting and Unsubscribing has something to do with BuddyPress trying to create a URL with a redirect for bbPress.

    Also, I did this test after updating to BuddyBoss 12.1.1 today. The URL to Unfavorite within the BuddyPress Profile is still with BB Classic enabled:




    I’m new to buddypress and trying to figure out to get it working. I installed Buddypress. I guess I configured it correctly as everything shows up in my menu as intended.

    But from there on out I seem to hit a rock as the buddypress pages do not show correctly. My menubar shows vertically and nothing is displayed correctly.

    I can’t even find a way to edit the Buddypress pages. I can’t find them between my pages and editing the on the pages itself is not possible is either.

    What am I missing?

    I use
    WP Version 6.4.2
    Divi Version: 4.23.4 with Child Theme: Molti Version: 1.2.1
    BuddyPress Version 12.0.0
    Paid Memberships Pro Version 2.12.7
    Paid Memberships Pro – BuddyPress & BuddyBoss Add On Version 1.4.1


    Sorry if this has already been answered. I tried searching quite a bit before I posted a new topic.

    I’m using the BuddyBoss Theme and have the latest versions of WP and BuddyBoss installed.

    I’ve got a signup form with extended profile fields added. I need to filter the profile values before they are displayed when viewing or editing the user profile in both the front and back ends. I’ve used the filter bp_get_the_profile_field_value to successfully retrieve all signup fields including the extended profile fields. However, bp_get_the_profile_field_edit_value only seems to affect and return the three default signup fields: first name, last name, and username. Neither of these filters is triggered at all when attempting to edit a user profile on the backend (wp-admin/users.php?page=bp-profile-edit.)

    Is there another filter I can use for editing values as well as pre-filtering field values in admin? Maybe another idea altogether?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Pat L.


    Within your BuddyBoss custom theme, navigate to the templates related to the BuddyPress activity feed. You’ll likely find relevant files in the buddyboss-child-theme/buddypress/activity directory.

    Look for the file responsible for rendering the activity feed and its items. You’ll want to customize this file to include a “Reply” button for each discussion.

    2. Customizing the Activity Feed:

    a. Locate the template file (e.g., activity/entry.php or similar) where the activity feed items are displayed.

    b. Identify the section responsible for displaying BuddyPress activities related to discussions or forum posts.

    c. Within this section, add a “Reply” button for each discussion using HTML and BuddyPress functions. Use the BuddyPress functions to generate a reply form or link.

    Mathieu Viet

    Hi @alyssashift

    I’m sorry but we cannot provide help for this fork of BuddyPress, please contact the buddyboss support instead.


    Hi, I am jumping in to help with a buddyboss site and am new to how it works and my wp is very rusty. Currently researching a bunch into the theme and structure, but I am sure people here know far far more than I do after a day. My question is pretty simple – is there a way to create multiple members pages, preferably per profile type? This would be so that profile filtering could happen within a subgroup of profiles.

    If this requires a child theme and creating some extra pages, I am fine with the technical aspect of implementing, just wondering if there is a buddypress-friendly-way to do this? I don’t see a way to partition via the admin.

    Technical info:
    – we are using the buddypress theme
    – latest versions of everything
    – currently an empty child theme exists


    Hello. When I click on the name of another user in our Forum, it currently redirects us to an account restricted page and not their profile. I have been checking BP settings but I do not see any setting to unrestrict it at the moment,

    I am new to WP in general but I do think that viewing other profiles should be possible. Not sure if there is a setting somewhere that will allow this function. As mentioned, the users are clickable right now but when I do click it, it redirects me to a restricted access page.

    We are using Version 12.0.0
    Link to our forums:

    Here are the plugins currently activated:

    Avada Builder
    Avada Core
    Basic User Avatars
    BetterDocs Pro
    Classic Widgets
    Google Analytics
    Paid Memberships Pro
    Paid Memberships Pro – bbPress Add On
    Paid Memberships Pro – BuddyPress & BuddyBoss Add On
    Paid Memberships Pro – Donations
    Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Hardening
    User Menus
    WP User Profile Avatar
    WPForms Lite


    Hi all,

    How are folks managing forums? Are you using BBPress?

    To me BBPress seems like what ultimately works best with Buddypress.

    I was once a BuddyBoss user and the bloat was slowing down my site and then not playing well with a theme I transitioned to for speed.

    How are you managing forums along with groups?

    Many Thanks!


    Hello, I’ve installed several plugins (according to internet) to do this but I can’t find anywhere how to allow members to create their store.

    The profile only displays their order. No information on how to create a store with products.

    How can I do this?

    My plugin :

    BuddyBoss Platform
    BP Classic
    BuddyPress Integration for WooCommerce
    WC Vendors Marketplace


    Hello BuddyPress,

    First of all thank you for your work on creating the plugin.

    Second, I have a problem with a client’s website I’m currently building. We have run into an issue that when, uploading avatars by mobile, it compresses down the picture so much that it becomes blurry. It is not because of the image used. I have made sure I’ve uploaded a huge resolution photo to discard that.

    Where I see the problem is, BuddyPress somehow compresses the image to make it fit the phone screen, (it maybe makes it 150×150 for what I’ve read so far in the documentation), and then gives you the option to crop the image.

    The expect behaviour should be that the image retains the original “full” size, but shrinks down so it fits the mobile screen and you can crop/select whatever you desire.

    I hope I am explaining myself.

    I see that this bug is not new and has been around for several years, and so far, I haven’t been able to find any fix other than what is explained here, but then it stops the image from being responsive. (Anything further than 600 breaks the image hence you can’t see what you’re cropping).

    Changing default avatar size cropped/used by BuddyPress

    Is there a way to fix this, so the image retains the full quality when uploaded? I’ve set in place filters to retain 100% of quality image so wordpress doesn’t reescale them either (But you can give me more tips regarding this as well). An alternative solution would be to just disable the cropping part when uploading avatar.

    Currently I’m using the theme called Gwangi, but it doesn’t matter, because it also happens with Twenty-Twenty-One, and the forked version of buddypress Buddyboss. I’m guessing all the webpages built with buddypress have the same issue, as the ones I’ve checked so far run into the same problem. I’ve disabled CDN and everything else that could cause caching and rendering of images.

    Thank you for your time.


    Hi @imath,
    Thanks for that, and sorry to be a pain (although hopefully I am bringing up things that do need addressing and are not unique to my setup), but I have discovered something else that is not working as I expect, as follows:
    If someone comments on an Activity post, on my existing (not test) setup, that comment has the options below it to either Reply, Edit or Delete; but the reply and edit options are missing in my test setup for non-admin users, and the reply one is missing for admin. I am still using the default theme on my existing site, whereas I am using Nouveau on the test site, so is this a Nouveau issue? I downgraded to the current non beta BP on my test site but no difference. I am going to also investigate if a plugin is causing it, but as I have the same plugins on both sites it seems unlikely. I deactivated one plugin that seemed the most likely culprit (Buddypress Edit Activity from Buddyboss – but it was still the same (except of course this plugin is what adds the edit button in the first place, but the reply one is still missing).

    On a bit of a tangent, can I assume that this forum is running on bbpress? It’s just that I am thinking about adding a forum but am not finding this one very user friendly – for example the reply button is not visible until you hover over the post you want to reply to, and then it doesn’t automatically add the “@name” at the beginning, plus everything is written in a code box rather than normal input, just for starters. Font size could do with being larger too. Or is it just me?


    Hi @all,

    I need to implement a trigger to send an e-mail message to user, on change member type by admin user.
    Anyone knows how to I can do this on Buddyboss?


    In reply to: How to hide comments


    Unfortunately, this is BuddyPress support. BuddyBoss support is not provided here.
    The comments can be disabled in WP admin – settinggs – buddypress – options – disable activity comments.


    I am using BuddyBoss theme.
    I would like to hide comments on the activiy home page and just let it enabled when someone see the activity individual page.

    I tried this solution

    Although there is a bug and dont load the activies. Also looks like this disable the comment feature, what is not I am looking for.

    I also tried to remove the div acomment-content in the document bp-templates>bp-nouveau>buddypress>activity>comment.php, althought this removed as well from the individual activity page. I would like to do as Twitter: its possible to comment on the activy feed and it shows in the activy page how many comments the update have, but the comments are only visible in the activity page.


    Thanks for the reply. But buddyboss does have a forum component.

    Forum Discussions


    Hi @cthangaraja – as far as I’m aware, BuddyBoss, like BuddyPress, doesn’t have a forum component of their own.

    So you would need an additional forum plugin (such as bbPress, wpForo, Asgaros, etc.)



    I am using Buddyboss. I think its internally uses buddypress. I want to the users to participate only the discusions not to create new forums.


    I find many codes and plugins that help me to avoid the activation email when members join in the site, but when I tried these options affect the invitation system of buddyboss.
    For example, if I invite a user to join with a specific role “teacher” with the code the join as subscriber. I know I can change the role, but I want to know if it’s possible to automatically detect the role where I invite the user.
    “”function disable_validation( $user_id ) {
    global $wpdb;
    $wpdb->query( $wpdb->prepare( “UPDATE $wpdb->users SET user_status = 0 WHERE ID = %d”, $user_id ) );
    $users = $wpdb->get_results( “SELECT activation_key, user_login FROM {$wpdb->prefix}signups WHERE active = ‘0’ “); foreach ($users as $user) {
    BP_Signup::validate($user->activation_key); //fix roles
    $user_id = $wpdb->get_var( “SELECT ID FROM $wpdb->users WHERE user_login = ‘$user->user_login'”); $u = new WP_User( $user_id );
    $u->add_role( ‘subscriber’ );
    } add_action( ‘bp_core_signup_user’, ‘disable_validation’ );
    add_filter( ‘bp_registration_needs_activation’, ‘__return_false’ );
    add_filter( ‘bp_core_signup_send_activation_key’, ‘__return_false’ );”
    Plugin name: BuddyPress Auto Activate Auto Login and BP Disable Activation Reloaded
    Thanks for the help

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