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  • vitoanthony80

    Good morning.

    As you can read in the title I am trying to create a website for the first time with the use of the buddypress plugin.
    My intent is not just to use it as a social network but to be able to take advantage of some social functions.

    In practice I would like to allow the user to:
    1) register by filling out the registration form;
    2) registered users will appear in a single map. It will be possible for a registered (or unregistered) user to check other already registered users who are close to his / her geographical position.
    3) only the registered user will be able to see the content of the site;
    4) the administrator will be able to publish a news that will be notified automatically to all users in their profile and via email.

    So there will be no active participation of users in creating posts, groups or sending messages between them.

    For point 2 I used a plugin that allows you to automatically enter the user’s address during registration and to be able to search for the user.

    for point 3 I have installed some plugins but they do not limit the page assignment to registered users only.

    Point 4 I did not understand at all if it is possible to do.

    Finally I would like the wordpress bar not to appear at the top and horizontally (I figured out how to remove it for the administrator but not also for registered users).

    Could you give me some directions.

    Thank you


    Hi there,

    I want to create community where each group is restricted by email domain. Is there any way to automate the process for when a user registers for the community, they will become a member of the group that is assigned to their email domain?

    Also, it’s possible a member could have multiple email domains hence eligible for membership to multiple groups, is it possible to allow users to register with one email (primary email/group) and after registration add additional emails to join other groups, via their user account?



    BuddyPress – Olympus Theme – Youzer.

    I am creating a profile that coordinates with my business member type. When they register, I would love to have a standard set of groups automatically be set up for them with them as Authors on those. I know that I can make it so a user is automatically assigned to a group that exists. What I want is for a business to have standard groups that are created with them as authors upon registration.

    Make sense? Can this be done? Or would I need a developer to write it up for me?



    We are running the latest Buddypress and WordPress installations.

    We are an institute with many classes, we want instructors to be able to set up their own group, and self-assign, when registering from a Profile Field (called Class). In that group they will have their own courses.

    Our aim is to allow instructor users to create new groups when signing up to the registration form instead of us manually creating them.

    Very simple we want to take the Profile Field (Class) from the instructor Registration Form and insert that as a new Group into Buddypress when the user selects submit, how do we do this please?

    1.When the instructor user clicks on submit on the Registration Form
    2. Take the text value of Profile Field (Class)
    3.Create a Group in WP Admin using the text value and assign the user into the Class.
    4. Do not make user admin.


    I’m looking for a solution for when a new user is being added through the WordPress dashboard (not a forward facing form) that shows the different groups available and check boxes to select which group to which they would belong. This seems like a simple request that would save the step of having to go to the group after the fact and adding them that way. So far, the only solutions I’ve found is where a user would do this upon registration/sign-up on the front-end of the site, but I’m looking for a solution that would exist in the WordPress dashboard. (We are creating a system where a super administrator adds all users and assigns them to a group. There is no individual public registration form.) Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!


    I am setting up a site where we want to give a standard name to each new group that they can change later in their settings.

    That way each new group is say: “Team #1” Where each new team gets the next number.

    I tried to put in by using something like:

    value="Team #<?php echo bp_new_group_id(); ?>"

    in the group registration form, but it only returned: Team #0. The group ID hasn’t been created by that step yet…

    Any magic to make this possible?



    I’m looking to have a default avatar for different member types. So, upon registration, a user would be assigned, by default to the ‘Participant’ level. Or, another level.

    Thing is, if they register and are given a different level upon registration, such as ‘Moderator’ I do not want them to have the same default BuddyPress avatar as a ‘Participant.’ Because I want it to be clear in conversation threads what the level of each member is — who is ‘running things’ so to speak.

    I want Moderators to have a different avatar in conversation than a Participant. To make it obvious. And nooooo, looking at the top of the Group’s page is not sufficient to indicate this, as it would be easy to overlook if all avatars were the same; people are not going to easily see the ‘Moderator’ status under an avatar if they’re on mobile, or in a rush, or don’t care to view the person’s information/avatar past a glance. I want it to be incredibly obvious what level each person is in each discussion.

    And I want it to be automated. By default — that when a user signs up and is assigned a member type that they get the correct ‘member level’ avatar for their status.

    Note: I do not need this to be editable past their member type…because to be honest that is a hassle. I want it to be done based on their membership type, without me having to upload a new avatar each time…I want a member type to use the same avatar over and over again.

    And if that user’s level changes in the future, either to a higher level or a lower one, I want their avatar to be the new one — automatically — that is associated with their new member type that everyone else has, that has the same member type level as they now do.

    NOTE: I have ‘extended profiles’ shut off, and there is no reason to put them back on. I’ve tried that recently in my quest for ‘how the hell do I make avatars look different’…. 🙂 BUT turning on extended profiles messed up my site. Also, I tried turning on the feature ‘allow members to upload avatars’ and that messed up my site as well.

    I currently am using ‘BuddyPress First Letter Avatars’ with GREAT success; it is FAB. And the fact that it works to affect the appearance of BuddyPress avatars WITHOUT my having to enable extended profiles or turn on the ability for users to upload their own avatars…proves to me that I can edit avatars with code independent of those features being turned on.

    Remember — I can’t just have pretty avatars there. I need certain avatars based on member type. So using ‘BuddyPress First Letter Avatar’ as the plugin for my site is not a long-term solution. Currently my site is in development, so nobody else sees anything but me…when the site goes live though, I need to have the avatars populate based on member level. That plugin is not what I need…it does demonstrate that the idea I have behind getting this done is perhaps possible, though, as it does affect avatar appearance without breaking my site. I’d LOVE to reverse engineer it, and modify it for my purposes, but to be honest that’s a little past my paygrade. 🙂

    ONE OTHER thing to keep in mind: I do NOT want gravatars to be used on my site. Not ever.

    So I’ve shut those off. They repeatedly call back to the WordPress servers….something I don’t want. So I’ve used code that is listed in the BuddyPress codex to shut gravatars off. And am using a plugin to shut off gravatars within WordPress itself, outside of BuddyPress.

    Ideally, I’d love to accomplish setting avatars based on member levels, automatically, with a plugin. But currently no plugin exists to do this on Code Canyon, or the WordPress plugin repository, or elsewhere that I can find. I did find some code on BuddyDev that said we could use a couple plugins plus some PHP filters and etc….but I followed those directions and my site broke (500 errors)….which is what happened to someone else too (as mentioned in the comments), as recently as October of 2018.

    I am running WordPress 4.9.8 and the latest version of BuddyPress as well as bbPress.


    Thanks in advance for any and all assistance. 🙂


    BuddyPress Version 2.9.3 on WordPress 4.9.4 running Idyllic theme with Idyllic Plus Plugin. Hosted at

    Just out of chute with this implementation. And I haven’t found the means of assigning the default groups that new Registrants are assigned.

    This a probably a Duh? But, I don’t see were to define that list.

    So upon registration I’d like the system to assign new users to some basic groups.


    Hi. I have a fresh install of BuddyPress 2.9.0 (and BBpress) on WordPress 4.8.1.

    I was able to customize the registration page to allow members to select their ‘identity group’ (teachers or students) with a radio button.

    What I am hoping to accomplish is to assign these members to a group based on their selection.

    I’m not sure how to do that. Help is appreciated.

    I did find 3rd party plugins with this one looking very promising: but I’m hoping to avoid adding a bunch of plugins if this can be accomplished with the existing BuddyPress tools.



    deactivate all plugins but BP and restart BP’s setup

    BP pages should be empty, without any shortcode or template assigned. Once created again, clear eventually the trash, your pages must be unique !

    Once ok, go to permalinks, and choose any option but “default”.

    In BP pages settings, you should have a page for:

    groups (if you use groups)
    register &
    activation (if you allow user registration)

    Reading the codex will help you to clarify how to proceed.

    Configure BuddyPress


    As the topic says, I am trying to achieve this capability for group admin without success.
    I have the following:
    The website is community with branches (85 brancehs) and I use bp groups to handle the branches.
    The members register and should be assigned to the branch of their city (using bp registration groups) and the managers of each branch are assigned as group admins.
    The members are able to buy tickets to firld trips and other stuff and I need the group admins to be able to see which members from their own branch purchased a ticket to the trip.
    Is it possible to create capability to achieve this?

    I am using:
    wordpress 4.4.2
    Buddypress 2.7.2
    woocommerce 2.6.7
    wc4bp 2.5
    wc4bp xprofile checkout manager 1.2.1
    Buddypress registration groups
    capability manager enhanced

    Please help someone…


    Hi Everyone

    I’m looking for help with the following logic, if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. It is required in the registration and is based on a users selection of a school

    If a user selects a school from the dropdown list ie. School 1, then by selecting that school
    it sets pre-defined groups and assigns the school and the pre-defined groups to the users profile.

    My way of thinking (maybe way off)

    //Input type = select
    School 1
    School 2
    School 3

    //Input type = checkbox
    Group 1
    Group 2
    Group 3
    Group 4

    //Condition: if user selects an option from dropdown field
    if(select id == option value(“School 1”)
    // set these groups checkbox fields as selected
    set group pre-defined-groups(“Group 1”, “Group2”, “Group 4”)

    // assign selected school option to user’s profile
    ??? (select field is only used to allow those groups pre-defined to be used by a new user registering to the site).

    // assign pre-defined-group checkbox field to user’s profile
    ??? (because these groups are set up through buddy press does that mean they should automatically be added)


    if(select id == option value(“School 3”)
    // set these groups checkbox fields as selected
    set group pre-defined-groups(“Group3”, “Group 4”)

    // assign selected school option to user’s profile

    // assign pre-defined-group checkbox field to user’s profile

    admins should be able to change school or groups anytime



    If anyone is looking for a plugin to allow members to select his/her own member type at registration, I just released one that just do that:
    It creates a new field type, called Member Type, that you can use to create a new field to add in the Base Group. During the registration it assign automatically the member type at the user. Member type cannot be changed after registration (it’s a feature, not a bug).
    Leave a comment here or open an issue on github.


    shouldn’t BuddyPress create those pages automaticallyyes, but only when it is the first install. As you sed a member plugin previously with a page name member, BP didn’t create one as it already exist. But BP doesn’t check for existing plugins, just for “his” pages.

    Anyway, as you added BP, than reinstalled or reactivate, the page was already registered in the wp_post table, with a post_type of ‘page’ and a post_status of ‘publish’.

    Also, in the WP system, when a page is in the trash, it is not deleted. The page is still in the table, but with a post_status of ‘trash’. To remove it completely you need to delete it permanently. Click on trash and use the appropriate button.

    Now the issue. You have 2 member pages. The one has a slug /member/, the other has a slug /member-2/.
    The one may show in the pages list and the other in the trash. This naming is the internal way used by WP to differenciate 2 pages with a same name. That’s fine, but BP dosn’t know about that, and you can run into trouble because of this. And other plugins also.

    Ensure you have only one page called ‘member’ and clear the trash. And delete completely the other one. Do the same for any other BP page eventually. The principle is to have an unique page name in the pages list and no identical page in trash.

    Yes you have to create these page manually now. By default, each component should have one page assigned. On a standart install, you should have at least:
    members – activity. If activated, group. And depending of the previous status of your WP (before BP installation) a page for activation and registration. If not in BP’s page settings, you have to add them manually.

    Note also that all these pages exist only to give a slug to each component. These page are not ordinary WP pages, but slugs placeholder used internally by WP to connect the components.
    That’s why they should exist, be blank and without any model or template assignation.

    The content is added dynamically by BP for each component with the appropriate template to the current action.

    e.g. the member page. You can name it to what you want. Lets say you called it crew. His slug is /crew/
    When typing your-site.xx/crew/ you will see something related to the member component.

    The member directory is default: your-site/crew/ will show all your members

    Now you want to see a profile. The slug wont change, but only the action.
    Again your-site/crew/ (the default slug, aka page) and the new action: go to the profile of /username/
    Click on a member name and you’re now on his profile: your-site/crew/username
    Now from the profile you want to see that users friends.

    As you see, you’re always on the same “page”, but with different content depending the context. This context is defined by anything appearing after the slug name.
    This behave is the exact inverse of a traditionnal WP page, intended for so called static contents such as about page or TOS and similar stuff.

    Hope this point is now clear to you.


    I set my pages to the different objects in buddypress ( activation, members, user groups, etc.) When I assign a page to “register” it doesn’t give me all of the login options for a user to register. All of the other pages come up with the right content except the register page. It just assigns a default Blog page to it.

    Any ideas?


    You’re welcome !

    To all readers, Codex reminder when getting 404, missing BP pages, not found errors after setup or upgrade ! 😉

    Settings → BuddyPress → Pages

    Pages are automatically generated for the BuddyPress components you enabled in the components settings using the default slugs based on the name of each component activated. Make sure that activated components have corresponding pages assigned to each in this panel.

    Associate a WordPress Page with each BuddyPress component directory.

    • Activity Streams (if activated)
    • User Groups (if activated)
    • Members > this is core and can’t be removed/modified


    Associate WordPress Pages with the following BuddyPress Registration pages.

    • Register
    • Activate

    Note: registration is not a BuddyPress component but part of WP core.
    When you allow user registration, you have to add manually these pages.


    To all readers, Codex reminder when getting 404, missing BP pages, not found errors after setup or upgrade ! 😉

    Settings → BuddyPress → Pages

    Pages are automatically generated for the BuddyPress components you enabled in the components settings using the default slugs based on the name of each component activated. Make sure that activated components have corresponding pages assigned to each in this panel.

    Associate a WordPress Page with each BuddyPress component directory.

    • Activity Streams (if activated)
    • User Groups (if activated)
    • Members > this is core and can’t be removed/modified


    Associate WordPress Pages with the following BuddyPress Registration pages.

    • Register
    • Activate

    Note: registration is not a BuddyPress component but part of WP core.
    When you allow user registration, you have to add manually these pages.


    I’m making a website that has a few criteria and would appreciate some help thinking through some setup options.

    The site needs to have several user groups, I’m thinking buddypress to manage this that would allow users to post in their groups forum, their groups classifieds, etc…

    The groups should be automatically assigned to the user on registration based on their email address, think universities. (, each would subscribe them to the group for School1 or School2; allowing them to access forums and classified specific to their university.

    Any ideas where to start on this? I’ve checked a few plugins but this issue is pretty specific and and moreso looking for where to start coding this.



    I have 2 types of members that I want to assign automatically to their respective group upon registration.
    I have been trying this way, but it doesn’t work:

    function set_default_group( $user_id ) {
    	$accounttype = get_user_meta( $user_id, 'I am a', true );
    	if ( $accounttype == 'Student' )
    	   groups_join_group( 'Students', $user_id );
    	elseif ( $accounttype == 'Teacher' )
    	   groups_join_group( 'Teachers', $user_id );
    add_action( 'user_register', 'set_default_group', 10, 1 );

    Any idea what I’m doing wrong?



    I am also using wordpress 4.1.1 and buddypress 2.2.1 and for all pages, which I need to map via the settings page I am getting a blank page: Groups, Members, Register and Activate. I am using the default theme. It is a multi-site setup, however buddypress is only used on the main site (first blog) and also only there activated.
    I did only minor styling via the themes css and the header.php.

    WP_Debug does not show any errors as well as the Apache log is empty.

    It was working fine until i updated recently the connected bbpress for forum.

    Besides that I am using following plugins:
    bbP private groups
    bbPress Advanced Capabilities
    BP Registration Options (DEACTIVATED CURRENTLY)
    BuddyPress Group Email Subscription
    BuddyPress Multilingual
    Nginx Helper (only on staging)
    Page Builder by SiteOrigin (DEACTIVATED CURRENTLY)
    Paid Memberships Pro
    Paid Memberships Pro – bbPress Add On
    Paid Memberships Pro – Register Helper Add On
    Social Login

    Network activated:
    WordPress SEO
    WPML Multilingual CMS
    WPML String Translation
    Events Manager

    My dev environment is XAMPP on Mac and on the staging is a linode cloud server with Ubuntu on Nginx (I think). Both have the same issues.
    It’s not a live site yet, just demo, therefore some of the plugins might get activated if I am back on track.

    Tried it now to get it run for about 15 hours:
    – I also deactivated all plugins except buddypress and still did not get any of those sites working.
    – Actiavated / Deactivated the plugins
    – Used the repair tools
    – looked into all my codes and fixed file endings such as empty space after ?> in php files
    – Reassigned all sites
    – Researched a lot in million of forums

    Any hint, idea, glimps or full stack solution is highly appreciated.

    Thanks, Chris


    Hello guys

    What I used is:
    – BuddyPress with combination of either bbP private groups plugin or Members plugin or Restrict Content Pro – bbPress plugin
    – I created extended BuddyPress profile fields in registration
    – I restricted access to the forum with one of above mentioned plugins
    – I used my code mentioned in the beginning

    How it looks like:
    – my code works like a charm! once you choose User1 type in registration, it applies subscriber role, User2 subscriber as well, contributor for User3 – THIS WORKS.
    – what does NOT work is restriction via plugins. Have no clue why. With members plugin od pivate groups, I set Forum1 to be accessable ONLY to User3 type of user, but User1 and User2 can access too! Why?! It has nothing to do with my code, after registration you can clearly check it in WP Users that the role has been assigned.

    If I knew hot to restrict access to the forum based on the WP Role, my code would be sufficient to solve this. Can you help with that part?

    – are upi saying in BB 2.2 access to forum based on the WP role is fixed?


    I would like to reshape the registration page


    I would like divide it horizontal (instead of vertical).


    I would like to have boarders around each of the two parts ‘account details’ and ‘Profildetails’ – gladly similar to that design:



    I would like to insert explanatory text between the two headlines and the corresponding form field.

    Below ‘account details’:

    ‘Diese Daten werden für Deine Registrierung als neues Mitglied und die Einrichtung Deines eigenen Blogs (Webseite) benötigt.’


    ‘Diese Daten werden künftig in Deinem Profil angezeigt. Einige Angaben sind verpflichtend, um aussagekräftige Profile zu erhalten; bei anderen Formularfeldern ist es Dir selbst überlassen, ob Du Angaben machst oder nicht.’


    I would like get all profile field groups displayed on the registration page.
    I know that I get all profile fields displayed on the registration page, when I assign all fields to ‘base’-field group. But I would prefer to use the field group titles for structuring the registration page.

    So, it should be lilke:

    – Name
    – Teamgründung bzw. Geburtsjahr
    – Geschlecht
    – Ergänzende Hinweise zu Deinem Geschlecht

    – Telefonnummer
    – Eigene Webseite
    – E-Mail-Adresse

    – Staat
    – Bundesland
    – Landkreis bzw. kreisfreie Stadt


    I guess, it would be most comfortable, to have within the Dashboard check boxes for deciding, whether a certain field group or field should be displayed on registration page or not.


    a) I would like to delete the check box ‘Ja, ich will eine neue Seite erstellen’.
    And I would like, that the users have not only to decide for a user account, but automatically for a blog as well.

    b) I would like to delete as well: ‘I[ch] möchte, dass meine Webseite in Suchmaschinen erscheint und öffentlichen Verzeichnissen um dieses Netzwerk herum.: Ja Nein’.
    Instead ‘Yes’ shall be the standard answer for all blogs of the network.


    For now, I’ve come to another solution, where I allow users to Register new account with base Fields and a Role selection (Student or Lecturer in my case). They then fill in only base field and then after account creation they can update their Student or Lecture xProfile Group Fields in their profile page edit.

    I do these above by using 3 plugins:

    This will allow me to add new Role: Student and Lecturer in my case (I have tried other Role plugin but they conflict with other plugins on my site, this one doesn’t).

    This one allow me to add a Drop down for New user to choose their wanted role : Student or Lecturer

    This plug in allow me to set buddypress xProfile group to a specific user role. In my case, I created two xProfile Group fields named “Student” and “Lecture” each has different fields. Then using this plugin I assigne the xProfile Student to Student Role, and the xProfile Lecturer to Lecturer Role.

    That’s all done!

    Meanwhile I will use this, but I still want to be able to have two sign up forms with different fields so that I can require New user to fill in the Required field to make the profile better. I can’t code much so hope someone will help!

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